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Dear Green Neighbours

EcoFair is here!  Check out the great online activities and try out the self-directed EcoTours, including the Annex-based ones!  And don't miss the must-see featured film Microplastic Madness, screening Oct 23-25. For some easy zero-waste ideas to practice at home, follow along with the Hallow-Green calendar this month. 

Green 11 is a volunteer driven community group. If there is a green initiative that you are interested in starting and recruiting volunteers for, please get in touch with us and we will see how we can support you. If you are wondering if people in Ward 11 are working on a particular green project, get in touch with us and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Calls to Action

Tell the federal government to create a comprehensive single-use plastic ban list!
In Canada and around the world, the plastic industry is taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis. They are using people’s fears around hygiene to undermine efforts to reduce single-use plastics. We can’t let that happen: single-use plastics are made from fossil fuels and pollute at every stage of their lifecycle. They represent a danger to the health of wildlife, ecosystems, the climate and ourselves. But right now, the federal government is creating regulations that will inform a long-overdue ban. As a first step to phasing out all non-essential plastics, we need them to create a comprehensive ban list for 2021 of the most problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics. You can sign the Greenpeace petition here


Ultra-rich Canadians should pay their share of the #JustRecovery
The federal government recently announced its intention to address extreme wealth inequality in a COVID-19 Economic Response Plan this fall. But there was no mention of a wealth tax. As Canadians face the severe social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the wealth of the ultra-rich is growing and soaring: just in Canada, the top 20 richest billionaires increased their wealth by a total of $37 billion since March. The ultra-rich have acquired their wealth through an economic system that relies on the exploitation of the planet and people in order to function.  Tell the government to include a wealth tax in the Economic Response Plan announced for this fall.  You can sign the Greenpeace petition here


Stop investing the Canada Pension Plan in fossil fuels
The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) continues to invest public money in destructive fossil fuels. Are you concerned that billions of dollars of Canadian’s retirement savings are used to invest in risky oil, gas and coal companies that fuel the climate crisis? If so, you can send a letter to the CPP today using this easy action tool Find out how to take action on your pension plan here  Watch the recording of the Ontario regional meeting here

Environmental Organizations Propose a Canadian Climate Accountability Act
Canada has missed every emissions reduction target it has set.  The adoption of a Climate Accountability Act could change that.  The CAA proposal developed by Ecojustice and other organizations would get us on a pathway to a low-carbon future by legislating targets, establishing an independent advisory body, and mandating five-year carbon budgets, impact reports, and climate plans. You can be part of the call on the federal government to table a climate accountability law in Parliament by the end of 2020.
Read about the Climate Accountability Act here  You can sign a letter of support here

 Green Online Events and Webinars

Fridays for Future Weekly Climate Strikes
Fridays, 11 a.m. – noon
Live Streamed webinars with different speakers led by youth.  

EcoFair Toronto
October 15 - November 8           
Join us and help celebrate a green new decade! This year’s EcoFair features sixteen FREE and exciting 1.5 hour events, happening online over four weeks. Each week has a theme: Carbon Countdown (week 1), Waste Not (week 2), Active & Healthy (week 3)  and the Eco-economy (week 4). Events culminate in the Nov 8 finale, featuring EcoFair eco-groups & eco-business exhibitors.

Ecofair featured documentary film - 2040
Available for Viewing Oct 15 – Nov 8

Concerned about his young daughter’s future, filmmaker Damon Gameau travels the world in search of new approaches and solutions to climate change. Gameau’s film imagines what our world could look like in 2040 if we took existing solutions and scaled them up now.   Watch the trailer here.  Watch the entire film for free Oct 15 – Nov 8 as part of the EcoFair.

Upcoming EcoFair highlights:
Waste Not Week (Oct 22-29)
Waste Not: Home Energy
Thurs Oct 22 at 7:00 pm

Webinar - Register HERE.

Sustainable Textile Teach-In: Creative Mending and Repair
Sat Oct 24 at 2:00 pm

Workshop - Register HERE.

Film Screening - "Microplastic Madness"
View free online Oct 23 - Oct 25

Film - Register HERE

Tiny plastic, colossal problem: what we can do now
Sun Oct 25 at 4:00 pm

Film Discussion - Register HERE.

Active & Healthy Week (October 29 - Nov 5)
Equity & Access: the Importance of Affordable Transportation
Thurs Oct 29 at 7:00 pm

Webinar - Register HERE

Film Screening "Bicycle"
Oct 30 to Nov 1

Film - Register HERE.

Film Discussion - Cycling in the Green New Decade
Sat Oct 31 at 4:00 pm

Film Discussion

Cooking with plants for health and happiness
Sun Nov 1 at 2:00 pm


The online Exhibitor Showcase connects you with Toronto's sustainable organizations and eco-businesses. You can check out our website for the full event schedule, along with maps to our city-wide neighbourhood EcoTours and family-friendly Fun & Games.

Cities Alive conference
October 20-23
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and the Green Infrastructure Foundation have teamed up to bring you the very best of the CitiesAlive and Grey to Green conferences, combining outstanding world class speakers in the field of living architecture and green infrastructure with award winning project videos and selected in person tours. The content of this conference will be delivered in four afternoon sessions, each focusing on a theme. More info and registration here

eLearning #AtHomeWithNature from TRCA
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has introduced fun, e-Learning videos, activities, and resources that will help families deepen their understanding and appreciation of nature, ecology, and cultural heritage — all from the comfort of home! Pre-register at the following link (you can also click the 'back' button to see the webinar recordings from April too!) -  Upcoming highlights:
The pivot toward parks: How can we sustain creative activation of our public spaces beyond the pandemic?
Tuesday, October 20, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM   
COVID-19 showed us how space, resources and power can be reallocated to create new possibilities for our parks and public spaces. Community-led projects have helped parks pivot toward serving food security, active transportation, arts and local businesses - like never before. What are the practical implications of reimagining parks’ role in communities? What systems do we need to reimagine in order for us to build parks back better? This webinar will tackle these big questions in a session to get communities excited to collaborate with city staff in a new vision for park activation. Register here

Screening: There's Something In The Water
Wednesday, October 21, 6 p.m.

Join a screening of There's Something In The Water, followed by a panel discussion with producer Dr. Ingrid Waldren, Dr. David Suzuki, and frontline activists. Based on Ingrid Waldron's incendiary study, the film follows Ellen Page as she travels to rural areas of the province that are plagued by toxic fallout from industrial development. As did Waldron, the filmmakers discover that these catastrophes have been precisely placed, all in remote, low income — and very often Indigenous or Black — communities. As the filmmakers observe, your postal code determines your health. Panelists include:
  • Moderator: Sherry Yano, Community Renewable Energy Manager, David Suzuki Foundation
  • Dr. Ingrid Waldren, Director, The ENRICH Project
  • Dr. David Suzuki, Founder, The David Suzuki Foundation
  • Michelle Francis Denny, Member of Pictou Landing First Nation and community liaison for the Boat Harbour Remediation Project
  • Dorene Bernard, Mi’kmaq Grassroots Activist
  • Louise Delisle, President, South End Environmental Injustice Society (SEED)
Register here

Screening: The Magnitude of All Things
available to watch until Friday October 23

In The Magnitude of All Things, director Jennifer Abbot ruminates on our collective sense of tragedy in the face of environmental degradation, paralleling despair inspired by climate change with her own journey of personal grief. After losing her sister to a terminal illness, Abbott began to investigate the ways in which mourning and the acceptance of mortality might reflect and inform our connection to the natural world. The resulting film features individuals from around the globe who have found themselves on the front lines of climate change, whether coming to terms with Australian wildfires or the rising sea levels that threaten to drown the island nation of Kiribati. Weaving together interviews and verité scenes with lyrical memories of sisterly love, grief and loss are understood as transformative tools to inspire action and hope.  Part of the Planet In Focus film festival.

What’s Climate Change got to do with Electoral Reform?
Wednesday, October 21 at 7pm

Fair Vote Canada is hosting a webinar with author, policy analyst and activist Seth Klein called A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, and How Proportional Representation Would Help. Klein’s recent book argues that the massive societal shifts and government actions needed for an all-out fight against climate change compares to what Canada went through to face a different existential threat during World War II. Seth will discuss the lessons we can take from Canada’s wartime experience, what political obstacles are preventing effective action on climate change, and how Proportional Representation would help produce lasting solutions. Register for this webinar, followed by a Q+A.

Leading the Way to Carbon Neutrality: The Nordics
Wednesday, October 21, 12:00 PM 1:05 PM

How does the Nordic region lead the race to carbon neutrality? Register here.

Home Efficiency Retrofit Orientation Workshop
Saturday, October 24, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

This two-hour no-cost, capacity building workshop on October 24th focused on engaging homeowners and people interested in home energy retrofits to understand and incorporate best residential energy conservation practices to improve home comfort, resilience, GHG reductions, and energy costs. Register here.

Progress Toronto Fall Training Series
September 16 - December 2
This Fall, Progress Toronto is hosting 10 free political engagement training sessions. With the pandemic deepening inequalities across our city, now is the time to demand more from those in power and campaign for Toronto's future. Level up your skills with this free series. Workshops this Fall include digital campaigning, how to meet with your local politician, City Budget 101 with Councillor Mike Layton, and more!  For details and registration click here:

#5 How to Speak at a Government Committee
Monday, October 19 - 6:00PM ET

Get the details and register

#6 Digital Campaigning 101   
Wednesday, October 21 - 7:00PM ET

Get the details and register

#7 October City Council Online Watch Party & Discussion
Tuesday, October 27 - 9:30AM ET

Get the details and register

 Green News and Resources

Brampton rolls out ambitious climate plan
On September 23, council voted unanimously to support the climate plan and decided to go even further by increasing its 2030 target from 20 per cent to 30 per cent below 2016 levels, one of the most ambitious 2030 targets in the region. As a suburban city, Brampton faces many unique challenges especially with transportation. With this climate plan, Brampton could pave the way for suburban cities across Canada. You can learn more about Brampton’s climate plan HERE.

Support Climate Justice
“Though climate change comes up frequently in the news, in election campaigns, and political debates, we hear about climate justice much more rarely. As a reminder: it is a movement that centers marginalized communities and those affected by racial and socioeconomic inequities, while also pushing for larger-scale change than most policies currently address.”  Read this blog piece by Jami Nakamura Lin in Anti-Racism Daily (and be sure to subscribe).

Zero Waste News and Events

Waste Reduction Week
October 19 - October 25
Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a program with a mission to empower all Canadians to take more environmentally conscious choices. It is focused on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. It provides information, ideas and educational resources for waste reduction and environmental action with an impact in areas including climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.

Each day of Waste Reduction Week focuses on a different waste issue, including: The Circular Economy, Textiles, E-Waste, Plastics, Food Waste, The Sharing Economy, Swap and Repair. Read more about 2020 daily themes, events and resources here.You can also follow A Greener Future on Instagram as they share their own resources.

Circular Economy: Making the Most of What We Have and Giving Back to the Planet
Monday October 19, 11am
View this online presentation by City of Toronto as part of Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Sashiko Mending Practice
Tuesday, October 20, 7:00 PM 8:05 PM
Learn how to preserve and restore the clothing you wear most often using the Sashiko method of mending. Sashiko originated in ancient Japan and is often described as functional embroidery. This mending technique employs beautiful geometric stitching patterns to repair clothing, striking a delicate balance between functionality and art. Get started on your mending practice today and learn how to extend the life of your most loved pieces. Register here.

Zero Waste Cafe: Sustainable Fashion Edition w special guest panelists
Tuesday October 20 6pm
Register here

Material Sustainability & Innovation
Wednesday, October 21, 10:00 AM 1:45 PM
Three-part Fashion Takes Action webinar.  Choose from:

Decarbonizing the Fashion Industry
Through the lens of SDG 13 (Climate Action) this panel will explore the carbon footprint of fashion’s raw materials and efforts being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through more efficient production methods, the use of renewable energy and embracing new technologies.

Driving Change through Sustainable Sourcing
The fabric you source plays a massive role in your company’s commitment to sustainability. This presentation will demonstrate the environmental benefits of sustainable fabrics, and what new and innovative materials are being introduced to the fashion industry.

Fabrics of the Future
Be it reducing the chemicals and water used in manufacturing processes, increasing the use of recycled or biomaterials, or shifting towards vegan alternatives of animal fibres – the industry is changing its approach to materials as part of a wider drive towards becoming more sustainable. This session will give an overview of Fashion for Good as well as explore some of the disruptive material innovators that are part of their ecosystem.

Virtual Butt Blitz campaign for October
Butt Blitz is a series of litter cleanups aimed at cleaning up and raising awareness about cigarette waste. This year's Butt Blitz will be virtual, with a small group of volunteers from across the province doing independent litter cleanups in their areas and contributing their data to A Greener Future's database.Each volunteer will pick up 10,000 cigarette butts, which they will send to Terra Cycle to be recycled. The overall goal is to pick up 150,000 butts by the end of the month.

Take the HallowGreen Challenge!
PlasticFreeToronto describes a way to reduce your waste this fall Fall is our favourite time of year, but it’s feeling a little spookier this year. We know:
  • the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible in the next 5-10 years
  • more than 1 million species are at risk of extinction due to human activity
  • climate change disproportionately impacts Indigenous, Black, impoverished, and otherwise oppressed communities
  • leaders still aren’t taking climate actions seriously
One of the best ways to tackle the eco-friendly anxiety that is dogging all our footsteps this year is to take action! Which is why Plastic Free Toronto along with 50+ environmental organizations are taking part in Random Acts of Green's 5th HallowGreen Challenge. While we know individual action isn’t going to solve the systemic issues that got us into this mess, creating cultural change, building community, and having fun are still super important!

To participate, simply cross off as many tombstones as possible throughout October and tag @plasticfreeto and @randomactsofgreen. You can also send in a photo/video of yourselves doing one of the challenges. Together, the politico-zombies don’t stand a chance!  

Canada needs to put in place a regulatory framework that moves the country towards a circular economy
Prioritize reduction, reuse, repair, and redesign, and relegate recycling to where it belongs: a last resort.  Read the statement from Environmental Defence’s Plastics Program Manager Ashley Wallis on the federal government’s proposed management approach to plastic pollution.

Ontario proposes mandating that municipalities allow coffee pods in organics bins
They’re not compostable, they jam equipment (costing taxpayers money) and they degrade the quality of compost produced. Learn more in this statement by Environmental Defence. The public comment period is open until November 14, 2020, however if you wait for the next posts to come out from Toronto Environmental Alliance and Environmental Defence, they’ll contain tips to add to your input, and potentially links to their petitions.

More Zero Waste Events
For more zero waste related news and events taking place across Toronto check out Zero Waste Hub Toronto on Facebook and Twitter!

Urban Agriculture Events, News and Resources

Waste Reduction Week Webinars
The Wonder of Worms
Thursday, October 22, 6.30pm
Start a worm bin in the Fall to have 'black gold' ready for Spring planting. Composting is one way to mitigate climate change. Keep organic matter out of the landfill, convert it into nutrient rich soil to grow more delicious, nutritious food.

Composting Made Easy
Friday, October 23, 10.30am
Join us to discuss fall prep for your compost bin as well as a few tips to keep your backyard bin happy during the winter. The benefits of backyard composting are wide spread – it helps our gardens grow and most importantly it reduces our impact on the environment! Please note that registration is limited and will close 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop.

Learn how to turn food scraps into delicious eats and reduce food waste!
Fri, October 23, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM        
Celebrate Waste Reduction Week! Learn about the issues surrounding food waste and easy tips on how to combat it. Watch as Elizabeth Teo, @zerowastecutie, Waste Educator and Influencer takes you through a cooking demonstration on how to make delicious pakoras (fritters) using vegetable scraps to share with friends and family! Join the conversation and learn how you can take action on reducing your food waste.

Just Eat It free documentary film screening
Friday, October 23
The documentary film "Just Eat It" follows a Vancouver couple as they decide to eat only rescued food for six months. What they find is shocking: truckloads of perfectly edible food destined for the landfill. Available to view any time

Miijim: Food as Relations seminar series
Miijim: Food as Relations is a series of conversations presenting Indigenous, Black and People of Colour food scholars, growers, artists and advocates who will gather virtually across Canada. The series will discuss the interconnections between art, earthwork, cultivation and harvesting experiences that decenter colonial frameworks, while thinking through labour and power relations related to food justice in urban and rural communities. Register for individual events here.

Black and Indigenous Foods in Relation
Tuesday, October 20, 3.30pm
This conversation opens up the decades of work by Cree scholar Dr. Priscilla Settee in Indigenous Food Sovereignty with Leticia Ama Deawuo’s work at Black Creek Community Farm and her personal research on food history connecting with her grandmother and African Indigenous foods. The speakers will discuss the intersections of climate change and food injustice and its effects on Black and Indigenous people, while sharing the strengths of working in solidarity across communities.

Learning from Manoomin (Wild Rice)
Tuesday, October 27, 2.30pm
Bringing together James Whetung from Curve Lake First Nation and Jana-Rae Yerxa from Couchiching First Nation to discuss manoomin cultivation and harvesting in relation to Anishinaabe food systems, governance and the reclamation of land and waters.

Second Harvest Webinar series
Cooking One-Pot Balanced Meals
Wednesday, October 21, 2.30pm
This webinar will cover how to make quick meals to feed larger groups or families, use the equipment you have on hand, and incorporate more plant based proteins into your meals to save time and effort!

Tackling Food Waste from Field to Fork
Friday, October 23, 2.30pm
Join us on Zoom to hear the findings from our year-long Food Waste Reduction Project tackling food waste across the food chain. As part of the session, we will also welcome 4 experts from across the food supply chain who have implemented innovative ways to reduce food waste in their businesses.

3 Keys to Plant Based Eating

Wednesday, October 28, 2.30pm
For environmental, health, or ethical reasons, plant-based eating can be advantageous. During this webinar we will discuss key nutrients in plant-based diets and where to find them.

Food For Thought Film Club: Migrant Dreams, Then and Now
Sunday, October 25, 4pm
free screening and discussion by Toronto Youth Food Policy Council
Watch film here.  Register for discussion here.

More than half of Canadians were growing their own food at home this year, study shows

Food Resources
Call for Donations

Can you donate to the Fort York Food Bank?
As COVID-19 changed health and safety guidelines, the Fort York Food Bank pivoted to prepare hundreds of hampers that combine non-perishable foods and fresh produce. The Fort York Food Bank now needs you. Unfortunately, their food donations have decreased significantly in the past little while. You can donate cash  or find a list of food items to drop off here

Call for donations for sleeping bags via the Encampment Support Network
There are 1,000+ people sleeping rough in Toronto
Email ESN at to donate. Follow ESN on instagram and twitter.

Toronto Public Health guidance on donations of food and non food items (PDF)

Active Transportation News and Resources

Sport and Transport: Growing a Culture of Advocacy
Friday, October 30, 12-1PM
This summer in Toronto, ActiveTO balanced promoting riding a bike for transportation (Cycling Network Plan acceleration) and recreation (weekend major roads closed to cars and open to walking, rolling and riding). Where do we go from here? Join Councillor Brad Bradford, race promoter and announcer Steve Fleck, our Interim Executive Director Michael Longfield, and more for a panel discussion on the growing bike boom and what role sport can play to encourage more people to ride a bike while ensuring active transportation remains a political priority. Register here

Ontario Active School Travel funding available until November 20
The Ontario Active School Travel Fund (OAST) looks to increase active school travel opportunities for elementary students in Ontario. The goal is to have more students walking, cycling, scooting and skateboarding to school. Support is available to expand and strengthen existing AST initiatives, or to help get initiatives underway in new communities. Information about the fund, how to apply, and resources to assist with your application can be found here. The deadline to apply is November 20th.

Lane Change: Safer Cycling Infrastructure in Toronto
City Building Ryerson recently undertook a study that applies a public health lens to estimate the injury impacts of various cycling infrastructure designs along Toronto's Bloor-Danforth corridor called Lane Change: Safer cycling infrastructure in Toronto. Led by a team of epidemiologists at Ryerson University, the study quantifies the injuries and fatalities that could be prevented by fully separated cycle tracks along Bloor-Danforth, and offers insights to inform the City’s ActiveTO program and further cycling network expansion. Read the full report and  visit their website for more information and to download the technical appendices. In brief, the results concluded that these lanes save lives.

Women's Cycling Network: Bike Donations
Recently, our community showed its support for active forms of transportation in our city. This was done by supporting the work of the Women’s Cycling Network -  where close-by communities working with Cycle Don Valley Midtown and Gateway Bicycle Hub, of Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park, came together to donate over 70 bikes to the Network! Women’s Cycling Network is now looking for donations of city bikes and hybrid bikes for those 5’3” and under. If you are able to donate a bike, please send an email to:

Green 11 Volunteer Opportunity

Green 11 is seeking a friendly, energetic, creative and detail-oriented Social Media Moderator and Content Creator

Volunteer Position Description:
This role includes the creation of timely and appropriate content for Green 11’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Social Media Moderator and Content Creator will also analyze, review and report on the effectiveness of Green 11’s posts and pages.

Volunteer Tasks:
●    Update the Green 11 Facebook page and Facebook group, including creating the rules to be followed by its members.
●    Create content and moderate the comments from the Green 11 Facebook page and Facebook group.
●    Publish, share and/or re-tweet green-related posts or events organized by Green 11.
●    Post relevant green articles and news on Green 11 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram (coming soon).
●    Analyze and report on the effectiveness of the posts.
●    Time commitment of 2-4 hours per week.
Preferred Skills
●    Experience as a content creator and moderator
●    Expertise in a variety of social media platforms
●    Strong written and verbal communications skills in English; other language skills are also an asset
●    Solid interpersonal and teamwork skills.
●    Understanding of social media metrics; able to interpret results and take action to increase effectiveness of posts.
●    Knowledge about environmental issues.
●    Preference is for a 6 – 12 month commitment, possibly longer

Orientation and ongoing support will be provided to the Social Media Moderator and Content Creator by Green 11 members throughout the entire duration of volunteer work. The Communications Support Volunteer is an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys engaging with social media platforms and is interested in learning more, keeping informed, and spreading the word about green events, activities and initiatives happening in Ward 11 and the City of Toronto. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer position.

Are there green news or resources you'd like to see included in the Green 11 newsletters?  Send your items and ideas to
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