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This week someone I follow on instagram was letting go of a beautiful, expensive, useful leather folio. She often posted pics of her and the folio with her bullet journalling layouts and inspirational thoughts. She really loved this folio. Like really loved it.

But last week she said goodbye to it.

I was shocked!

I believed this folio meant so much to her even represented something about her personality. I thought she’d always find a reason to keep it even if it wasn’t being used. She surprised me…

Her reason for parting with her “precious”?

“Let grow.

Let go to grow.

I love this so much. It got me thinking about how we are attached to familiarity in our lives and often hold on longer to everything because we fear change. Possessions, careers, habits, relationships. Even when we want to let go and move forward we keep the past “just in case”. We do this even when it’s unhealthy or detrimental to our forward progress. Possibly more so in our current climate.

On the Hoarding/Clutter Facebook group a member commented on the impact of uncertainty during the COVID pandemic. This person was having trouble parting with anything because the world might collapse and everything could be made use of in a post-apocalyptic reality.

There’s a number of holes in this blanket “keep it all” strategy.

  • Our possessions weigh us down. We are not mobile or agile in an emergency with every item of clothing we’ve bought in our lifetime.

  • Humans are incredibly adaptable. We don’t need tools that do one job only. We can survive with very few multipurpose items.

  • When we have mountains of possessions piled up for years waiting to be used in imperfect conditions they deteriorate and are often unusable.

  • Having mountains of disorganised stuff means we are unable to find and use items we’ve saved when we need them.

Our fears are controlling us; using the current uncertainty as a way to keep us in familiar surroundings, regardless of whether it’s healthy or safe.

How can we possibly change and invite “new” into our lives when it’s clogged up with “old”?

I think our fear of making mistakes is to blame. But, it’s all about perspective.

Darby Hudson, a Melbourne poet wrote this:


I’m always just a couple of

poor decisions away from

a terrible life.

But I’m also just a

couple of poor decisions from

stumbling across the

life of my dreams.

Choosing to NOT make a decision is still a choice.

Until next week :)

Jan <3

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