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  • Asado Save the Date: July 13th, 2019
  • New Board Member: Sam Kimberley Bryant
  • Q&A with Keely Cashman & AJ Hurt 
  • Apply for summer scholarships online now! (Sully & Bud Jones)
  • Updated Website: Now you can apply for scholarships, renew memberships, and donate to the Lake Tahoe Ski Club Foundation online at


New Board Member: Sam Kimberley Bryant
Supporting our Future Olympians

The Lake Tahoe Ski Club has a rich and storied past in the history of local ski racing. Our programs and philanthropy have helped some of our area’s best athletes, many of whom have gone on to compete at Collegiate, National, and Olympic team levels. As you all know, the costs of competitive alpine ski racing have skyrocketed. Team fees, equipment quivers, travel and training camps for an elite level athlete costs tens of thousands of dollars and we need your help. All of our net proceeds go towards athlete sponsorship and we historically give between $20,000 and $35,000 in annual financial support but we can’t do it all without your help. We need both your annual membership pledge as well as any other philanthropic help you can offer. Can you make a place for us in your annual giving plan or estate planning? We have a proud history of producing some of the country’s top athletes and in order to take our local kids to the top, we need your financial assistance. Please consider giving generously to the Lake Tahoe Ski Club Foundation, and the next time you watch the Olympics you can say “I did my part to help take our local kids the distance!”  

Donations can be made online at; mailed to P.O. Box 435 Tahoe City, CA 96145 or directly through our club office at to arrange a personal     charitable giving plan. THANK YOU!

A Message from Travis Ganong

Current US Ski Team Member, Olympian, World Cup Winner, & former LTSCF Scholarship recipient

“I remember when I first started receiving financial help from the LTSC and how it was the first time as a young skier that I realized the impact that my community could have on me as an individual athlete. I was so honored that LTSC saw potential in me and wanted to help me fulfill my dreams, and that motivated me to work even harder to represent my local skiing community and to make them proud!  The Lake Tahoe Ski Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country and has supported many athletes before me and many athletes since. To this day they are helping fund the dreams of the next generation of future local skiers through support from people like you! Let’s continue the great legacy of giving back and supporting our local skiing community through the LTSCF. “

 Q&A with Keely Cashman

Current US Ski Team Member & LTSCF Scholarship recipient

Favorite Discipline: I don’t have a favorite, they are all fun!

Favorite ski hill: Anywhere at Squaw. 

Favorite Race location: Dog Leg, Squaw Valley 

Highlight of your season: Winning the U.S Nationals GS at Waterville Valley. 

Ski Racing (or other sport) idol:  Shane McConkey

Favorite Quote: “ I’m getting maximum enjoyment out of life and I’ll never stop.” - Shane McConkey 

How do you think growing up in Tahoe helped you to be a successful ski racer?  I think to be a successful ski racer you really have to love what you’re doing because it can be really tough sometimes. Growing up at Squaw really gave me a love for skiing and ski racing.  Every day after training taking laps on KT really shapes the skiers that come from Squaw. There is a certain atmosphere and stoke for skiing at Squaw that you just can’t find anywhere else.      

If you could tell your twelve year old self something / give them some advice, what would you say?  Pay attention to the details, the details are what separates a good skier form a great skier. 

Favorite part about being on the US Ski Team? Being able to inspire the younger generations. I know when I was younger I really looked up to the ski team members, and now to be on the team it really means a lot. 

Pump up song? Rodney Atkins - Caught up in the Country 

Best race-day breakfast?  Anything with a lot of protein, but most importantly COFFEE.  

What are your summer plans?  I plan to spend the summer working at my family’s coffee shop and trying to get stronger for next season.   

What’s your favorite sport to do in the summer (Other than skiing): I love playing pretty much any sport, basketball and volleyball are two of my favorites though. 

Growing up, what other sports did you do? I played soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  

How has the Lake Tahoe Ski Club impacted/helped you along the way!? Not being a fully funded athlete can be very stressful, which can interfere with my performance. The Lake Tahoe Ski Club has helped so much with the stress of fees and others costs. I’m so thankful for everything the Lake Tahoe Ski Club does for me!   

Q&A with AJ Hurt

Current US Ski Team Member & LTSCF Scholarship recipient

Highlight of your season: 2nd in the overall Nor-am standings & Nor-Am overall discipline standings: 1st in DH, 1st in AC, 2nd in SG, 2nd in GS, 5th in Slalom

Growing up, what other sports did you do? a lot of soccer

Favorite Quote: “Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” - Michael Jordan

Favorite Ski Resort: Squaw Valley 

Favorite Ski Race Location: Sun Valley

Sports Idol: Serena Williams 

Favorite summer sport: soccer and volleyball

Pump up song?  Lose Yourself

Best race-day breakfast?  Brown sugar oatmeal

Favorite Ski Racing Discipline: all equal

Favorite part about being on the US Ski Team?  Being on the us ski team you are constantly around athletes with the same drive and motivation allowing all of us to push each other and progress as a team. 

What are your summer plans? Lots of dryland training both in Park City and Tahoe as well as a ski camp in Ushuaia, Argentina

How did growing up in Tahoe help you become a successful ski racer? The variety of ski resorts and terrain that you can access inTahoe that are all within an hour of each other provide so much different terrain that helps you adapt not only as a racer but also a skier. 

If you could tell your twelve-year-old self something / give them some advice, what would you say?  “Don’t be so hard on yourself that one DNF won’t matter to you in a few years.”

How has the Lake Tahoe Ski Club impacted/helped you along the way?  Lake Tahoe Ski Club has been immensely helpful in allowing me to pursue my dreams and helping with the financial burden that ski racing is. They have been so generous over many years and I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me. 

Congratulations to our Financial Aid Recipients
See below for pictures & season highlights from some of the athletes supported by the Lake Tahoe Ski Club Foundation.
Guthrie Goss: Guthrie's first year in FIS was super fun. He had a great season, highlighted by the speed events at Schweitzer. He was on the podium four times in as many days (1st/3rd in DH & 2nd/2nd in SuperG). He qualified for Nationals in both speed events. He also qualified for Junior Nationals in New Hampshire.  He finished the season at the Mammoth Elite Spring Series with a 2nd place in the DH and a 13th place in the Super G.
Luca Robillard:
"I found this year to be a challenging one. I had some small victories and I chose to concentrate on those. I got to travel and race some Elite FIS series at awesome resorts. I am doing what I love, and am working on getting stronger and better. I did make the flip in a couple of Elite FIS races which was a good feeling and was encouraging for what is to come.
Skiing is fun! Next season has already started and I really want to thank the Lake Tahoe Club Foundation for their support. I am grateful and understand that it takes a village for me to reach my skiing goals and dreams. Onward! I can’t wait to start racing again."
Declan Mack (pictured standing on top of the podium!): "Thanks again for the support from the Lake Tahoe Ski Club! This season was awesome and I cant wait to get at it again next season."
Cheyenne Brown: "The highlight of my season was definitely winning back to back downhills in Schweitzer, Idaho which secured my spot into US Nationals. 
This season was a huge learning curve for me and I am grateful I am for all of the friends and the second family I now have from this rad sport."
Please remember to SAVE THE DATE! Our annual Asado will take place on July 13th - mark your calendars!
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