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Dear Green Neighbours

As farmers' markets and ActiveTO get into full swing, major polluters are starting to be held to account by shareholders. Read on to find out how to keep up the pressure for climate action as well as for right to repair.  And don't miss our local NetZero household financial incentive webinar from Harbord Village!

Green 11 is a volunteer driven community group. If there is a green initiative that you are interested in starting and recruiting volunteers for, please get in touch with us and we will see how we can support you. If you are wondering if people in Ward 11 are working on a particular green project, get in touch with us and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Green 11 Monthly Meeting
Monday, June 28, 7-9 p.m.
Please join us at our next meeting, Monday, June 28, 7-9 p.m.  Contact Paul Overy at to receive log in info for the meeting and to suggest any items for the agenda.

Calls to Action

Climate emergency! Weak climate change act being steamrolled through Parliament
Bill C-12 is currently being rammed through the Environment Committee.  Help push the Environment Committee to strengthen  Bill C-12 today. (The environment Committee meets on Monday afternoon for “clause by clause” review of C-12.).  Time4Action is asking people to contact members of the Environment Committee and request that they strengthen the bill in specific ways:
  •    The first “milestone year” for accountability needs to be 2025, not 2030.
  •     Fix the advisory board to be an independent science-based group, not a multi-stakeholder committee, that is neither independent, nor expert.
  •     Base targets on carbon budgets —the climate laws that work base their five-year targets on carbon budgets.
  •     Include specific engagement requirements for Indigenous peoples.
  •     Create some real accountability in requiring the government to meet the targets.
  •     Embed the 1.5 C goal in the purpose of the act.
  •     Base the bill on successful bills around the world Canada, in particular the UK and New Zealand.

Please take a few minutes and call, email (or both) the Environment Committee members this weekend or Monday morning, as well as Justin Trudeau, Jonanthan Wilkinson and Jagmeet Singh.  You can read more here.

G7 Leaders: Stop Pushing All Fossil Fuels & Invest in the Clean Energy Transition
Ahead of the upcoming G7 Summit (June, 11-13 , 2021), civil society groups are coming together to pressure G7 countries to end fossil fuel expansion and support for fossil fuels at home and abroad. Their letter to G7 leaders highlights that:
  • We can't afford more fossil fuels
  • They need to stop fossil fuel finance
  • That gas is dirty, expensive and unnecessary for development, and
  • That a just recovery must alleviate debt burdens
This letter to leaders of G7 countries — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States — is open to signing by organisations of all sizes and types. Please consider having your group sign this letter.  Sign-ons are due by the end of MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2021.

No New Fighter Jets - Invest in a Just Recovery and a Green New Deal!
The Canadian government has launched a competition for 88 new fighter jets, for a starting price of $19 billion (and a cost of at least $77 billion over the lifespan of the jets). This fighter jet procurement is the second most expensive procurement in Canadian history. Right now we have a rare and critical opportunity to stop this purchase of the next generation of war machines before this contract gets signed, likely in early 2022.

You can learn more and join the World Without War campaign here. You can demand that the Canadian federal government cancel the competition for 88 new fighter jets and instead invest in a just recovery and a green new deal by sending a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister of National Defence Sajjan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Champagne, and all Members of Parliament here or sign the petition to the House of Commons here. The petition is open for signatures until June 18th, 2021.

Support the right to repair in Canada!
For years, major companies have used outdated copyright laws to make electronics repair nearly impossible, and it's not only bad for the wallet, it's also very bad for the planet. Electronic waste is now the fastest growing type of waste in the world. Since February, the federal government has been considering updating a bill that could help fix the problem.  The purpose of this bill is to modernize the Copyright Act to prohibit so-called technological protection measures, or "digital locks", imposed by manufacturers to block or limit repair options.This Act hasn’t been amended since 1993 and since then the digital world has exploded. The European Union and a number of American states are actively working to restore the right to repair. It is time for Canada to update its legislation to protect Canadians' right to repair and to fight against planned obsolescence. Consider signing this Greenpeace petition

Is Your Pension Part of the Problem, or Part of the Solution?
Canada’s top ten pension funds alone manage nearly $1.8 trillion. How these funds invest your retirement dollars is a major factor in how quickly we can transition to a low-carbon economy while growing your pension in a warming world. If you want your pension fund to protect your retirement savings and tackle the climate crisis, join the Shift Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health by writing a letter to your fund managers here.

Support the Land Back movement
June is National Indigenous History Month. The David Suzuki Foundation has produced a new video series on land governance in Canada, past, present and future. If you want to do more to support the Land Back movement, consider sharing the above videos with your friends. You can also send an email in support of Indigenous governance to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford.

Action on Plastic Pollution
On May 12, the federal government listed plastic as “toxic” under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). This listing is a crucial first step in Canada’s fight against plastic pollution. But now members of the plastics and petrochemical industry are suing the federal government in an attempt to stop Canada from tackling the plastic pollution crisis. You can urge the federal government to defend its action on plastic and move forward with regulations to end Canada’s plastic pollution problem. See Environmental Defense’s form letter here.

 Green Online Events and Webinars

Massey Is Missing COP26 - Trade and Climate Change: Competition or in Conflict?
Monday, May 31st, 12 - 1 p.m.
Join Experts, Ambassador to the WTO, Stephen De Boer, Catherine Abreu, and Celine Bak as they explore whether the WTO-based trade regime and Paris framework for addressing  climate change, pursue competing objectives, or are compatible in a way that promotes environmental stewardship and sustainable economic growth. Moderated by Jonathan T. Fried. Q & A to follow. Watch the Youtube Livestream here.

Canada Africa Partnership Ride in support of the Africa Climate Action Initiative
June 1st – June 6th
The Canada Africa Partnership Ride is an annual bike-a-thon where Canadians rally together to raise funds for community-led impact in African communities.
Join riders from across Canada for the 2021 Virtual CAP Ride (June 1-6) as they ride in support of strong communities where health, education and livelihoods thrive in a sustainable environment.

The Africa Climate Action Initiative seeks to promote and accelerate climate change mitigation and adaptation activities that support human security in Africa, the continent most vulnerable to climate change. Learn more, donate, join the ride as an individual or join one of the participating teams here.

Financial incentives for pursuing NetZero - Webinar
Tuesday, June 1st,  7 p.m.
Want to help fight climate change — and save money, too? Join Harbord Village Residents’ Association’s free webinar! Many financial incentives are now available to help pay the up-front costs of a home renovation or a new electric vehicle — and HVRA's NetZero Committee wants to help you decide what will work best for you.  In this free one-hour webinar, Ariana Foyle, an expert from the city’s BetterHomesTO program, will cover:

•    How to access government rebates, grants and loans for home improvements
•    Subsidies available for purchasing electric vehicles (new and used)
•    Q&A to address the specific concerns of audience members

Register here

The Green Sessions: Day of Learning
Wednesday, June 2, 12-6:30 p.m.
Canada’s performing arts community is invited to a free online gathering of some of Canada's most knowledgeable and inspiring climate leaders, activists and educators. The Green Session: A Day of Learning is designed to give the tools needed to sound the alarm on the climate emergency in the most effective, impactful way. Find out where we stand on climate action in Canada, where we need to go, and how fast we need to get there. Register here.


Our Health on Thin Ice: Panel Discussions on Climate Change & Health
Wednesday, June 2, 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Explore multidisciplinary perspectives on the interactions between climate change and health, as well as future directions for climate change in Canada. Register here.

People’s AGM on RBC’s True Impact
 Wednesday, June 2nd, 7pm
The inaugural People’s AGM on RBC’s True Impact, hosted by Leadnow, Banking on a Better Future, Greenpeace,, and North99. RBC and other banks have huge investments in the fossil fuel industry. Learn how you can hold RBC accountable for climate action. Sign up here.

Food+Land+Climate – Groundwork for Change
Five Part Series Beginning June 7th, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Hosted by ClimateFast and Drawdown Toronto
Food systems have a huge impact on climate and climate has a huge influence on food. Research has shown that the global food system produces almost a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This five part series on the food system - from the politics, justice, sovereignty, access, and climate - is in preparation for the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit this September. More information on this series and registration here

Public Funding for Fossil Fuels: From Part of the Problem to Part of the Solution
Tuesday,  June 8, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Organized by The Group of 78 and Climate Legacy
In this webcast speakers, Vanessa Corkal and Mitchell Beer will be discussing the nature and extent of funding from governments in Canada (federal and provincial) for fossil fuel production. Funding comes in different guises—including direct financing, loan insurance, subsidies and tax breaks. Their contention is that these various sources of financing should be identified and phased out as quickly as possible and reallocated to green technology and renewable energy. Register here

Oceans Trivia Night
Tuesday, June 8, 8:00-9:00 p.m.
Did you know that all the Great Lakes flow into the Atlantic Ocean?Join A Greener Future for Ocean Trivia Night on June 8th to  celebrate World Oceans Day. Register here

Kitchen Table Climate Conversations
Sunday, June 13th, 3 p.m.
KTCC Monthly Support Meeting #2 is coming up. If you've been to a KTCC training before, please RSVP to and send any questions or ideas you would like to discuss at the meeting by June 10th.
If you've never attended a KTCC training before, check out the website, the Facebook group,  or the ClimateFast Action Youtube channel. Then drop them a line at if you are interested in attending.

Campaign for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
Tuesday, June 15, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Join the movement for a fossil fuel free future! Learn about the global campaign for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and about the campaign for Toronto to endorse the Treaty. Organized by ClimateFast and other member groups in the Toronto Climate action community. Register here.

TEA-rivia: An online trivia fundraiser in support of the Toronto Environmental Alliance
Tuesday, June 15th at 7:00 pm
On June 15th, the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) will host its inaugural virtual trivia fundraiser! All proceeds will support TEA's work building a green, healthy and equitable city. This lively two-hour online event will include multiple rounds of Toronto-themed trivia, and will bring together people who are passionate about environmental action and creating a greener city for all. Register here.

TRCA Offers Free Online Spring Activities Find out more at:

Green News and Resources

Ford government's sweeping Bill 197 heads to court
The Ford government passed omnibus Bill 197 last July without public consultation, rewriting environmental assessment regulations, despite a warning from Ontario’s auditor general that doing so could be “not compliant” with the law. Three lawsuits, launched by a group of First Nations and two separate coalitions of environmentalists last summer, were heard earlier this month.

C40 Cities on a Green and Just Recovery: New research by the C40 Global Mayors COVID-19
The Recovery Task Force shows a green and just recovery could deliver transformative economic, health and emission reduction benefits across the world’s 100 leading cities. Watch the 2-minute video and read the statement from the C40 Global Mayors Covid-19 Recovery Task Force.

Pollution is Colonialism
In this 2-part episode of Media Indigena – Indigenous Current Affairs, the panel discusses Pollution is Colonialism, the straight-to-the-point title of a new book by Max Liboiron, Assistant Professor of Geography and Associate Vice-President of Indigenous Research at Memorial University, as well as the Director of CLEAR, or Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research. Among the book's core arguments: that any effort looking to resist environmental harms must trace them back to their ultimate source—the violence of colonial land relations. A violence, the author argues, even well-intentioned environmental science and activism can reproduce. In this first of two episodes featuring the author, we discuss how the world became awash in plastics, with part two dedicated to how we might better grasp and grapple with the larger forces producing this toxic legacy.

Richest nations agree to end support for coal production overseas
G7 countries reaffirm commitment to limit global heating to 1.5C after nearly two days of wrangling

Shell forced to slash global emissions after landmark court ruling
Activist groups hail ‘historic win’ as Dutch court orders multinational fossil fuel company to cut CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030

Why the IEA's stand on fossil fuels is a game-changer
The most influential energy policy agency in the world just took a position that was dismissed as extremist only a few years ago. On May 18, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report on how the world can get to “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. That is what scientists say is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and is the target adopted by governments (including Canada) representing 70 per cent of the world’s economy and emissions.

Scott Helman’s Evergreen Mural adds hope, beauty and activism to Seaton Village laneway
Watch this video about the Karma Co-op sponsored project

Zero Waste News and Resources

Repair Café Toronto news and resources
Repair Café Toronto has updated the display of amazing videos on its website. They offer a rich collection of their stories since 2013, awesome repair tips and ever-needed inspiration. Be sure to check out recently recorded workshops hosted online by the Scarborough Repair and Bike Café. Featured are RCT’s fixers on: computer care; smartphone repair; sewing machine maintenance; clothing repair; and troubleshooting of small electrical appliances and home electronics.

More Zero Waste News and Events
For more zero waste related news and events taking place across Toronto check out Zero Waste Hub Toronto on Twitter and Facebook !

Urban Agriculture Events, News and Resources

Indigenous agriculture and nature: Cultivating relationships between people and plants
Monday, May 31, 7-8 p.m.
Explore Indigenous teachings and learn about the importance of cultivating relationships between people and plants. Carolynne Crawley from Miinikaan Innovation and Design will share Indigenous teachings and learnings about food, medicines and habitats. Discover Indigenous garden design techniques that will not only make your garden beautiful and bountiful but also help improve the local ecology in your area. Register here

Bloor-Borden Market opening June 2
Starting this week the market is back every Wednesday 3-7 pm, rain or shine, until October 20th. You can find vendors as usual just south of Bloor St. in the Green P lot.  COVID protocols will be in effect for the safety and comfort of all. The market is back to its usual full size so expect to see all your favourite vendors + some new ones. If you'd rather (or also) have your produce delivered right to your door, you can still sign up for CSA boxes from Willo'Wind Farm and Fiddlehead Farm.  To stay in the loop and/or inquire about volunteering, visit their website and keep an eye on their page on Facebook. 

The Stop’s Farmers’ Market has reopened
Artscape Wychwood Barns
Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

More info here.

Five Ways to Support Queen Bumble Bees this Spring
And into fall...

Farming Our Way out of the Climate Crisis
Agriculture and land use, as well as the larger global food system, are among the biggest contributors to climate change. “Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis” details and quantifies the planet-healing potential of land use, agricultural practices, and food systems. Get this important new publication from Project Drawdown to learn more.

Food Resources
Annual Guide to Organics: Farmgate sales, Pick Your Own (PYO), Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s), and more: partial list
Community Fridges TO
Farmers Markets Ontario
Grow Food Toronto
Get GrowingToronto

Greenbelt Fresh
Not Far From the Tree (volunteer picks and harvest share from participants’ fruit bearing trees)
Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC)
Toronto Little Free Pantries Project

Toronto Seed Exchange  
Toronto Seedy Saturday (webinar recordings, list of seed vendors, and more!)
Toronto Urban Growers (central events listing, news, resources, and more!)
Toronto Youth Food Policy Council (TYFPC)
City resources: Food banks, meal programs, meal delivery, and more

Active Transportation / Public Transit

June is Bike Month!
Kicking off with Ride a Bike Day on May 31, Bike Month 2021 is back and will be packed with cycling fun… and prizes!
Ride your bike, get entered to win     
Riding your bike all month long can make you hungry and get you craving that next bike shop purchase. That’s why we’re giving away 40 meals on Ritual and 20 gift cards to local bike shops. Starting May 31, play bingo and log your rides for your chance to win. Every trip logged on the Bike Month kilometre and every activity complete on the Bike Bingo card increases your chances of winning!

Ride a Bike Day - Monday, May 31
Start off Bike Month right by taking a few minutes (or hours) to ride a bike. Enjoy the freedom of pedal power by hitting the trails, heading down to the park, going to get some groceries, or riding with your family. Share stories and use #RideABikeDay to connect online with people out riding a bike. Don't forget to tag @BikeMonth on Twitter and @BikeMonthPics on Instagram!

Ride the Allen ActiveTO - Saturday, June 5
The first weekend of Bike Month is going to see an ActiveTO road opening coming to Allen Road. Your voices, the Keep ActiveTO petition, our work and that of other organizations helped bring this expansion of the program out of the core. Take this opportunity to get active on the Allen!

Find more events and activities on the Cycle Toronto Bike Month Calendar

New ActiveTO Bayview multi-use trail is now open for use until April 2022
The ActiveTO Bayview multi-use trail along Bayview Avenue, between Mill Street and Rosedale Valley Road is now available to people walking and riding their bikes and will stay in place every day until April 2022, including weekends. For the duration of the project, Bayview Avenue, between River Street and Lawren Harris Square, and between Front Street East and Mill Street, has been converted to one-way southbound only for vehicles.  Read more here

CycleTO - University Rosedale Ward Group Meeting
Tuesday,  June 1, 6:30 p.m.
CycleTO University-Rosedale is a volunteer group focusing on cycling issues in Ward 11. We work to make cycling more accessible, safe and equitable. We are inspired to share the joy we find in cycling and are motivated by its practicality as a low-cost and low-carbon mode of transportation. If you feel connected to this issue, we'd love to meet you. We meet monthly - join our next meeting or get in touch by email.

Meet Bikechain
U of T’s Bikechain is an on-campus educational bicycle repair space that offers services such as:
  • Free bicycle rentals for students
  • A do-it-yourself shop where you can learn to fix your own bicycle with the aid of experienced mechanics
  • Monthly workshops on bicycle safety and maintenance
  • Leadership, employment and volunteer opportunities for students
Learn more here

Keep TTC Fares Fair
Paying more to ride the subway? It wouldn’t be fair, but it’s something that the TTC is surveying transit users about right now. The TTC is also asking people if they support getting rid of existing age-based discounts. Take the TTC’s online survey by June 2 and tell them to keep existing discounts and a flat fare for Toronto riders.  TTC Riders have created a guide to explain the questions and suggest answers that will be fair for riders.

Demand a National Intercity Public Transit Service
Greyhound announced that it's cancelling its services permanently, leaving Canadians across the country without intercity bus services and more than 300 transit workers without jobs. Rural and Indigenous communities in Canada have been and are chronically underserviced by public transit, creating transit deserts in which individuals without a car are unable to travel to neighbouring communities for work, medical appointments, or leisure. Write to the Federal Transport Minister, Prime Minister and Members of the Parliamentary Transportation Committee to say that we need a public, nationalized intercity bus service. Sample letter here.

Calls for Donations and Volunteers

Love Your Lake 2021
May 15th - June 30th
A Greener Future is recruiting volunteers from lakefront communities to take part in a Community Science project, with the goal of picking up 100,000 pieces of litter from the shores of Lake Ontario! Due to the Ontario stay-at-home order and COVID-19 restrictions, the program has been adapted to keep everyone safe while cleaning up the Lake. Instead of running public cleanups, our volunteers will carry out independent shoreline cleanups between May 15th and June 30th, collecting data on all of the litter they find.

Where: Lake Ontario shoreline parks and beaches
Commitment: Minimum 1 cleanup + training
Goal: 100,000 pieces of litter picked up

Learn more about how they are running the program and to register as a volunteer.

Grants & Opportunities

InTO the Ravines Grants
Let your imagination run wild with the InTO the Ravines $1000 grants! Park People, in partnership with the City of Toronto, has launched the InTO the Ravines Grants program. These grants will support grassroots community groups to host two simple environmentally-focused events either in person or online, between July 14 and November 14, 2021. Learn more and apply here Applications are due June 6, 2021.

Environmentalist in Residence (EnvIR) Posting for 2021
The Environmentalist in Residence (EnvIR) program will take place for 2021 as part of the Toronto Public Library (TPL)’s Our Fragile Planet (OFP) program series. This is the 4th year that TPL is hosting the EnvIR, and will be TPL’s 5th EnvIR! The duration is for 10-weeks from July 26 to October 1, 2021. The EnvIR supports OFP programming and serves as an industry expert in the area of conservation, sustainability, food sovereignty, intersectional environmentalism or environmental justice. Programs and activities will be virtual or modified in-person, depending on Toronto Public Health safety guidelines.  Info here. See also information about past EnvIRs here.The deadline to apply is Monday June 7, 2021.

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