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As we are in the middle of the year, we are incredibly happy to be back in the field; doing what we do best - work towards creating social impact through data!

This newsletter features our ongoing projects, our next field visits, our latest survey findings that aim to understand the consequences of the pandemic on the workforce.

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What we do?
Projects Overview 


Mental Health and Employee Productivity

Outline India has partnered with CDDEP (Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy) to conduct surveys with call center employees and supervisors.

The aim is to understand their perception of their mental health, pollution and Covid 19 pandemic and the impact of these parameters on their productivity.

The surveys will be conducted with around 1800 respondents telephonically in over 6 cities.

The impact of using AI-based solutions on TB diagnosis care cascade in India.

Outline India is partnering with the Indian School of Business (ISB) yet again to conduct surveys with Informal Provides.

We seek to understand the attitudes, knowledge, awareness and usage of artificial intelligence in Tuberculosis diagnosis.

The survey would focus on the following: 
➔ Attitude and Knowledge towards the use of AI for TB diagnosis.
➔ Awareness of how AI is helping to make TB diagnosis quicker and more efficient
➔ The level of usage of AI (if any) by these IPs for diagnosing TB in their patients
➔ Capacity for using AI methods for diagnosing TB

To understand the impact of the COVID-response interventions of STiR programs.
Outline India will be conducting a remote data collection exercise and conducting online ( telephonic) quantitative surveys along with qualitative interviews (KIIs and FGDs) for a study that aims to understand the impact of the COVID-response interventions of STiR programs. The study is to be conducted with district officials, teachers and headteachers.

The sample size for the quantitative survey is approximately 4000 out of which 300 will be randomly selected for the telephonic interview. Along with this  FGD’s and KII will be conducted as well.
We are back in the field! 
Our Next Footstep(s)!

Our field team will cover Delhi, Gujarat, Odisha, and Kerala to conduct evaluations and dipsticks.

If you have any on-ground requirements, please write to us at 

 Stakeholder Engagement
We are delighted to announce that we collaborated with the students from the Technology Leaders Program (TLP) of Plaksha University.

The aim of this program is to challenge the students to harness what they have learnt and to learn new things on their own to solve a specific problem.

They worked alongside our team on various project aspects and learnt the technicalities of research and analysis along the way.
Survey Series V 

This survey is undertaken to broadly understand the experiences and the flexibility of employment for the employees who are involved in various sectors.
This research aims to study and understand how these alterations have affected an individual's lives as we shuttle between in-person, hybrid, and remote work modules.

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CSR: Impact Assesment

Outline India has conducted and supported impact assessments for CSR agencies such as H&M Conscious Foundation, Metlife Foundation, et al.

We can assist you in quantifying the impact of your program, tracking it, measuring its performance and then helping scale or tweak it.

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Gig Workers

Let us be your eyes and ears on the ground.
We have an efficient field network of staff with diverse experience stationed across the county.

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