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February 2023
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Happy Lassi-year month number two and Happy Valentine’s Day from me and the Brothers!  First off, a quick review of events/dates/etc.:
Saturday, April 15  2 pm EST
Northern KY Convention Center (it’s right next to Cinci)
Buy your tix here:

With your ticket, you get a seat at the event, a signed copy of his book and the new map which is the second floor of the mansion!
Opens February 14, 9 am EST- Happy Valentine’s Day!  Link will go out then.  I will personalize your book to whomever you wish and you get the new map which is of the mansion’s second floor!
I’d also like to thank so many readers for their excitement over the Passionflix announcement!  For those who missed it, I’m teaming with Tosca Musk and Passionflix and the Brothers are coming to the screen!  I’m super excited for Tosca’s vision for each book, and am going to keep everyone updated.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together—and learning about the process of getting a screenplay onto the screen.  More to come!
And now for news from the mansion!  With Valentine’s day approaching, I thought that we’d see what some of the Brothers are doing for their mates.  On a side note, Fritz is getting 22 new Dyson Animal vacuums.  Why 22?  Apparently, it’s a good luck number for doggen?  I have no idea.  He is going to be overcome—and promptly take to the carpets as only he can. 
Wrath is getting Beth forty-eight hours in Manhattan in their hideaway.  He’ll be serving peaches, go figure.  Although there will be plenty of sexy time, I will say there will also be a lot of holding close under the covers.  Life has gotten really complicated and chaotic for both of them and I’m glad they’re going down there—given what happens to them in Lassiter’s book.  Brace yourselves... 
Rhage is getting Mary a movie night with a charcuterie board he’s going to try to make himself (it’s not that he doesn’t know how to put meats and cheeses in a display—he’s not sure how to get Fritz to let him do it.  Oh, and then there’s also the challenge of one for him, one for the board, one for him, etc., which will lead to all kinds of digestion before hand.)  As for the film that’ll be shown, he’s going to let Mary pick between The Fabelmans and Everything Everywhere All at Once.  (What he will not anticipate is that Mary will suggest they watch Maverick, which is also nominated for Best Picture at the Oscar’s- I guess this is how true love works!  Note:  It will be Mary’s first Maverick and Rhage’s 15th.  Or is it 16th?) 
Z is going to serenade Bella with some of his favorite love songs, including Billy Joel’s Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel), Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, Sweetest Thing by U2 and especially So Far Away from Staind.  Of all the Brothers, I find revisiting him the most difficult, probably because, for me, he is the most significant of all the heroes I’ve ever written about.  He’s the one that got to me the deepest, and nothing has changed.  That being said, I want people to know that Zsadist plays a major role in the 2024 BDB hardcover (title to be released at the Cinci event if someone asks me THAT QUESTION...)  I’ll be sharing why he does and in what context then.  Ho, boy.  Get your seatbelts ready.  That sh*t is going to be a bumpy ride.
  V and Butch are double dating with Jane and Marissa for dinner down in Caldwell at Sal’s.  Then Butch and Marissa are going shopping at Saks (they’ve arranged an after hours concierge thing, because, hello, he spends a mint there) and V and Doc Jane are—and this really is romantic, when you think about it—installing new equipment in the OR.  It kind of reminds me of how he built the clinic for her.  V’s not much with the lovey-dovey chatter, which suits Jane just fine—but he’s big with the elbow-grease kind of love language.  And the black candles, of course.
Phury and Cormia are going the Wrath & Beth route, and hanging out privately upstate, at his big house on the lake.  Lots of crackling fire time and quilts and... yup, it’s her needing time.  And we all know where that leads to- Ahgony is indeed going to be conceived!
Tohr and Autumn are going to be cooking for Xcor and Layla.  Tohr and Xcor have gotten close this last year.  As half-brothers, they have some fundamentals in common, and it’s great to see them really bond.  Autumn loves playing with the twins when they’re around and is always excited to be an honorary “grandmahmen” when the opportunity arises. 
JM, Xhex, Qhuinn and Blay are all going to Blay’s parents’ house and having a good ol’ fashioned gaming night.  Xhex is going to start off on the fringes, but by the time they bust out Uno, she is going to be on fire.  Lyric and Rhamp will be with them- until they fall asleep in their fathers’ laps.  It’s painfully wholesome, right?  Well, I guess if you fight in a war as your night job, the nicest thing you can do on an evening off is be with your family.  You never know when you might not come home to them...
There are going to be loads of other celebrations going on with Rehv and Ehlena, Sax and Ruhn, Balz and Erica, as well as Syn, Murhder and Sahvage all doing things for their mates (and other people in the household, too.)  I wish I could write all of the scenes for you all.  I’ll just rely on your very fine imaginations to fill in the details (especially the after dark ones!)
I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it.  I know a lot of people who do nice things for their friends and families- it’s not just about partners.  I plan on treating my dogs, for example. 
Although, if I’m honest, they get chimken every night of the week anyway!
Speaking of hearts, I’ll conclude this with a mention of The St. Ambrose School for Girls.  Over the course of my career, I’ve had two books of my heart.  Dark Lover...and The St. Ambrose School for Girls.  Of course, many of the BDB books have rocked me (Lassiter, Lover Awakened, Lover Unbound because V hates me, etc.)  But really, Wrath and St. Ambrose are gateways into worlds that I got lost in for all the best (and most heart-wrenching) reasons. 

St. Ambrose is about a fifteen year old girl at a prep school in the 1990s.  She’s dealing with a lot of sh*t, and the bully across the hall doesn’t help.  Her roommate, and her residential advisor, become allies- but then things start to unravel.  The best part of the book is the ending, which I won’t spoil here.  But I love when a mouse roars, that’s all I’m saying. 
This book is very different from the BDBs, but if you like mystery and teenagers and prep school settings, you might give it a try.  A bit of warning.  The mental health issues in this book are intense, and discretion is advised, particularly for younger audiences.
It comes out this summer, July 11th and here are the preorder links:
Sending hugs, J.R.
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