Are you tired of mind, body, heart, or soul?

Dear <<First Name>>,

I was absolutely shattered at the weekend and just slept for much of it and was wondering whether it was a tiredness of mind, body, heart or soul because dependant on the answer the solution would differ.

What do you think – is there a difference between these four types, and how do you know which sort of tired you are feeling?

My poem ‘I just want to go back’ (see below) talks of being tired and I wonder which elements of these four types of tiredness it refers to – do let me know what you think. 

Tiredness of body
This is perhaps the easiest of tiredness’s to identify even if too many times we might push the limits before we concede that rest is needed. With rest being about allowing the physical body to renew and replenish itself – whether through sleep, nutrition or simply stopping what you’ve been doing.

Tiredness of mind
An over busy mind that’s constantly thinking will be using a lot of energy – more energy than we might imagine and unless we’re replenishing that energy and allow the mind time to back up what it’s currently holding in its memory it’s going to crash. Many of the solutions for tiredness of body work here – so too mindfulness and anything that fully absorbs your thinking in the moment – which might include gardening, running, swimming, soduko, crossword and so on.

Tiredness of heart
Perhaps a little harder to diagnose than mind and body – and more often than not I think it’s the lack of joy, laughter and what ever makes you you that highlights it’s this type of tiredness you’re needing to address.

Here it’s useful to have a prescription of activities that you know bring certain qualities into your life and to assess in any moment which quality is most needed to bring aliveness back into your being. Time in nature often sorts this sort of tiredness out for me – so too time with friends.

Tiredness of Soul
Easier typed than understood I’m thinking – and how does this differ from tiredness of heart? For me it’s something about a tiredness arising from a lack of connection with something bigger than ourselves – a purpose, a dream, a cause, and so on.

As I write I now wonder whether it’s where the New Economics Foundation’s 5 ways of wellbeing, that we share in Headtorch mental health awareness workshops, arose from.
  • Connect – for heart?
  • Active – for body?
  • Notice – for mind?
  • Give – for soul?
With a 5th way of
  • Learn – to embed anything that needs a little TLC
As you reflect on your own area of tiredness what requires your attention?

As you connect and listen more deeply to that tiredness what additional insight does the following poem provide – if any?
Do let me know if this newsletter resonated today, and what you’re going to do differently as a result.

The episode of my podcast out on Monday the 11th also touches on this point and looks at feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually lost and invites us to think about actions that are needed to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be, and also wonders if being lost is precisely what we need to be at this time (which was a great insight from someone I bumped into during whilst recording the podcast).

With my knee operation coming up in September do let me know if you’d like to book a coaching session with me in July/August to enable you to get a kick start back on track. Usual 1 hour sessions are available although I’d highly recommend a 3 hour transformation game if you’re wanting a shift in mind, body, heart and soul.

The Take a giant leap 12 week coaching programme also starts on 5th Sept as you’re invited to hop, skip, jump and leap with me as we take a journey of metamorphosis together. A journey that starts with ‘I just want to go back’ and ends with having faith to take the leap we know we need to take.

With love,

Alison xx
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