Of course flowers are the answer

That’s why I have these many for you…

May June bring you joy, make you jaunty & jovial.

Hello, <<First Name>>, greetings.

In this letter, I want to share with you some June jollity, so there's one more jovial person in the world today. That’s my elevator pitch this month.

*you just cringed and cleared your throat, and now you’re thinking* — well, in light of everything that’s happening, that sounds flimsy, Selma. Surely, you need to work on a better elevator pitch.

…um— flowers and jollity for June, my friends. I stand by this.

I know there's still so much hurt that doesn't seem to lessen. It's very hard not to want to revolt when we see what continues to happen in Ukraine, what just happened in Texas and other cities in America, and so many other parts of the world. The atrocities don't seem to let go, and what's more, they make no sense. It does not compute in this heart in my chest that does all the thinking and computing for me.

Sometimes I feel that those of us who walk around with anything but gloomy faces are considered insincere. And flimsy. Do you think it too?

I make an effort and strive to differ. Not because I don't see what's happening, but because remaining in gloom does nothing to our collective spiritual unfolding.

I tend to go that way for our collective growth, which I know becomes overshadowed by the next big unbelievable thing that breaks our hearts. But let's still hold on to hope and do like Mother Nature does— she's not going all bleak and cryptic on us. Look at those flowers! And we know she’s in a dire position.

I want to believe the solutions are on their way, that it's just a matter of logistics, really. As for those solutions, I do not know what they are. What I do know, though, is that I want to help raise the distribution portion of it by trusting my heart, *gluing my feet on the ground, and increasing my belief in the possibility of peace— the real peace: Shalom, which is a complete peace that spells contentment, completeness, well-being, and harmony. Shalom is more than just peace. Look it up for yourself, <<First Name>>.

Yes, first peace and then kindness, and enough inner harmony for everyone. And miracles, of course. I know many believe like me, so I will continue to attract what I hope to see— draw it into being for me and you, knowing it will get deposited into the giant database that connects us all. And may there be flowers and jollity!

Recently I read a story about a man named Dan who lives in Oakland. The poor man was exhausted at seeing things like mattresses, household items, and trash people dumped on the street across from his home. The junk was starting to cross the median. (Read the story in Behavioral Design on How one buddha statue transformed a community).

Dan put out the effort and superglued a stone Buddha on the median.

People slowly noticed— noticed the Buddha and started leaving candles until an alter appeared one day. Imagine! Not hard to imagine what happened next in this true story. We don’t hear of this kind of thing, but that doesn’t mean this is not happening.

Stories like this tell my heart I’m on the right course. That is why you and I do what we do. Correct? Correct!

Ok, now onto the jollies I have for you: the flowers Mother put in my path to see. There’s more. There always is, but these will have to do. I hope you share some of your June jollies with me too.

Um, I snuck in some personal photos in there, but that’s in the spirit of sharing. This way, I hope I managed to give you some encouragement and that you found something to like in the gallery. *wink*

On book news, I have one: Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is on Amazon. An extraordinary collection of over 200 poems by more than 100 authors, most of them bloggers I know.

<<First Name>> > <<First Name>> > <<First Name>> > Thanks for being here.

Until we e-meet again, please hold on to hope, and let’s never stop spreading love and jollity in the world. I bless you and wish you miracles.

And one last thing, Happy Father’s Day to my Dad pals and all Dads in the world. Is your dad still around? Mine has been gone for a long time. A couple years ago I wrote a poem to him on the occasion of his birthday and find it a worthy mention on this special day. I’ve added it to the top banner, so if you’d like to see into my heart, click on the banner to read it. Shalom.

(Have something on your mind? Share or ask me questions).

And your elevator pitch, what does it sound like?

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