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As we reach towards the end of yet another financial year we are happy to be back on the ground doing what we do best - work towards creating social impact through data!

This newsletter features our ongoing projects, our next field visits, our latest survey series which aims to understand the consequences of the pandemic on the workforce, and much more!

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What we do?
Projects Overview

Job satisfaction and motivation of community health workers (ASHAs) in India
The objective of this exploratory survey-based study is to identify the specific characteristics of the task and work environment (e.g. job complexity, performance feedback, supervisor support) that are correlated with job satisfaction and motivation of ASHAs.
The surveys will be conducted with 200 ASHAs in the Samastipur district of Bihar. The survey tools would also be pretested with a sample of 30 ASHAs.


It's My Body' Project on Gender

CREA is implementing a process documentation of the ‘Action Project’ in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. 

As CREA’s survey partner, Outline India will visit partner organizations across UP and Jharkhand to understand the implementation process and interview young women. Attempts will be made to understand the conversations these young girls have about the issues in the community and how they strategize to address the issues. 

Process documentation will involve interactions with girls trained under the program, trainers as well as other relevant staff of the partner organizations. This is a qualitative exercise aiming to develop a comprehensive report with case studies.

Measure political ideology and using it to predict opinions about current issues in India.

Outline India is working with The University of Auckland to Measure political ideology and using it to predict opinions about current issues in India. The survey would be conducted with roughly 900 participants.

The study will cover interviews of adult men and women from three sub-groups: High Caste Hindus, Lower Caste Hindus and Muslims.
The study would be conducted in Delhi.


We are back in the field!
Our Next Footstep(s)!

Our field team will be covering Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu to carry out different evaluations and dipsticks.
If you have any on-ground requirements, please write to us at 

Stakeholder Engagement
We are delighted to announce that Outline India in honor of women's day was invited by Univ.AI for their live Talk Show "The Winning Game".
Through this session, the speakers shared their insights and experiences in the world of entrepreneurship and about inclusion and diversity at the workplace.

Catch the talk show here 
We are happy to share this unique opportunity called the Digital Equity Accelerator, a collaboration between Aspen Institute’s Aspen Digital and HP Inc.

The Accelerator will support six nonprofits total in India, Morocco, and the US in digital equity project building and nonprofit leadership & management skills training, and hardware technology needs. 
Outline India will be collaborating with the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow's Consulting & Strategy Club to engage students in live engagements.
They will be working alongside the team on various project aspects and learning the basics of research along the way.

Outline India will be collaborating with Plaksha University and students of the Technology Leaders Program (TLP) for their capstone projects.
We will be engaging with the students and helping them hone their research and analysis skills. 
Survey Series V

This survey is undertaken to broadly understand the experiences and the flexibility of employment for the employees who are involved in various sectors.
This research aims to study and understand how these alterations have affected an individual's lives as we shuttle between in-person, hybrid, and remote work modules.

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