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What we do?
Projects Overview 

To understand the impact of the COVID-response interventions of STiR programs.
Outline India will be conducting a remote data collection exercise and conducting online ( telephonic) quantitative surveys along with qualitative interviews (KIIs and FGDs) for a study that aims to understand the impact of the COVID-response interventions of STiR programs in 3 districts from Tamil Nadu and 2 from Karnataka. The study is to be conducted with district officials, teachers and headteachers.

The sample size for the quantitative survey is approximately 4000 out of which 300 will be randomly selected for the telephonic interview. Along with this  FGD’s and KII will be conducted as well.

Measure political ideology and using it to predict opinions about current issues in India.

Outline India is working with The University of Auckland to Measure political ideology and using it to predict opinions about current issues in India. The survey would be conducted with roughly 900 participants.

The study will cover interviews of adult men and women from three sub-groups: High Caste Hindus, Lower Caste Hindus and Muslims.
The study would be conducted in Delhi.

Training Needs Assessment at Nand Ghars in Uttar Pradesh

Outline India will be partnering with Sesame Workshop India (SWI) to conduct a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) study among the AWWs/Sahayikas/ICDS supervisors at selected Nandghar Anganwadi Centres in Uttar Pradesh.
The study will aim to understand the training needs of the AWWs/Sahayikas and ICDS Supervisors and to explore the factors which may impact/influence the quality of early childhood education at Nand Ghars. 

Mental Health and Employee Productivity

Outline India has partnered with CDDEP(Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy) to conduct surveys with call centre employees and supervisors to understand their perception on their mental health, pollution and Covid 19 pandemic and the impact of these parameters on their productivity.        
The surveys will be conducted with around 1800 respondents telephonically in over 6 cities. Outline India will be responsible for pretesting of the tools, undertaking data collection and cleaning and distribution of the incentives to the respondents. 

We are back in the field! 
Our Next Footstep(s)!

Our field team will be covering Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu to carry out different evaluations and dipsticks.

If you have any on-ground requirements, please write to us at 

Stakeholder Engagement
Outline India will be collaborating with the Indian Institue of Management's Consulting & Strategy Club to engage students in live engagements.

They will be working alongside with the team on various project aspects and learning the basics of research along the way.
Outline India has been invited by GD Goenka University to be a part of their Faculty Development Program. 

The aim of the session is to share insights about our field experience and emerging techniques in research methods. 

Outline India will be collaborating with Plaksha University and students of the Technology Leaders Program (TLP) for their capstone projects.

We will be engaging with the students and helping them hone their research and analysis skills. 
Survey Series V 

This survey is undertaken to broadly understand the experiences and the flexibility of employment for the employees who are involved in various sectors.
This research aims to study and understand how these alterations have affected an individual's lives as we shuttle between in-person, hybrid, and remote work modules.

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Blog of the Month
As we know, secondary education in India captures the grade of six to tenth in the Indian case. It roughly demarcates the population falling between ages 14-18. An individual is considered to have accomplished in secondary education if they can be listed as someone who has attained a secondary or matriculation exam certification. 
While India primarily has catered to ensuring primary education through the Right to Education Act, 2009 secondary education is still beyond its purview. 

Our new blog gives a sneak peek into the role played by region and gender with regard to analysing the dropout rates in India’s secondary education. 
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CSR: Impact Assesment

Outline India has conducted and supported impact assessments for CSR agencies such as H&M Conscious Foundation, Metlife Foundation, et al.

We can assist you in quantifying the impact of your program, tracking it, measuring its performance and then helping scale or tweak it.

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