The gratification and sense of pride that comes with chasing your dreams is something few of us are lucky enough to experience in our lifetimes. Too often we end up in jobs that pay the bills but aren’t exactly a source of professional joy. Dwayne followed his passions, with the support of his family, to achieve national recognition as a competitive equestrian, which later gave him the self-confidence to pursue a career he loves. Now, he is carrying on the tradition of actively encouraging his boys’ interests, giving them the tools, help, and space they need in their pursuits. Learn how he identifies and reinforces their inclinations and how you can do the same at home. Who knows, you may have a mini Mozart in your midst!
Children start developing individual interests between the ages of three and five, around the time they discover their sense of self. Think “I’m three!” exclamations and realizing the power of their “No!”. They begin to have personal preferences for certain foods, activities, and different forms of entertainment. As parents, we want what we know is best for our kiddos, but also should recognize the importance of developing their identity through these early choices. “A child’s parent is in the position to be a coach providing just the right combination of encouragement, support, and guidance,” says the Child Development Institute. Throughout their early education they are presented with options of paths to take, be it academia, the arts, or athletic endeavors. Keeping an eye out for what brings them joy in these early days will help you as a parent foster their propensity which could lead to true passions.
The past year has had more than its fair share of challenges for all of us, and children are no exception. From toddler to teenagers, everyone missed out on the socialization and intellectual stimulation they receive in a school or daycare environment. “Children develop self-identity, who they believe themselves to be, and begin to form relationships through play and peer relations which contribute to their emotional, social and cognitive development.” Over the last year Dwayne has offered suggestions on crafts, physical activities, and curiosity piquing games to supplement the monotony of working/learning from home. During this time, he noticed that his boys have a true passion for building, which should come as no surprise! Taking a note out of his own mother’s playbook, he leaned into their interests, focusing on activities that aim to deepen their natural abilities. Fort building and lego towers soon gave way to more complex “construction” projects like their springtime birdhouse and helping their dad put together a new bookshelf for organizing their schoolwork and belongings.
As his clients and partners know, Dwayne’s ability to truly listen and react accordingly is what made him achieve the professional success he enjoys today. He employs those same active listening skills when it comes to his boys. Reading through the lines of what your kids are able to communicate versus what they’re able to demonstrate might open your eyes to their hidden talents or aptitude. Tools are an important part of developing an interest into a hobby and then potentially into a career. Putting a pen, paint brush, screwdriver (child-safe of course), camera, or drumstick in their hands allows them to explore their options with your support. That said, be cognizant of the influence you have as a parent. Encouraging them one way or another based on your own ambitions or desires for them could lead to resentment or self-doubt. Following your passions and helping your little ones to do the same should be a natural extension of their self-expression.
Discovering your passions, especially at an early age, takes a lot of trial and error. The watercolor paint set that hasn’t been touched, the T-ball stand tucked away in the garage, or the musical instrument they lost interest in not only add clutter, but no longer serve their purpose. Instead of tossing them, consider donating these gently used toys and tools to children’s hospitals, family shelters, public libraries, community centers, day care facilities or school so another child can try their hand. Giving the children of your community the ability to explore their passions with the same opportunities as your little ones will lead to growth, stimulation, and moving the needle ever-closer towards equality.
We have been teasing our new luxury interior design showroom in Naples, FL for some time now, but it finally feels like our Grand Opening is in sight! To prep for our new locale, we’re determined to get to know our community as well as we know our beloved Fort Myers. Dwayne Bergmann is calling on you to help! Share your favorite coffee shops, restaurants, children’s stores, book shops, parks, activities, local charities, markets and more! We’ll be compiling our crowd sourced tips into a comprehensive guide to our new community in an upcoming edition of Your 4 Walls. Simply reply to this email with your suggestions.
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