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                                  Covid Recovery Project supporting the                                                                                     Ethnically Diverse Communities
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From the very beginning, the Covid Recovery Project has required us to be flexible, agile, and adaptive to the communities needs that we are here to support. 

When our project began, there were concerns about the title of our project and the title of our roles.

After deep consideration of the concerns raised and many conversations, we listened to the communities and revamped our image.

As a team, and after hearing many suggestions, we feel that Covid Recovery Ethnic Diverse Project is more inclusive, and better describes the communities we interact with and support. 

The scope is huge, and having diverse within our project title expresses just how vast and expansive these communities are.

Change starts from within and recognising simple changes like this can matter a lot to the wider communities. There are bigger, more pressing matters of course, but changing something like this as well can help with gaining trust and confidence back in our ethnically diverse communities. To know that their concerns deemed big or small are being listened to and actioned on. 

So, welcome to the Covid Recovery Ethnic Diverse Project! 
Over the next year, we aim to focus on capacity building and social prescribing.
We have had many conversations, meetings and attended many events with the ethnic diverse communities. From this, the most important concern overall indentified for the groups and organisations is funding and community space.
We want to support with making connections in order to help with capacity building, so these groups and organisations can continue the essential and life-changing support they provide every day.

Another main issue identified was not knowing what services are available in their area, and not knowing where to go for support with specific issues.
We will continue to raise awareness on Social Prescribing, and promote HertsHelp which is a social prescribing service for anything affecting your health and wellbeing and providing support and information. 

If you need help with a specific issue and don't know where to go, call HertsHelp who can provide information and support.
After great feedback from our readers about the success stories, we wanted to share more so we can celebrate and highlight the fantastic yet crucial work the ethnic diverse communities, groups and organisations do!

All of the groups we have shared about so far, and continue to share each individually carry out vital work for their local communities and beyond, and each deserves recognition and support.
If you would like to support any of the groups, please do contact them directly. Title names are hyperlinked to their website where you can find further details, or you can search them on google and Facebook.
The CRED Team informed Al Bayyinah School in St Albans about some core Herts County Council funding which was to be spent on a community-related engagement that included the dissemination of covid information and support. 
Al Bayyinah were able to use this funding to host a very successful and well attended family quiz event with over 120 guests. This event, hosted in March 2022, provided information and support around covid and the vaccine, which was presented by a local GP. It also included great food, entertainment and other insightful information. This event also coincided with Al Bayyinah's 10 year anniversary!

Building effectiveness Programme 2022

This programme is run by Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF), it offers organisations with a fully funded professional coaching, resources and training for Senior Leaders and Boards alongside nine months of 1:1 mentoring from a leading professional from the Hertfordshire business sector. It also offers a bespoke monthly Leadership Workshops and Better Boards training for Trustees.
The CRED team were able to support an organisation to successfully apply for this programme which commenced at the end of March. Below is a quote from Rhoda Amezado (President of Ngorli CIC).
I will start by saying that I am very honoured to have this opportunity and team Ngorli appreciates it too since this will help to enhance what we are doing in our community. It was great joy when I had an email from Louise Marron (HCF) that I have another chance to apply, and Mercy Bwomono (CRED) also said there was an opportunity for Ngorli CIC. I was over the moon and did not sleep that night making sure I complete the application form so it was ready to be sent off first thing in the morning. The application process was easy and straightforward. The programme will make a world of difference to Ngorli CIC as we are growing over the years and our services to the community are getting bigger so this programme will enhance our expertise so we can continue delivering our service to the required standards as well as form new connections and partnerships”.

The CRED Team collaborated with Herts Asian Women's Association, London Colney Islamic Centre, Community Action Dacorum and Herts Welcomes Refugees to host an event that will never be forgotten (quoted by one of the Afghan family members!). 
This was a welcome event for the Afghan families who have been staying in the surrounding hotels since last year's devastating crisis in Afghanistan.
Recognising the need for uplifting and support, the above organisations worked together to host a memorable and welcoming event for the families.
London Colney Islamic Centre opened its doors and welcomed the families in for a special event dedicated to them, to help them to feel more a part of their new community. 

West Herts

Health Protection Board Covid Community Fund

This is a new Fund that has been made available by Hertfordshire's Health Protection Board (HPB). It is not financed by St Albans City and District Council.

The HPB Covid Community Fund is for Community and Voluntary organisations to make sure they remain viable and sustainable while delivering support to residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do I apply?

Please read the Criteria and Guidance document and complete the short application form. This should be emailed to,
Click here to access the grants page for the application form.

How much is available?

Grants of between £1,000 and £20,000 will be awarded from a total fund of £100,000 available.

When is the deadline for submissions?

Round 1 opens on Wednesday 9th June and closes on Sunday 4th July.

                                                  Hertsmere Community Grants
Applications for funding up to £2,000 are invited from voluntary and community groups to support initiatives which celebrate our diverse communities and promote inclusion. 
Funding may cover revenue or capital costs as a ‘one-off’ grant for a specific project, event, programme of events or equipment.
We are specifically looking for projects and initiatives which contribute to the achievement of the following commitments from the new Hertsmere Vision document: 
  • Celebrate our heritage and identities
  • Champion social justice
  • Support inclusive communities
Some examples of possible applications are set out below, but any which can demonstrate how they will support the achievement of the above aims will be considered:  
  • Projects to support a particular group covered by the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010
  • Projects which celebrate our diverse community through creativity or culture
  • An inclusive event or celebration
  • Capital expenditure to increase accessibility of existing services/ groups/ projects to the whole community
For more information about the community grants programme go

Closing date: 5pm Monday 27th June 2022.
Hertsmere Climate Action Community Grant
Small grants of up to £500 are available to local groups from a pool of £10,000. To be eligible, projects must demonstrate climate action within Hertsmere relating to one or more of the following key themes:
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Waste and resources
  • Biodiversity
  • Local food production
  • Other carbon emission removal/reduction projects

The Climate Action Community Grant is open for applications till 30 June 2022. Decisions will be made in July and grants allocated in August.
How to apply:
Please read the Guidance Notes before completing the application form, and then send your completed application form and supporting documentation via email wherever possible to 

Climate Action Community Grant - Hertsmere Borough Council
East Herts
East Herts Council’s Commuity Grants Programme
East Herts Council is looking for projects that strengthen the community and lead to improved health and wellbeing of residents. 
Maximum grant is £5,000.   
The only funding round of 2022 is now open for applications.  
Closing date is Tuesday 5th July.
Successful applications will be those where the proposed project clearly addresses at least one of the Council’s new grant priorities:
  • Recovery from Covid
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Mental and physical wellbeing
  • Environmental sustainability
Projects in areas of disadvantage will score higher.  Faith groups are welcome to apply for projects that benefit the wider community.   We are keen to fund a diverse range of projects across East Herts, especially ones that address the equalities challenges and barriers to participation that some of our communities face. 
Check eligibility and apply online Funding for Community Organisations   
If you have an idea and want to check if it is of interest to us, please contact the Grants Manager on 07923 222 606 or email

Click here to sign up to Hertfordshire Community Foundation's funding newsletter

Grants of up to £1,000 for grassroots organisations helping to maintain or strengthen our communities

The HCF Small grants invite applications from grassroots organisations with an annual income of under £100,000 that are helping to maintain and/or strengthen our communities. Successful applications from this programme are funded by a range of the individual, family and corporate funds managed by HCF. Priority will be given to those who are volunteer led and managed. 

Grants can be used to support capital, project or running costs. Examples of sort of things you could apply for include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchase of equipment such as computers, furniture, play equipment etc
  • Project or activity costs
  • Staff costs to enable the employment of individuals
  • Contribute to rent or overheads
  • Training staff or volunteers

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 
To apply click here


HCF Hertfordshire Building Life Chances programme

Deadline midnight on Monday 13th June 2022

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) groups that work with or support vulnerable adults who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID Pandemic.

Grants of up to £10,000 may be considered where a group can show that they can work across a larger geographical area or can reach high numbers of local residents

What you can apply for
  • You can apply to fund work which helps to address inequalities through providing support and also by ensuring service users have access to essential services. Support and services can address inequalities in for example health, food security, financial insecurity, access to work and education. It is important that you know where to refer people for further support or work in partnership with other organisations
  • You can apply for a range costs including staff, training, volunteer costs, operational costs (eg food and fuel) and a contribution to running costs.
  • You are allowed to apply to this fund in addition to other programmes run by HCF including the Household Fund as long as the costs for the work are not duplicated.
  • Grants can fund projects for up to one year
Click here to access the application form
If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact us at
Click here to see first video about what happens when you click on 'Apply here'
Herts Funding Database

Contact W3RT on:
Asda Foundation - Empowering Local Communities Grant

Grants of up to £1,500 are available to community groups in the UK to support a broad range of activities which can contribute towards transforming their community and improving the lives of people in their community. Support to help with the cost of living rise and for refugees is available.

The programme is designed to support projects under four themes:

  • Building Resilient Communities.
  • Active Lives.
  • Seasonal Celebrations & Festivals.
  • Leading Healthier Lives.

Applications deadline is 19th August 2022.
Application forms can be obtained from Asda Community Champions, who are based in local Asda stores. Applicants can use the store locator link on the Foundation website to get in touch with their local store and speak to their Community Champion about their project proposal. Application forms may be completed by hand or digitally. All applications must be made via the applicant's local Asda Community Champion.

Covid-19 Vaccine Confidence in Ethnically Diverse Groups in Watford and surrounding Areas
This was a collaborative development between the University of Hertfordshire (UH), Community Development Action (CDA) Hertfordshire, and Watford Borough Council (WBC).
The project’s aim was to reach out to the African and Caribbean parents and guardians of young people aged 12 to 16 living in Watford and the surrounding areas to understand the barriers and concerns of getting the Covid-19 vaccination.
The engagement activity was led by Mercy Bwomono (CRED) with support from Kate Belinis (CDA), Sharon Bailey and Sally Rivers (Watford Borough Council).
We will be holding a feedback event in July where we will be sharing and discussing the findings from the report, and we would like to hear from members of the African and Caribbean communities in Watford and surrounding areas. Please get in touch with Mercy at or 07596 910 466 if you would like to take part and have a say.
Home-Start Watford, Three Rivers & Hertsmere are recruiting volunteers with parenting experience to offer a couple of hours each week to directly support struggling families in navigating family life. 
The charity supports hundreds of families in Watford, Three Rivers, and Hertsmere each year with children under the age of five needing help. 

We are seeking volunteers to provide practical and emotional help and friendship to families within their own homes. 
Volunteers are supported and fully trained by Home-Start, gaining helpful life skills and experience to add to their CV, and making important friendships along the way too. 

Kate, a long-term family volunteer and new staff member, tells us why she volunteers: “I decided to volunteer when my kids reached Secondary School age and I had a little time to give. With Home-Start, the only qualification you need is to be a parent and so I thought, that’s me!  
“As a volunteer, I aim to be an extra pair of hands and a friendly ear. We have a chat, do a few bits around the house, play and have some fun – whatever they feel would help.  It is so rewarding to play a small part in the lives of Home Start’s families. I love watching them grow, start to make the changes they want to see in their lives and enjoy, as a family, those precious early years of their children’s lives.” 

Our charity is in need of new volunteers in time for their next training course starting in September 2022. Find out more about Home-Start and its volunteering opportunities at Or email

For anyone living in Hertfordshire,                  The Never Too Late to be Active campaign
aged 16+ and need Mental Health                   aims to encourage older adults –                support.                                                                specifically the over 55s to become more  Hertfordshire County Council and                   active.                                              Togetherall have teamed up to provide                                                                               you additional online support                            Everyone who signs up will get a free 7-   and resources.                                                     day activity pass for their local leisure  Togetherall is a safe, anonymous,                     centre so that they can sample new        online community where you can                     activities for free, but there are lots of 
connect with others experiencing similar        other ways to stay active, so a helpline is 
feelings, and has trained professionals            available to help people find the right 
on hand 24/7.                                                        thing for them and get started.

Register today for FREE mental                         Join now to get:

health support.                                                    - FREE activity pass from your local                                                                                                leisure centre
                                                                               - FREE entry into a prize draw to                                                                                                      win £150 sports voucher
                                                                               - FREE welcome call and regular                                                                                                     motivational messages to help you find                                                                                     the right activity for you
                                                                               - FREE activity planner

                                                                              Call 01992 555627 or                           
W3RT Neighbours Together project team have been talking to individuals & groups in the community around Watford and Three Rivers area about how useful & informative they find the What’s On guide.
Over 80% have reported that they find the guide very informative. During these discussions the team also asked about what the greatest needs were and this has led to new bid being submitted for a 2 year project which looks to support the most at risk groups, which include a lot of the minority communities when it comes to loneliness and isolation.

NeighboursTogether project is all about communities coming together to support people to stay active and socially connected. The project looks to tackle loneliness and isolation in people in Watford & Three Rivers area.

Click here to access the 'whats on' guide


Paid Vacancy at Citizens Advice Welwyn Hatfield 

Citizens Advice Welwyn Hatfield has an urgent need to fill a part-time vacancy for an Administrator to help distribute Household Support Funding to the residents of Welwyn Hatfield. They are looking for someone who can deal with high volumes of interaction and deliver/follow an organised process.
Project Manager - Welwyn Hatfield CVS                              They need someone to start as Welwyn Hatfield CVS are looking to recruit a                     soon as possible. If you are Project Manager who will be working within                           interested or know a small but growing team. This role requires an individual                someone who may be who is both highly organised and flexible.                                       interested, please              For more information, including how to apply,                      contact                    click here.                                                                           

Deadline: Thursday 16 June 2022 at 12 noon
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