Newsletter: September 1st, 2020

A letter to our residents:

There is no question that 2020 will be a memorable year, full of changes to our work, our children’s education, and how we spend our free time. During the winter while we were busy rebuilding bathrooms and reinvesting in our parks, we never dreamed that we actually might be prevented from opening them! Certainly a situation that was never accounted and caused a great deal of uncertainty for our staff and our customers. As Labour day fast approaches and we reflect on this season, we are incredibly proud of the decisions we have made and that, with the support of our loyal customers and staff, we have made it through this summer safely and with minimal disruptions. 

As new owners to the park, COVID presented some new obstacles in that with the absence of pancake breakfasts, turkey dinners, and horse parades it is hard not to feel disconnected from many of our campers. Social distancing at its finest! We have been in contact with the recreation committee and have dedicated the 2020 recreation budget to a full kitchen renovation in La Barn in preparation for 2021 festivities!

We have heard from many customers expressing concerns regarding marked trees throughout the property. Last year, Uxbridge Tree Service came in and started the long process of marking and numbering all trees in the park to help identify and keep track of both healthy and unhealthy trees. Obviously given the size of the property and the vast number of trees, this is a huge project! This fall we will be bringing in a large boom to continue the process of removing trees marked for removal from Uxbridge Tree. Please keep in mind that some of the orange tape is from the previous owners and may not be on the same list from the arborist. Also, please do not mark your own trees for removal as it complicates the entire process.  The stump grinder has also been booked and we will be around this fall to remove stumps throughout the park. 

Other renovations scheduled for this fall include continuing work on both the new transient sites near trailside, expanded ATV parking lot, and some street lighting in the La Barn, circle, playground area.  We are still working with the Ministry of Environment for full septic in the seasonal horse sites, but this is another of the services that has been delayed due to COVID. We hope to have a more fixed schedule for improvements as we end this year. 

Please stay safe this fall and enjoy the last few weeks of this unforgettable summer.

- Morgan Jenkin and Kyle Jenkin

2021 Renewals

It's that time of year again! Renewals for 2021 will be accepted starting Tuesday September 1, 2020 and the deadline is Tuesday September 15th, 2020. Please be sure that you have completed the 2021 License of Occupation and Schedule 1 and that your account balance is cleared up prior to coming to pay the renewal. Hardcopies of the paperwork are available in the office and a PDF is available online at Be sure to read through it carefully as it is packed with rules, regulations, and information regarding your seasonal reservation with us. There have been several policy changes and it’s important you make yourself aware of these updates!

Notable policy changes include:
  • winter storage is now $1,000.00 for those who choose to cancel their renewal in the spring
  • pens on horse sites must be either metal or wood
  • your metal shed must be removed to renew for 2022
  • an Etiquette section has been added
  • bicycles ridden after dusk must have front and rear lights
The renewal fee is $565.00 and can be paid by cheque, debit, or cash. If the paperwork and renewal payment is not received by the deadline, there is no guarantee your site will be held for you. Renewals received after September 15th will be subject to a late fee of $5.00 per day. 

For those who have decided not to join us for another year, please let us know sooner than later! You will have until October 31st 2020 to remove all your property from the site (this includes decks, sheds, the trailer, etc.). If you pay your renewal, but your circumstances change over the winter and you decide to cancel your 2021 reservation, you must give us written notice by April 1st 2021. You will then have up to two weeks after the posted road open date to remove all your property. 
Our goal for renewals this year was to put out a projection of what the next three season fees will look like. Unfortunately, with the current situation, it’s hard to predict even what the next month will bring! Hopefully we will have a better idea in the spring and be able to give more information then.
Remember, if you paid your season fee by June 15th this year, you will not be subject to an increase! Your 2021 season fee will be the same as what you paid for the 2020 season.

The last day to enjoy the beautiful pool is September 7th! Be sure to say your goodbyes to lifeguards Keighan, Madison, and Carter. Big thanks to our team for a great summer!

A few quick reminders:

  • Please remember that all dogs must be kept on leash in the park, as well as in the Ganaraska trails!
  • You must have your guests stop by the office and pay for admission when they enter the park. 
  • Do not burn anything other than firewood! Garbage, yard waste, etc. does not belong in your fire pit. 
  • Do not dispose of large items are the garbage area. Please bring it to the dump yourself (Bensfort Road Landfill Site, 1260 Bensfort Rd).
  • It's a good idea to arrange your winterizing as soon as possible. Please don't leave it to the last minute because the techinicians won't be able to do everyone in one day!

Have a great weekend!

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