How to lift the fog and mist
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A lot of people are struggling at the moment whether stuck in a rut, fed up, or lacking some get up and go. I wanted to start this equinox newsletter, therefore, confirming that for October I’ll be focusing my podcast episodes, blogs, vlogs and posts on wellbeing of mind, body and soul – sharing hints, tips, tools and techniques from the landscape toolkit to help you get back on track.

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In advance of that I’d like to share an insight from last week that resonated with many of those at the retreat I spoke at later that day.

This image shows how little could be seen across the Firth of Forth towards Edinburgh one morning.

And yet, and this was huge revelation for me, how clear the water and foreground was.

Why then was there any need to worry about the mist far in the distance when there’s more than enough to keep me busy immediately in-front of me.

Especially when the mist lifted without any effort on my behalf only a few hours later.
Which had me wondering how often do we worry about the lack of clarity about somewhere we’ve not even got to rather than focusing on the task in-front of us that we have much more clarity about?

By the time we’ve finished the first task we’ll often find the mist has gone for us to then have more clarity about the next step.

The other insight from this metaphor is that we often feel that we have to lift the mist or fog in our lives and yet real fog lifts of its own accord.

How might these insights help you lift the mist in your mind, body or soul?

Much love

Alison xx

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