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Here are five of the biggest roadblocks we run up against in our journeys to reach big goals. I also included some action steps you can take to begin to bulldoze right through them. 

Write me back and let me know which one resonated with you the most! 


1. Not having a plan. 

What’s measured, gets improved. 

Start here: download My Fitness Pal and begin tracking what you eat for dinner, every day. 

Once you know where you are, you will have actual data off of which to formulate a plan. 


2. Not appreciating how long a dramatic change will take. 

It takes more than weeks, months, or even a handful of years to earn an incredible physique - it takes years and years. 

This doesn’t just apply to physique building. Think about your favorite singer, politician, activist or movie star. I can guarantee you they hit brick wall after brick wall on their journey. But they continued to push through.

The best advice I could give someone looking to dramatically enhance their physique? Fall in love with the long-term commitment it will take. 


3. Not celebrating success enough. 

When we we see a photo of a God pop up on IG, or track one down with our eyes out in public, it can be so easy to forget how far we have come. 

That may never end.

But instead of focusing on what we don’t (yet) have, let’s focus on how far we have come from six months, 1 year, 5 years ago. Focusing on the positive changes we have already earned, is also powerful motivation to remain steadfast in our commitment to lifestyle changes that aren’t necessarily easy. 

We’re culturally wired to dislike ourselves. It takes active work to turn this tendency around. 

Start here: Write down 3 things you have accomplished with your health, strength, physique and/or emotional state, that at some point in your past, you had only fantasized about having one day. Refer back to and add to this list as often as you can.


4. Perfectionism. 

The biggest mistake we can make, is being afraid to make mistakes. I see it happen with clients: they fall off of food logging or workouts for a few days, and then that turns into a week, and often longer. When I ask them about it, it usually was just a bad 1-3 day period, that shame turned into something much longer. None of us do this perfectly. If we say we do, we’re lying.  

Start here: The next time you feel shame coming in for doing something imperfectly, have a little giggle. Take a deep breath. Say, “I love you, girl,” out loud to yourself. Then get some rest, and the next day, just get back on the horse without adding more drama to it. 


5. Trying to change too many things at once. 

It can be so tempting to want to overhaul your diet or double your gym attendance over night. 

And, what’s doubly tricky about doing these things, is that they WILL yield you a great result. That is, until your initial ambition-on-steroids runs out. 

If you haven’t organically integrated new habits into your life, you’ll go sliding back to where you were. Except now, you’re even more frustrated because you feel like you gave it your best shot. 

Start here: Only allow yourself to shoot for one new habit at a time, and then, only if you can honestly say there is at least a 90% chance that you’ll have no problem hitting that goal. Does your goal fail that test? That’s ok. Keep shaving intensity off of the goal until it feels small enough that it practically feels too easy. Do it for two weeks. Now it’s a habit. Keep it, and NOW add on a new one. 

With love, and self-love, 


P.S. In case you missed them, here are three sets of progress photos of current clients of mine! 

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