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BAG October Newsletter

  Next Meeting:
Tue, Nov 9, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  • BAG Member Meeting at 1:00-3:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month.
  • We will meet in person at our new location, Presbyterian Church-Broomfield, 350 Main St (main room in the Ministry Building).
  • This meeting will also be our Member Show Reception! Show awards will be presented, and we will celebrate with cookies and cider.

We will not be able to offer a virtual option for the November meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting!

Oct 12 Meeting Recap

About 15 members met at our new location, Presbyterian Church-Broomfield. The October meeting theme was, "Scary." View the variety of spooky art submitted for our meeting art theme gallery here on the BAG website.

We had a Trick-or-Treat Art Rummage with art materials and books provided by Val Roché and other members. Everyone got to browse and take home some supplies. Thanks to those who donated items!

We had a member discussion and consensus on 2022 plans. We decided to skip surveying members for priorities and to offer the same program in 2022 as we did in 2021. Members agreed that member participation and help are essential to determine the scope and success of our 2022 activities.

During the optional art-making session at the end of the meeting, Kim T and Judy McFadden played with watercolor pencils and crayons to paint roses from Judy’s neighbor’s garden.

Plein Air
Our final plein air outing for this year is Oct 21 at Josh’s Pond in west Broomfield (Lac Amora). We need 2022 plein air co-chairs and ideas for good locations. If you have a suggestion or would like to volunteer as co-chair, speak to Kim T.

November Board Elections
In addition to our member show reception, next meeting we will have our November board elections. At this time, there are no new candidates for executive board positions and the current board expects to be confirmed in November to serve for the 2022-2023 term. Camie Rigirozzi will step down as VP and be replaced by Perry Tyroler.

January 2022 Membership Renewals
It's time to start thinking about renewing your BAG membership. One year of membership is $30 and includes your entire household. You can renew online and pay your dues via PayPal, or you can bring your $30 check to the November or December meetings and hand it to Bev or Kim T. 
Member Message from BAG President Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

A couple weeks ago, our VP Camie Rigirozzi sent an email to the members expressing her desire to reduce her BAG responsibilities so she can spend more time on her art and personal life. She listed the roles she will keep (maintain website, monitor email), the roles she needs help with (social media, building Google forms), and the roles she needs others to take over (exhibits and plein air). Nearly everyone has seen Camie’s letter, which I and the Board totally support. What a few of you know, but most don’t, is that I have been and still am very close to writing a similar letter.

I have put in two years as BAG President. My original executive board members all quit during my term and I had to recruit new ones. The COVID pause actually saved us because there wasn’t so much to do and we could take breaks. When we started to ramp back up with meetings, plein air, exhibits, and the member show, plus the website, social media, sign-up forms, Google meetings, planning, and decisions, I had to lean on Camie very heavily as my tech support and VP to get it all done. It was too much. It still is too much. It’s not sustainable. Either we need to do less or everyone needs to help more.
I haven’t quit because 1) I think I can help with the change, 2) there’s no one else willing to step into this role as it is right now, and 3) I do enjoy doing this in moderation. I will continue to run meetings and coordinate the BAG Board and committees. I need help (VP or Co-President). I will participate and volunteer like everyone else, but will not run the member show or meeting activities.

BAG is a great group with a wide range of talents, interests, experience, and abilities. We have more member socialization and support and as many activities as groups three times our size. On paper, we are a group of 55-60 people, but actually we are fewer than 20 people actively trying to do programs and activities sized for 55-60. Our members have diverse interests and needs, so it is very hard to limit our activities because we don’t have enough participation, planning, and leadership to do it all. That’s why we need all members to help.


Next year, BAG emphasis is going to be to ask all members to participate, help, and ask for help (so that no one has to do too much). We plan to continue offering a fabulous program of monthly meetings with special activities (art discussions, workshops, demos), exhibits, show(s), plein air meetups, evening meetups, receptions, and parties, but we can’t do it without everyone’s help. Dues are not enough. We need as many members as possible to participate and we need every member to help in some way. Can we count on you? Sign up at a meeting or email


As you think about 2022 membership renewal ($30 payable Oct 1 to Jan 31), please consider:


  • BAG Bylaws statement of BAG purpose: 1) Foster and encourage the common interests of its members, that being the study of, improvement in, and appreciation of, the visual arts. 2) Encourage members to help and support one another as they pursue their individual interests and encourage diversity, creativity, and originality. 3) Provide the opportunity for members in good standing to obtain public recognition for their work. 4) Provide public awareness and promote the arts in the community.
  • BAG Bylaws statement of membership: 1) Members shall have an interest in art and a desire to share this interest with others. 2) Membership may be attained upon payment of dues. 3) A member in good standing must participate either in attending meetings or in providing a service to the Guild, may participate in art shows and other art exhibits, and has voting privileges.
  • Members who pay dues but never show up, never contribute time, energy, ideas, or support other members are NOT members in good standing. They should not expect more than a newsletter and an invitation to attend meetings. If they expect shows, exhibits, and demos to be available to them whenever they do show up, then that’s not fair to the rest of us.
  • Members who say let younger folks with more energy do the work are not being realistic or fair. First, we don’t have a lot of younger folks. Second, most of the ones we have are already on the board. Third, they are super busy with work, family, art, or they are less experienced and could use guidance and mentoring from a senior member.
  • Everyone is busy. When you say you are too busy to help, even a little bit, and someone else steps up, it is a mistake to assume that they are totally okay with that. You and they are both part of this group. What makes your personal and professional obligations more important than theirs?
  • 2022 Member Directive: participate, help, and ask for help. Priorities and scope will be set by who shows up and who helps. Everyone should do something and no one should do too much.
These last four bullet points are my opinions, but they were unanimously validated by all members attending the October member meeting. So please join us for 2022 and plan to participate, help with, and enjoy our great program!

Kim Touysinhthiphonexay
BAG Roles, Responsibilities, 2022 Volunteers and Vacant Positions
Here is the current list of roles and responsibilities of BAG volunteers.



2022 Volunteer


Shall preside at the meetings of the Guild and appoint any standing or special committees

Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

Vice President

Shall substitute for the President or Secretary in his/her absence and shall assist the Board as needed

Perry Tyroler


Shall keep minutes of the business meetings, keep records of the programs presented, create and send the Newsletter and handle any correspondence

Cathy Carpenter Patton


Shall keep records of the Guild’s funds and accounts, disburse payments as needed for Guild business, file quarterly tax reports, keep record of paid memberships, and all other ways and means

Tanya Chamain Tenorio

Exhibit Chairs

Shall coordinate the display of art in public venues


Broomfield Community Center (BCC)

Dave and Judy Shelley


Broomfield Library

Tanya Tenorio & Rob Polivka



Margretta Perry


Mental Health Partners

Gale Simonson

Show Chairs

Shall chair the committee to present the yearly art show(s), and any special showings that may take place during the year

Vacant (need show chair help)

Program Chairs

Shall be responsible for arranging and presenting an informative program every month at the Guild meeting and providing program information to the Guild in a timely manner. The general membership of the Guild is responsible for providing ideas, locations and names for activities and for participating to make them a success.


Member Meeting Activities (fun and informative art discussions, workshops, demos, parties, etc.)

Sally Bullers, Judy McFadden, Deb Jenkins, Selma Payne
(need several more people to be in charge of 1-2 meetings each)


Plein air meetups

Vacant (need 1-2 chairs)
Kim T?


Evening meetups

Cathy Patton

Membership Chair

Shall record attendance at all meetings, assist the treasurer in collecting dues and issuing receipts to member, and keep membership lists up to date

Bev Abbott

Publicity Chair

Shall create publicity materials for shows, exhibits, and Guild activities and send to appropriate online and offline venues

Vacant (combine or partner with website and social media?)

Website &  Social Media Chairs

Shall maintain the Guild website and social media channels

Camie Rigirozzi
Vacant (need social media help)


Help with Google forms and spreadsheets for online signups and submissions

Judy McFadden, Kim T


BAG Art Events
Social/Art Meetups: Come sketch at Twenty Brew Bar, Wed, Oct 27 5:30p
Our next pub sketching outing will be at Twenty Brew Bar, Wed, Oct 27 at 5:30p (112th and Sheridan). You don't need to RSVP, just show up with your portable art supplies and join us. Let Camie or Cathy know if you have a future location to recommend. 

December Christmas Party
Our holiday party will be Tue, Dec 14 during our normal meeting time and place (Church meeting room). We will have iPie catering ($10 per person) for salad and pizza. A sign-up sheet will go out soon to RSVP. We will also have a wrapped art gift exchange. Jane Doak and Carol Dillard have volunteered to help plan the party activities.
BAG Art Exhibitions

Members at the October meeting volunteered to fill chair positions for all our current exhibit spaces (BCC, Library, IPie, Mental Health Partners). Yay! and thank you! We will develop and send out a 2022 exhibits calendar to help with planning, coordination, and artist signups.

iPie Pizza exhibit space is hosting pieces by Camie Rigirozzi in October and Gale Simonson in November.

September to November, we have member artwork on display in the upstairs gallery at the Broomfield Community Center. We alternate showing in this space with the Broomfield Photo Club, so there will be more opportunity to sign up here in 2022.

We will also be showing art starting in January at the Broomfield Library. Stay tuned for more information.

For more information on exhibitions or to sign up, or for more information, go to our website tab Public Art Displays.
October Member Show
Our October Member Show is going on now at the Front Range Library (Westminster College Hill). We still need people to see the show and vote! We have 16 votes as of October 12. Please ask your friends and families to go! Members are requested to invite three or more contacts to come see the show and vote for our People’s Choice award categories. Prizes include a $100 gift coupon to Blick Art Materials and a Prize Pack from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff! Let’s all work together to make a great show for our beautiful art!

Viewing hours are Mon. 12-5; Wed.-Sat. 12-5, October 1-29.

It’s official: we will reserve the College Hill Library space for Oct 2022 member show, but we need co-chairs for next year!
"It is not enough for a painter to be a clever craftsman. He must love to caress his canvas, too." Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Local Art Events

Reminder: If you have any work shown outside the guild, let us know so we can include information in the newsletter! Email Cathy with the details of your showing.

Arvada Center’s autumn exhibitions are “Roland Bernier: In Other Words” and “Word Play.” Reserve your free ticket online.

Some upcoming classes at the Arvada Center:
Some upcoming workshops at Louisville Art Association (BAG Members get a discount with the code BAG2021):
  • Oct 16, Macro Photography with Kirk Fry, $65
  • Dec 4, Illustration with Lisa Rivard, TBD
  • Jan  8, Pastel Landscape with Lydia Potoff, TBD
  • Tue Drawing Study group, 10a-12p virtual, contact LAA to get on the Drawing Group email list
  • Virtual Portrait Saturdays, 4th Saturday of the month, 10a-1p

Some upcoming workshops at the Foothills Art Center (Golden):
  • What Makes Painting with Watercolor So H̶a̶r̶d̶ Fun? with Steve Griggs, Sat, Oct 23. During this workshop, beginner and intermediate level painters are invited to try out a variety of watercolor painting strategies and techniques to create loose, intuitive, free, and spontaneous effects. $160.
  • Alternative Printmaking Workshop with Victoria Eubanks, Sat-Sun Nov 6-7. Printing making is transferring an image from a matrix onto another surface. In this class we will explore that transfer process in a very loose and experimental way, using simple tools and techniques that yield surprising results. $230
  • Sumi e: Ink & Joy with Nature with Marilyn Wells, Sat, Nov 20. After a review of brushstrokes and meditative warm-up, you will create abstract Sumi e paintings based on quotes from both ancient Asian poems and contemporary verse or music. $80.

Grant Writing for Arts-related Businesses and Nonprofits, Oct 26, $30 (Zoom)

Denver Arts Week, November 5-13, celebrates The Mile High City's arts and culture scene with hundreds of events around the city. Explore vibrant art districts, check out museum exhibitions and outdoor sculptures, indulge in the performing arts, be inspired at film and literary events, and even buy some art of your own! Denver Arts Week kicks off on Friday, November 5 with expanded First Friday Art Walks across the city’s creative neighborhoods, followed by FREE Saturday Night at the Museums, when many of Denver’s top cultural institutions will be open for free from 5-10 p.m. Check out the event calendar.

Westminster Fall Pottery Sale, Sat-Sun, Nov 6-7: Start your holiday shopping for unique, hand-crafted pottery, created by students and staff from the City Park Pottery Studio. Admission is a non-perishable food donation for the Westminster Food Bank.

  • The Louisville First Friday Artwalk Nov 5, 6p
  • Longmont 2nd Fridays, Nov 12, 6-9p: On the 2nd Friday of each month, Downtown Longmont Creative District features gallery openings, promotions and activities taking place throughout the district. Come down to see what’s new and join the excitement!
  • Historic Westminster Art District Second Saturday Art Walk, Nov 13, 10a to 6p

If you have any news regarding upcoming shows or workshops, please contact Cathy.
"Creative processes lead to more creativity." Malcolm Dewey
Art Calls and Opportunities
Art of the State 2022 - A Juried Exhibition of Colorado: Every three years, all 10,000 square feet of the Arvada Center Galleries is filled with a celebratory survey of the incredible diversity, quality, and depth of work from Colorado Artists. Fee $35, Deadline Oct 17.

Heritage Fine Arts Guild 2021 "This is Colorado" ​State-Wide Art Show displayed at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts at Arapahoe Community College, Submissions accepted October 18-22, $45.

Dia de los Muertos - A People’s Choice Show (Lakewood Arts): Open to all Colorado artists. Dia de los Muertos theme; artists are encouraged to combine traditional themes with their own aesthetic. Any 2-D or 3-D fine art media, including photography, digital, clay, glass, jewelry, etc. $15 each or up to 3 works for $35. Deadline Oct 23.

Small Works - A 40 West Gallery Exhibition: 12x12 or less. This exhibition is open to all professional and amateur artists. All mediums are welcome. $10, Deadline Oct 23.

Carve it, paint it, stack it, decorate it – get those pumpkins ready for “Sherill’s 2nd Annual Pumpkin Contest”! Winners will be chosen by community vote and the three creations with the most votes will win prize money. $7 to enter, drop off your pumpkin at the Brunner Farmhouse and Gardens by Oct 26.

Applications to exhibit artwork in the Louisville Public Library Gallery in 2022 will be accepted until October 31, 2021. The Library seeks to display work created by artists from diverse backgrounds as well as artwork in a variety of mediums and formats. Artists are encouraged to visit the library to view the available space prior to submitting applications.

Denver Art Museum request for proposals for Creative Classes teachers: The Denver Art Museum seeks creative educators to develop and instruct Creative Classes for adult audiences for the Summer/Fall 2022 semester. Both experimental and traditional approaches that speak to the breadth of creative practice may be explored - to widen and ignite the creative perspective of DAM visitors and develop connections with exhibitions and collections. Deadline Nov 17.
"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried." Stephen McCranie
BCAH Membership
Consider becoming an annual member of BCAH by donating $25. In addition to other benefits, you will receive their 16-20 page quarterly newsletter, “Spotlight on the Arts,” that publicizes Guild events, as well as the programs and events of Broomfield’s arts and cultural community. You can submit your donation by sending a check to BCAH, PO Box 681, Broomfield, CO 80038 or donating online at
Board of Directors
Kim Touysinhthiphonexay, President
Camie Rigirozzi, Vice President
Tanya Chamain, Treasurer
Cathy (Carpenter) Patton, Secretary

Website contact: Camie Rigirozzi
Newsletter contact: Cathy (Carpenter) Patton

Please visit our website for more info and
to join the Guild:
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