Newsletter: October 21st, 2020

Thank you to everyone for helping us keep Sandaraska Park safe this season. Even though 2020 was not the season we all anticipated this time last year, we followed the necessary restrictions and managed to have a great summer! 

The final date that the park will be open is Saturday October 31st and the gates will be closed and locked at 5 pm. There is no access beyond this, except for the listed access dates below
All washroom buildings will be closed up on October 26th! This includes the laundry room. The outhouses throughout the park have already been closed.

All the meters have been read and billed! Please come by the office as you close up so we can clear up any balances on your account. All outstanding balances will collect interest over the winter. If you are unable to make it in, please mail us a cheque to the address listed in the footer of this email.
Winer Access Dates
The following are the date the gates will be open for you to check on your trailer:
  • November 7 and 8
  • December 5 and 6
  • January 16 and 17
  • February 6 and 7
  • March 6 and 7
Please be very careful getting around the park as it is walk-in access only & the roads will not be plowed. Access is 9 am to 4 pm and the gates will be locked outside of these hours. As usual, the office is not open on these weekends, but if you are looking to get in touch with us during the off-season, you can call or email.
Kyle's Winter Checklist:

- Winterize trailer: Blow out water and use RV antifreeze. If you are not going to do this yourself make sure you use someone reputable, if done wrong the mistakes can be very expensive. This needs to be booked well in advance. Calling around to book this at the end of October may not have the best results. If you know you are leaving mid-October then book the winterizing for then. Book it now that you are thinking about it...

- Disconnect water and hydro connections.

- Do not wrap electrical connections in plastic bags.

- Do not wrap your trailer, your water heater, or anything else in plastic. The plastic does not breath and will only hold in the moisture and stuff will rot faster. If you're not going to believe me and still want to wrap things in plastic; at the very least please don't wrap my stuff in plastic...aka electrical connection

- Ensure that your lot is clear and any personal belongings have been put away.

- Make sure there is no food or garbage in the trailer or in shed to attract animals.

- All cleaning supplies and anything that can freeze are taken away.

- Remove any tap splitters on the water connections.

- Put awnings and gazebos away.

There is still lots of beautiful weather left, I think the fall is the prettiest time throughout the grounds, but as we start to think about closing up, consider the above.
Take care of yourselves and of each other this winter.
We can't wait to see you in the spring! 
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