Our lead resource this week comes from R.C. Sproul. Ligonier Ministries released an excerpt from his series called Surprised by Suffering where he expands on the idea of Accepting "No" as God's Will.

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Accepting "No" as God's Will I am astonished that, in the light of the clear biblical record, anyone would have the audacity to suggest that it is wrong for the afflicted in body or soul to couch their prayers for deliverance in terms of "If it be thy will…." We are told that when affliction comes, God always wills healing, that He has nothing to do with suffering, and that all we must do is claim the answer we seek by faith. We are exhorted to claim God's yes before He speaks it.

Podcast: The Human Need to Connect (Ed Welch) Ed Welch discusses the human need for relationship, reflecting on the epidemic of loneliness in our world today, and offering advice for the person who feels God is distant.

Safeguards Schmafeguards I just finished reading Ball of Collusion by Andrew McCarthy, and what a grim treat that was. McCarthy walks us through the entire Russia collusion story that has been wound tight around America’s news axle for the last several years, and explains what was going on in painstaking detail.

Freedom from Your Anxiety In some moments of crisis, you may find yourself so exceedingly distracted that you feel incapable of finding peace. What then?

What Difference Will Prayer Make? Why the Sovereignty of God Brings Us to Our Knees If God sovereignly plans everything that comes to pass, why would we pray? Because God plans for us to pray.

Should We Trade in Funerals for “Celebrations of Life”? As strange as it sounds, we can’t afford to waste the opportunities a funeral provides.

This Nine-question Quiz Will Ruin Your Day If you really want to uncover the things in your life that steal your worship from God, then you need to do an Idolatry Detection Test.

Make 2020 the Year You Read Your Bible Whether we read the Bible yesterday, five years ago, or never before, we can come to God’s Word in faith, believing that he meets us there with grace and truth.

Jesus knows Sign language Sarah* is odd, and she knows it. As the only Deaf person in a hearing Christian family, she always felt like “the other.” The Deaf in her Indonesian culture are considered inferior, so that’s the way she felt.

Revisiting Revoice: Same-Sex Attraction in the Fall This article is part 3 of a 5-part series entitled Revisiting Revoice.
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