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Newsletter: June 1st, 2022
Social Committee: MEETING SATURDAY @ 11 AM!
The social committee is still looking for volunteers to help make the events this year as memorable as ever! After the meeting last weekend was cut short due to the storm, it has been rescheduled for this Saturday June 4th at 11 AM at La Barn. Jackie and Ray will be hosting the first meeting to get everyone organized before they step back as heads. If you are interested in getting involved and seeing the park put on activities that you want, then come on out! Teens are welcome to help run events for community services hours as well. Remember, the committee is only as good as the volunteers! Thanks everyone.

While you're at La Barn, you can check out what we have been working on!
Over the winter, the crew did an overhaul of La Barn. This included new windows, a back patio (perfect for a BBQ or gills!), and a whole new kitchen area. Here's some pictures:
Post-storm updates
From our maintenance team:
Martin and his crew want to pass along a great big THANK YOU to everyone in the park who has helped with clearing brush and branches since the storm. The catastrophic damage is far easier to manage when we band together, so this had made a huge impact and we are incredibly grateful! 

Site clean up:
We are receiving inquiries on how residents should be dealing with branches and debris. Please pile up small branches, twigs, and brush at the end of your site and the crew will collect them sporadically. For any large branches, downed trees, or half-fallen limbs still suspended, please leave them and await for us to come address them. We WILL get to it, but we are obviously working on a priority-based process and appreciate your patience as we work our way around the park. 

Sandaraska trails:
All of the trails on Sandaraska Park property will be open by tomorrow, Friday June 3rd! The Ganaraska trails remain closed as they deal with severe damage (see below), but you can still go for a hike or a ride through our trails this weekend!
For our campers!
Anyone planning to explore the Ganaraska during their stay:
We know that packing up your horses or dirt bikes and ATV's for a few days of riding is something you are looking forward to doing, but the GRCA has shut down the forest and trails (see below for info). We are happy to work with our guests in either cancelling or rescheduling their reservation due to the closures. We do not know how long the trails will be closed, but are in touch with upcoming reservations every week to make sure our guests are aware. The trails on Sandaraska Park property are open starting this weekend!


The Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority has asked us to pass along the following information:
  • On Saturday May 21, 2022 a massive storm system caused significant damage to the Ganaraska Forest and its entire trail network (West Central and East Forests are all affected).
  • The current situation in the Ganaraska Forest is very serious and extremely dangerous.
  • The GRCA and Police are strictly enforcing the closure of the Ganaraska Forest and NO ACCESS is being granted until further notice.
  • The Ganaraska Forest is extremely dangerous with hazard trees and significant blockages throughout the entire trail network of the Ganaraska Forest (West, Central and East Forests).
  • Please respect any form of barriers and signage that is blocking access and DO NOT cross these barriers.
  • All Special Events are cancelled for the foreseeable future. No new applications will be accepted.
  • Updates will be provided through the Ganaraska Conservation Facebook page, and
  • Staff are currently assessing the entire Ganaraska Forest trail network and Trail clearing work is underway.
  • As assessment and trail clearing continues, recovery plans are being created.
They have also asked us to thank you for your support and patience during this trying time. Monitor the GRCA Facebook page for more updates!
Season fees
For all returning residents, please remember that your season fees are due this weekend. All new residents who are just joining us this year, your fees are due 30 days from when we got you booked in. Anything outstanding past the due date will collect 1.5% interest on Monday. The office is currently open 9 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week. 
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