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 Dear Friends and Advocates, 

 2020 has brought us unprecedented challenges, and a real test of our vulnerabilities and resilience. The good news is, there is reason for optimism-new leaders at all levels promising to bring positive change, vaccines being tested, and – the good work we all do together every day to make this world better for others. We are grateful for every ounce of effort you all spend in service to the community and the greater good, and wish you a healthy and peaceful Thanksgiving!


Tara Barauskas
Executive Director

🚧 Project Updates 🚧

1819 Pico - Featuring Jus' Family Cafe!  
Community Corp is so excited to have received our final funding award for 1819 Pico from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee! The project will therefore start construction in spring 2021. We are planting our feet firmly in the concept of supporting small businesses by providing low-cost space for two exciting ventures. One will be a small business marketplace operated by Molcajete Dominguero to train and foster new local small businesses. The other will be Jus' Family Cafe/Coffee Shoppe, a community cafe that will harken back to the site’s previous history as an African American community hub. The building will be providing 48 units of affordable housing for families, right across the street from Santa Monica College. Stay tuned for progress!
Introducing: Jus' Family Cafe/Coffee Shoppe 
Community Corp. is proud to partner with Robbie Jones, who will be creating and operating Jus' Family café/coffee shoppe on 1819 Pico's ground floor. Ms. Jones is a native of Santa Monica, born and raised in the city's Pico Neighborhood--where she has been a resident for over six decades.

Ms. Jones affectionally notes, “In our community, everyone treated each other like family, no matter who you were”. Hence the name, Jus’ Family. Ms. Jones recalls that this historical site was once owned, designed and built by African American architects and housed a number of African American-owned businesses. Jus’ Family Café’/Coffee Shoppe will bring people together and celebrate this history.

The café/coffee shoppe is slated to open along with 1819 Pico in Fall 2022. Jus' Family is seeking supporters to assist with the buildout of the café/coffee shoppe space. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting Jus' Family's important mission! 

The Jus’ Family Café/Coffee Shoppe will be next to a small business marketplace run by Molcajete Dominguero that will train, incubate and support new small businesses. We look forward to the opening of this exciting collaboration!
Giving Thanks(giving)
Thanksgiving comes this year as many in our community are facing food and housing insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. Community Corp. needs your help to ensure our residents are able to join a warm Thanksgiving dinner with their families! 

To help make this a reality, Community Corp. has partnered with Santa Monica College Foundation’s Giving Thanks(giving) initiative, which provides Thanksgiving feasts to local families in need. We are grateful for any amount that you can contribute toward this cause. Each $50 donated provides a dinner—turkey and all—to a family here in Santa Monica. To donate, please click the button below to access our secure webpage. When completing the form, please be sure to mention that your contribution is for Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your generosity and support. With your help, we can work to build an inclusive, sustainable community--even as we continue to face this pandemic. 
Donate Here
Community Corp. Residents Get Out the Vote 

Our Resident Councilmembers won a Wellbeing Microgrant that they put to work by getting out the vote! Voting is our civic responsibility and an important opportunity for us to make our voices heard. Our Resident Councilmembers set up conversation and information booths at Community Corp properties and encouraged people to vote! Thanks to our Resident Councilmembers for their commitment! 

Artists Among Us

In mid-November, we celebrated Artists Among Us, an annual event that showcases original works of art produced by Community Corp. residents. We were so impressed with the creativity and ingenuity displayed in this year's digital event. During this difficult time, we appreciate the optimism and hope portrayed in these great works! Thanks to all who participated! 

Outgoing City Councilmembers 
Community Corp would like to express its sincere appreciation to three outgoing City Councilmembers: Ted Winterer, Ana Jara, and Terry O’Day. Ted, Ana and Terry all worked collaboratively with our organization to promote affordable housing policy and their positive impacts will be long-lasting. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to make our community better. At the same time, we congratulate three new members of the Council: Christina Parra, Phil Brock, and Oscar de la Torre. We look forward to working in partnership with all three new Councilmembers to create more affordable housing opportunities in the years to come!
"Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing," A US Green Building Council Webinar  
Join the US Green Building Council in Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 18 for a conversation with authors Walker Wells and Kimberly Vermeer about their new book, Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing. Viewers will be able to learn more about green leadership, designs, and best practices. Check out the link below for more information! 
Learn More Here
Bird Discounts for Community Corp. Residents 
Bird has announced a new community pricing model that will allow Community Corp. residents to utilize its electric scooters at a 50 percent discount! This will help keep cars off the road, reduce traffic and carbon emissions, and make our community more sustainable for all. Read more below! 
Read More Here
Take the Housing Element Questionnaire
Housing Element has held a recent webinar series and would like your feedback! Click the link below to share your thoughts and ideas and to let the Housing Element team know which themes or issues you would like to see explored in upcoming webinars. 
Take the Questionnaire
Get your Flu Shots soon! 
To stay healthy during the pandemic this winter, state and local health authorities recommend that you get a flu shot. Check out the link below to learn more about how you can help protect yourself from influenza. 
More Information on Flu Shots Here

On Our Reading List

"Residents Feared Low-Income Housing Would Ruin Their Suburb. It Didn’t."
By John Eligon | The New York Times 

"The 102-unit complex is not the nuisance he had envisioned. When he drives by, he hardly notices it. And fears of a crime wave and plummeting property values — voiced by dozens of residents in public meetings — never materialized." 
Read the Full Piece Here
"Biden Win Seen as 'Turning Point' for Affordable Housing"
By Carey L. Biron | Reuters

"The Biden campaign platform not only addressed an array of pressing housing issues but emphasizes racial and economic equity and proposes policy levers not traditionally associated with the federal government such as challenging discriminatory local regulations, experts said.

"'This is poised to be a turning point for the level of investment in affordable housing,' said Marion McFadden, a senior vice president with Enterprise, a national nonprofit." 


Read the Full Piece Here
"Santa Monica Works to Feed Those in Need" 
By Brennon Dixson | The Santa Monica Daily Press 

The newly launched initiative — which is sponsored by the City, SMC, SMC Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, and Community Corporation of Santa Monica — calls on residents to donate to the cause by visiting Every $50 donated equates to a Thanksgiving feast for one family, and the goal is to raise $50,000.

"'This Thanksgiving, we have an opportunity to lift up local families in need and remember the joy that generosity and gratitude bring,' Interim City Manager Lane Dilg said. 'Santa Monica thrives when we help each other. This is one of many chances to give in a year when we must, more than ever before, come together as a community.'" 

Listen to the Full Podcast Here
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