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January Newsletter

Well, we made it through the freezing weeks of January and all our dachshunds are shedding their booties and snoods and hoping that the arctic air stays in the north. Even though the air is getting warmer, remember to keep your dachshunds bundled and that the snow crystals can cut their little paws.

We are busy planning for 2020 and would like to invite anyone who has some ideas or thoughts they want to share to contact our president, Tom at  We look forward to hearing from you and to sharing a fun-filled 2020 with everyone and their dachshunds!

If you have suggestions for the newsletter or fundraising ideas, please send an email to

News and Upcoming Events

We are very excited to announce that ADR is planning to start hosting get togethers for all our wiener friends.  The goal is to have meet ups throughout the year so that our furry friends have a warm place to have fun in the winter as well as a chance to interact with other dachies during the summer.  We are excited that we have some amazing guests such as trainers, dog nutritionists and other specialists who are willing to attend these sessions to provide information and resources to the humans who attend.  Watch our facebook page and upcoming newsletters for more information.

Silverado Vet continues to partner with us and they are amazing friends to ADR and our dogs.  The months of February and March are Dental Months at Silverado Vet.  They are offering complimentary dental exams, affordable teeth cleaning and have great prizes.  Dachshunds are known for having dental issues and we are regularly doing cleanings and extractions on the dogs who come to us.  We highly recommend them and this is a great chance for you to have your dachshunds teeth looked at.

Updates on our Current Dogs

Bryan is a fun loving little guy who is ready for adoption.  He is looking for a home that doesn't have small children. Bryan likes to have a little time to get to know new people, and when he does he super friendly.

Everyone's favourite enormous 35 lbs standard, Boris, is working hard to learn his manners and get along with everyone.  This sweet boy is still in training and we will let you know when he is ready for adoption.

Meet Franky.  This precious little snuggle bug joined the ADR family this month and is currently settling in and having his vetting done.  He is getting to know his fosters and working on housetraining and separation anxiety.

Jake is our other standard fellow.  He is 7 years young and is good with other dogs as well as cats.  He is working on his housebreaking and getting ready for neutering.  This guy is as happy as can be and loves his squeeky toys!

Ollie is our only girl, and just joined us from Saskatchewan -thanks to an amazing volunteer who went 6 hours out of her way to get her to us.  We are just getting to know her and we think she is deaf.  We will keep you posted as we learn more about her.

Here's Sami.  He’s a 6 year old boy that came into us because the child in the home has developed severe allergies. We think he might have a little Beagle in him as he has a smaller snout, the biggest round eyes and is a bit taller.  Sami is on trial at what will hopefully be his new home.

Speaking of longer Cojo, our honourary dachshund (who is really a Gernan Shepard).  Cojo has a lot of anxiety, but just needs to be loved. He is middle aged, and is perfect just the way he is. If you have a quiet and loving home, and maybe just need some extra snuggles give us a call and we can hook you up.
Happy Tails and Fond Remembrances

Happy Tails
Two special little puppers found their forever homes this past month.  Congrats to Ellie who went to the Okanogan and our buddy, Bob, who has happily settled in at an acreage near Disdbury.


Fond Remembrances
Sadly, one of our alumni crossed the rainbow bridge in January. Jersey, the little red girl, has left a hole in many hearts. She passed very suddenly due to organ failure. Her buddy Casey and mom Florence are saddened. Jersey has been in the ADR family for 5 years, and through 2 families. Florence has adopted many dogs through the years from us and is a long time supporter of our cause and was the perfect home for Jersey.
January Fundraising Focus
We all know how much dachshunds love to do their business outside when it is cold and snowy....not!  
That's why this Bioenzyme cleaner "EZ-Clean" is the perfect way to remove odors left when your wiener decides it is too cold, or the snow is too deep to go to the washroom outdoors.

The best part is, when you order it through ADR, the rescue gets a portion of the proceeds.  It is available in 6 different sizes / concentrations. Contact Tom @ to order some today!
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Feature Volunteer

January's Volunteer of the Month is Carlee Rose from Carlee's Critters pet care services. 

We got a call from the Saskatoon SPCA regarding a sweet little girl named Ollie and put the call out for help to get her into our care.  Carlee messaged us and said she would like to help.  She was travelling from Regina to Water Valley, and that she was able to pick her up and bring her with her.  This wonderful gesture had her driving over 6 hours out of her way in total, for a group and people she had never met before, just for the love of animals.  Her dachshund Molly also gave Ollie some company on the ride.  When she got to us, she stayed for a dinner and refreshments to charge up a bit, and was back on her way to her final destination.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet her and Molly, and we sent her off in ADR fashion, as she went home in one of our brand new branded hoodies!

Thanks Carlee, glad to have you join our family!!!  


Did you know that there are different standards for Dachshunds in the UK, Europe and the US?  Follow this link to learn more:  

My favourite regulation is from the US with respect to general appearance where it states: Inasmuch as the Dachshund is a hunting dog, scars from honourable wounds shall not be considered a fault.

I'm fairly sure the only honorable scars my dachshund would receive are from his squeeky toys.
Tom's Thoughts, Tips and Tricks...

Hi all!  Are you thinking of adding a furry family member to your home?  There are so many things to consider!  Let's take a look at some of them.


1.  Where to get your new buddy.  There are many places we can get a pet to join our family.  We can adopt from a rescue, purchase from a breeder, purchase from online resources such a kijiji or other classified ads, or even a pet store.   All options come with some questions that should be asked.  

Is the rescue organization reputable?  Have the animals they adopt out been through vetting and were they given a clean bill of health?  If not, these things should be disclosed.  Rescues should be making sure all vaccinations are up to date, animals are neutered/spayed, and overall health should be the best that they can be.  The group should disclose all traits of the dog, and have a full return policy if the adoption should not work out.  

Choose a breeder responsibly.  There are so so so many people breeding dogs these days, and you should make sure you are making the right choice.  What kind of health testing was done?  Were you able to see mom(dam) and dad(sire)?  Did your breeder allow to see the space they were raised in and what were the conditions?  How did the breeder market their animals, and how did they price them?  Did the breeder breed for "designer" colors and are they charging more for such colors?  Are their puppies well socialized?  These are all some of the questions you should be asking.  A reputable breeder should be able to give you bloodlines, and have done health testing to provide the most healthy animal they can.  Be aware of fancy colorings, and inflated price tags.  Most of the reputable breeders I know are in fact cheaper than others, and are breeding for their love of the breed.  The Canadian Kennel Club is a great source to look into a reputable breeder.

Classified ads are also a popular way to find a dog.  My first dachshund Willy was from a Kijiji ad.  Be careful of online scams, and make sure to ask some questions about why they are rehoming.  Be aware of the potential of stolen dogs and easily hidden health concerns that could cost you a lot of money to deal with in the near future.  

Pet stores can easily tug at heart strings and be a vulnerable impulse buy.  Most pet stores are not selling pets anymore, but be careful if you do see them available at a store.  Historically, it is common for a store to get their animals from breeding mills, and only for the purpose of making money, and charge a lot of money to make a profit.  Usually you will not be able to see the parents and often do not get any further support, other for the store to make even more money off us. 

Don't forget to choose a breed that suits your family.  Pick a breed that suits your energy level, availability of time, and one that suits your lifestyle.

2. Pet Supplies.  Pets aren't cheap.  They require a lot of supplies to have a happy and safe life. Here is a small checklist of things one should consider before bringing an animal into your home.  These are a few of the obvious things that can add up to quite the investment before you even bring a little buddy home.
Kennel                 Collar            Harness           Leash          Identification
Food/water Bowls         Food        Bedding       Jackets/Boots

3.  Vet care.  Vet bills can be a huge investment.  If you're not prepared financially, it could leave the whole family in a predicament.  When choosing a vet, make sure to choose a vet that you get along with, and understands your needs and make sure they are the right fit for YOUR family!  Be prepared to pay for annual check ups, neuter/spay procedures, and keeping vaccinations up to date. Emergency vet bills can be thousands of dollars, and having a pet is a large responsibility.  Often putting money away into a separate account or looking into pet insurance is a smart way to avoid the sudden shock of potential vet bills.

4.  Animals can come with all sorts of dietary quirks.  Allergies and health issues can result if your animal isn't getting the nutrients it needs.  There are so many options for good food these days, and you will need to make sure your animal is getting what they need.  If your furry friend has any issues, often a special diet can be costly, and should always be considered when bringing a buddy home.  There are also nutritionists that can help you make the right decision should you need to look into a special diet.  

5.  Time and training.  Our pets can be a HUGE time commitment.  They require a lot of  time to train them to your needs.  Potty training, behavioral training, and basic obedience are all necessary to having a happy pet and can take hundreds and thousands of hours.  Some animals can be beyond our means, and at that point, please find a trainer to help you with any issues you cannot handle.  If you go with a trainer, be aware that there are many methods of training, and to pick a trainer that uses methods that will work for both you and your buddy.  

If you're getting a buddy, and have prepared for all of the responsibility pet ownership can come with, we hope you have success with any animal you bring home.  We hope this list can help someone remember most of the basic needs of just how much work a pet can be. 

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