Hey, Mister. 


It can be tempting to believe that the fewer calories you eat ... the more weight you’ll lose. 

And that is true - up to a point. 


I’ve had it happen with clients: they restrict calories, begin lifting heavy, and they see the scale go down. It’s super encouraging. 

But then, in some cases, something funny - or actually, not so funny at all - happens. They stop seeing the scale change. They’re still lifting, still eating low-cal. It can feel baffling, not to mention frustrating. 

Here’s what happened, 9 times out of 10: when I look at the calories they are logging, it’s typically south of 1,600/day. 

In that case, with a man of 170 or 180 lbs, their metabolism has become freaked out.

You see, the metabolism is an ever-adjusting, beautifully complex mechanism. And, in this case, it has noticed that the body is losing too much weight, too quickly, considering HOW LITTLE ENERGY it’s being provided.

So, it says “nuh uh, Lady! I’m not gonna let you waste away - which is EXACTLY what will happen if you keep feeding me so little, and if I keep letting you lose weight!”

And it puts on its breaks. It’s doing this to protect you. But you need to release those breaks. 


Here’s the formula. Take your weight, in pounds, and multiply it by 13. Then, take your weight and multiply it by 15.

Those two numbers are your caloric range.  Generally speaking, on a daily basis you don’t want to go below or above that range in order to keep losing weight. 

I often tell my clients to think of the metabolism as an old-timey railroad engine. The more frequently you douse the engine with coal (in proper amounts), the hotter it stays, keeping that train SAILING. But, give it too little fuel, and it dies down. And with it, the speed of the train. That’s what’s happening to your body when you don’t give it enough calories. 

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With love and self-love, 


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