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Dear Green Neighbours
We will be taking a bit of a summer break from the full newsletter, but will continue to send out timely calls to action as they arise. Our next Green 11 public meeting will be in September - watch for further information re: date and time.

Enjoy a safe and healthy summer!

Green 11 is a volunteer driven community group. If there is a green initiative that you are interested in starting and recruiting volunteers for, please get in touch with us and we will see how we can support you. If you are wondering if people in Ward 11 are working on a particular green project, get in touch with us and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Calls to Action

Ask the City of Toronto to Endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
Temperatures in parts of Canada are breaking records; wildfires in Western Canada are out of control, and Arctic ground temperatures have reached unheard of levels with melting polar ice and permafrost.  These are all indicators of a climate that is quickly reaching dangerous tipping points. And it’s not just here in Canada; severe impacts are being felt all over the globe!  As usual, it is those living in poverty and in conditions that make them most vulnerable who will suffer first and most from the climate crisis.

Yet our government still continues to act as though there is no Emergency, despite having declared one in 2019. Canada continues to prop up the fossil fuel industry by at least $23 billion in subsidies since 2018; (including $10 billion during the global pandemic).

The good news:  It is possible to keep global warming below the 1.5 degree threshold to avoid catastrophic climate change, but to do so, the International Energy Agency advises that there must be no more new fossil fuel projects (mainly oil, gas and coal) and an immediate phase-out is needed with a massive ramp-up of renewables.  In the recent “Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy”, the University of Technology in Sydney reported that the world  has more than enough renewable energy to transition away from fossil fuels while expanding energy for all.  It just requires political will.

This is the time for bold action - Toronto can endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty The science is clear!  It will take all of us to confront this threat, and we are in the final decade when it is possible to turn the ship around, but we must act now!  The scale of the crisis requires cooperation of all nations pulling together to reduce global emissions.  The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is a global call for an international treaty to:
  • halt further expansion and production of fossil fuels;
  • phase out existing stockpiles;
  • and work towards a just and equitable transition to safer, sustainable energy sources.
A motion will be presented next week to Toronto City Council when they meet July 14th and 15th to endorse the Treaty and to request that Canada negotiate an international Treaty based on the Treaty’s main principles (as above).

Today, you can do one (or all) of the following:
What you do today can make a difference.  Let’s tell our politicians that we want action to ensure a healthy and livable planet for ourselves, our children and grandchildren!


Have your say: Re-imagining the City’s Golf Courses

Golf Operational Review: Public Survey
The City of Toronto is reviewing its five golf course locations to better understand how to maximize golf and non-golf experiences.
Existing golf course operations contracts will be expiring and have been extended through 2022 (with an optional extension to 2023) to allow time for staff to develop and recommend a comprehensive sourcing strategy for golf operations. The review was also initiated at a time when City-operated locations were experiencing a number of challenging trends in a shifting industry landscape. A review of the existing model is necessary to ensure long-term financial sustainability, improved customer service, and a more positive user experience for people accessing the golf courses.

Whether you play golf or not, take the short survey to share your thoughts. The survey is open until July 12. TEA created a short list of possible things you can include in your comments. Read their blog with tips here.

Public Spaces for Public Use: Re-imagining the City’s Golf Courses
Monday, July 12, 12 p.m.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our urgent need for more green space and access to local food to address disparities. This is critical for our collective health and well-being. Because of public pressure, the City is currently reviewing the use of five City-operated golf courses. The online consultation is wrapping up next week.  This is our opportunity to shape what our public spaces are and to ensure they serve all communities.

There’s pressure to keep golf courses as they are but we know more is possible. Join Progress Toronto for a conversation about re-imagining the future of our city’s golf courses and how public golf courses can better serve communities.  Register here.

Improve Toronto Stormwater Charges and Fight Flooding
Recently, Toronto has been hit with heavy rainfall and flooding across the city. This is a reminder of how urgent it is that we act on climate change, extreme weather and flooding and increase our collective climate resilience.

On July 14-15 Council will have a chance to support a critical tool to help reduce flooding and make polluters pay for the stormwater they produce. Contact the Mayor and your local Councillor today and urge them to support a fair stormwater charge.
  • Read about the dangers of excess runoff and flooding here.
  • Read why the changes to storm-water charges are critical to Toronto's flooding strategy here.
  • Read TEA’s submission to council here.
  • Then contact the Mayor, the Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee, and your local Councillor to ask that they support a fair stormwater charge. You can use TEA's form letter here.
PollinateTO Survey
The City of Toronto wants to expand PollinateTO grants to include more types of gardens and greening projects. PollinateTO currently funds pollinator habitat creation projects, such as pollinator gardens and rain gardens. These projects support pollinators and help to educate and engage the community.

Complete the survey for your chance to win great prizes! Survey closes on July 19.

TransformTO: Getting TO Net Zero - Survey
The City of Toronto is currently seeking input on actions under consideration for the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy, which is being developed in response to the climate emergency declaration made by Toronto City Council in October 2019. The declaration set a new community-wide target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, or sooner. The TransformTO Net Zero Strategy will be presented to Council in fall 2021.   

The development of the draft net zero actions were informed by previous consultations between 2016 and 2020.  The City is now asking for input to prioritize the short-term actions that will help to meet our 2030 emissions reduction target - a key milestone on the path to net zero.

There are several ways to provide feedback:
  • Complete an online survey
  • Host a virtual discussion in your community using the Discussion Guide and provide a summary of your group’s input
  • Add or comment on ideas on the TransformTO Getting TO Net Zero Idea Board
More information and resources are available here. The public comment period closes on July 26.

Green News and Resources

Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act passes
Bill C-12 (the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act) received significant amendments in committee. The law was adopted this week by Parliament and received Royal Assent, setting in place a long-overdue climate governance framework that Canada can build on. Read more here

Net Zero Existing Building Strategy passes IEC
Another landmark win on green building policy for Toronto this week. The City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee adopted the Net Zero Existing Building Strategy to future-proof the City, reduce carbon, create resilience, as well as boost jobs and health. The strategy will be considered by City Council on July 14th.

Active Transportation / Public Transit

CycleTO University-Rosedale July meeting
Tuesday, July 13 at 6:30 p.m. in St. Albans Square
CycleTO University-Rosedale is a volunteer group focusing on cycling issues in Ward 11. They work to make cycling more accessible, safe and equitable. They are inspired to share the joy in cycling and are motivated by its practicality as a low-cost and low-carbon mode of transportation. They're meeting in person on July 13 at 6:30 p.m. in St. Albans Square. If the weather is inclement, they will shift online to Google Meet.

Zero Waste Events, News and Resources

Roncy Reduces invites you to a Cook Along with Zero Waste Chef Anne-Marie Bonneau!
Monday, July 19, 5:30 pm

Gather on Zoom, cook together - in your own kitchen - a delicious, zero waste Monday night dinner and chat about zero waste in the kitchen, as well as about eating locally, water and how the mega drought in California (Zero Waste Chef’s home) has a connection to Toronto. Hands-on (you will have a meal to eat after!), casual (no power point presentation but still great brain food) and fun!

Free or by donation (donations will go towards our Reusable Bag Project). Get your ticket here

Zero Waste News and Events
For zero waste related news and events taking place across Toronto check out Zero Waste Hub Toronto on Twitter and Facebook !

Urban Agriculture Events, News and Resources

Food Resources
Annual Guide to Organics: Farmgate sales, Pick Your Own (PYO), Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s), and more: partial list
Community Fridges TO
Farmers Markets Ontario
Grow Food Toronto
Get GrowingToronto

Greenbelt Fresh
Not Far From the Tree (volunteer picks and harvest share from participants’ fruit bearing trees)
Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC)
Toronto Little Free Pantries Project

Toronto Seed Exchange  
Toronto Seedy Saturday (webinar recordings, list of seed vendors, and more!)
Toronto Urban Growers (central events listing, news, resources, and more!)
Toronto Youth Food Policy Council (TYFPC)
City resources: Food banks, meal programs, meal delivery, and more

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