The A to X gifts you can give yourself this festive period
Dear <<First Name>>,
It’s been a while.
I’ve been busy providing wellbeing and mental health to a team who have been under tremendous pressure over recent months and needed to take care of my own wellbeing too. I’ve also been a guest on a number of procurement podcasts, and have been busy developing plans for 2022 to help you deal with those long term problems which you’ll find out more about later in the newsletter.
Be kind to yourself

When I did write to you last, I promised you some daily ideas for supporting your wellbeing – well I’m sorry, I never did get them written, never mind shared!
That’s what my advent series of posts on LinkedIn on #BeKindToYourselfThisChristmas is all about:
So far, I’ve covered:
  • Awareness – bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be, requires conscious awareness
  • Being – consciously choosing a mindset or way of being is an effective means of achieving your intention – even for meetings
  • Confidence – self-belief is where it all starts – my poem I reclaim all my parts talks to this too
  • Drinking – drinking more water every day is always a gift your mind and body will appreciate
  • Eating – unfortunately a little of what we fancy isn’t always so good for us as I shared about the negative impact dairy and potatoes have on my body
  • Fun – fun with purpose is my motto and you are, therefore, encouraged to allow fun into your working day too
  • Giving & Gratitude – giving gratitude to others also has a positive impact on the giver as well as the receiver
  • How are you? – next time you’re asked this question before you rush in with “fine thanks” the greater gift to yourself might be a different answer
  • Intuition – like any skill listening to your inner wisdom or intuition needs you to develop the muscle – start small and build up
Which of these might you be in need of today?
Follow the hashtag or me over on LinkedIn to find out the rest of the gifts from J to X – or better still - come up with your own list and give yourself a daily gift of kindness.
Are you ignoring the advice?

I will just invite you to watch my reaction to the realisation that I wasn’t paying any attention to the advice I was getting – it still makes me laugh even now!!

All things podcast and coaching
The first season of my Landscaping Your Life podcast came to an end in early November.
21 episodes providing hints, tips and tools to help you when you’re stuck to get back on track.
It’s hard for me to pick a favourite but I personally got a lot of insight whilst recording episode 15 about being very much on our own when we start something – ie it’s only after those first few tentative steps that we start to find guides and followers to support us. In other words, don’t be disheartened with the lack of engagement when you first start anything new.
Series two starts in the new year so why not catch up with a few of the episodes you’ve missed before I start adding any new ones.
I’ve also been a guest speaker on other podcasts talking about: In one coaching clinic recently, we sent logic on a coffee break whilst we addressed leadership challenges faced by Scottish Institute of Business Leadership members and looked at: 
What’s next for 2022
Coaching; mental health & wellbeing; and procurement training will continue in 2022 – with a few new services under development including: 
  • The Einstein paradox – how to dial down logic and use creative thinking to solve problems – keynote
  • Sending logic on a holiday – half-day facilitated session – using creative thinking to solve a problem your team or organisation has had for some time or would like a different perspective on
  • Unleashing innovative thinking and creative problem solving – a six-month mastermind programme getting creative thinking into your muscle memory 
If you’d like to know more about any of these do get in touch +44 (0)7770 538159
I hope to be back later this month with a Solstice newsletter, so I won’t wish you festive greetings just yet 😊
Do take care of yourself
Much Love
Alison xx
PS There’s still time to buy Can’t see the wood for the trees for a festive gift for someone in your life who might be in need of a little TLC to help them get back on track – guaranteed to avoid too much analysis and logic as readers are guided to hear their own inner wisdom through the power of metaphor. Really useful reference guide of tools for coaches, trainers and facilitators too.
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