Will you accept the challenge of doing nothing?
Dear <<First Name>>,
Rather than developing new strategies and getting into a frenzy of activity, what if the perfect thing to do at the moment was nothing?

What happens if you’ve already sown enough seeds; or you need to wait for the conditions to change; or others to come back from holiday; or be in a more resourceful place before taking that next step?

It’s certainly something I’ve been considering over recent weeks.

I don’t mean doing nothing in terms of lying on your sofa and sleeping all day. I do, though, mean not starting anything new – just getting on with the routine stuff that’s been on your to-do list for a while and you never seem to have had time to get round to doing it.

Perhaps it’s tidying up your emails and inbox; sorting through all the notes and paper work; ringing that supplier, colleague or friend; or focussing on your wellbeing for a few days.

It’s not forever – I just want you to ask “Do I need to start anything new this week?” and listen to your inner wisdom. And if the answer is a firm “No”, let go of the musts, oughts, and shoulds and listen and act knowing that to be right for you at this time.

If you’re worried about other people’s response to you deciding to do nothing and are feeling backed into a corner to take action, then read my recent post on How to get out of a corner you’ve been backed into might help.

So too having a listen to my short vlog where as a result of too much doing I’ve planted too many vegetables in my garden and needed to uproot some to allow the others to thrive.
The following poem was something that emerged from my not doing the other week – it’s as if by stopping the busyness, I was able to connect in with a part of me that often gets unheard amongst all the noise.

Grounded to me

Uprooted & disconnected
A sense of jitteriness & wobbliness
Reminding me of my ungroundedness
And yet, where to look for that grounding?
I’d always imagined roots like the mighty oak
Something tethering me deep into the ground
Roots bringing the energy I lacked up from the earth’s inner core
Into my feet, ankles, calves, knees & then upward
Until I realised my ungroundedness came from within
An uprooting & disconnection from myself
Those imaginary roots required too much effort
That tethering further distancing me from my own inner core
Feeling ungrounded & trying too hard to find those external roots then
Is a signal and reminder that I’ve stepped away from who I am
Become someone I’m not
And forgotten that I am enough

Where may you have forgotten you are already enough?

It’s certainly something I had to remember when my book Can’t see the wood for the trees had its 3rd birthday at the weekend and, as I shared in a LinkedIn post, I was disappointed and a little sad about the gap between my intention for the book and reality.
I share more about doing nothing in episode 9 of my Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith podcast, and you’ll find more insights about the above poem in episode 10.

I share tools, beliefs, hints and tips from the LANDSCAPE toolkit to help you see situations when you don’t know what to do from different perspectives.

Just like my book, it’s something you can dip into when you’re stuck, don’t know what to do, or are simply wanting more insight about a situation.

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Take care of yourself.

Much love,

Alison xx
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