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Dear Green Neighbours

Toronto's 2020 EcoFair is wrapping up this weekend - last chance to catch some great films and ideas on the Eco Economy, plus fun online activities try out the self-directed EcoTours, including Annex-based ones!

Green 11 is a volunteer driven community group. If there is a green initiative that you are interested in starting and recruiting volunteers for, please get in touch with us and we will see how we can support you. If you are wondering if people in Ward 11 are working on a particular green project, get in touch with us and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Green 11 Monthly Meeting
Sunday, November 22,  4-6  pm

Please join us at our next meeting,Sunday, November 22, 4-6  pm.  The meeting will be hosted on Zoom.  In order to keep the meeting secure, we ask that you contact Paul Overy at to receive log in info for the meeting and to suggest any items for the agenda.

Calls to Action

Urge the Government of Ontario to respect and uphold protections for Provincially Significant Wetlands and to stop its misuse of Minister’s Zoning Orders     
The government is allowing development in Provincially Significant Wetlands.The first sign of trouble was a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) to demolish three PSWs on agriculturally zoned land in Vaughan so that a Walmart distribution facility could be constructed. The second was a decision to destroy a large coastal PSW in the City of Pickering to make room for a warehousing facility, again through an MZO. The next domino may be five wetlands within the provincially significant East Humber River Wetland Complex in Vaughan. Wetlands are critical to building community resilience to climate change impacts such as flooding.  

Public participation in land use decisions is also vital to ensure they are in the public interest rather than the interest of a few developers. Please join Ontario Nature in urging the Government of Ontario to respect and uphold protections for PSWs and to stop its misuse of MZOs. You can read and sign the petition here

Help strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act
Last chance to sign this e-petition to urge the federal government to pass legislation to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The petition is asking the government to ensure (i) better control of toxic substances — notably, banning highly hazardous substances like carcinogens and reproductive toxicants, addressing cumulative effects and requiring substitution with safer alternatives, and disclosure of chemicals in products through better labelling, (ii) enforceable national air and water quality standards, (iii) protection for vulnerable populations, and (iv) recognition of the human right to a healthy environment. Closes November 20. Read and sign the petition here

Bill 197 - Ontario's proposed changes to the Environmental Assessment Act
Here is the Canadian Environmental Law Association’s most recent blog on the Bill 197 changes to the EA Act:  and CELA’s preliminary review of Ontario's proposed project list under the EA Act:  On October 22nd CELA  hosted a webinar, Environmental Assessment is not Red Tape, regarding the proposed project list & other Bill 197 “reforms” of the EA Act. View the recording here. If you would like to submit a comment regarding any of the proposed projects for review under the EA, you can do so here until the end of day November 10th.

No public transit? No recovery!
Because of COVID-19, transit agencies have suffered a massive drop in ridership, in some cases as much as 85 per cent. They’re losing millions of dollars a week. The solution? The federal government needs to offer transit agencies permanent funding. Please urge the finance and infrastructure ministers to make transit funding a permanent part of the federal budget so our buses keep rolling. You can read and sign the petition here.

Support Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights and Fisheries
From calling your elected reps to #BoycottClearwater, here's a list of ways to support the Mi'kmaq fishers.

Canada needs a climate accountability law now.
The federal government has promised to immediately bring forward a plan to exceed Canada’s 2030 climate goal and to legislate a net-zero by 2050 target. But federal governments have broken climate promises before. That’s why we need a climate accountability law. We shouldn’t have to choose between fighting COVID-19 and climate change. A safer future requires that we act with urgency and ambition to address both emergencies. If you want the federal government to table a climate accountability law in Parliament by the end of 2020 take action here

Speak up for a strong clean fuel standard
A robust Federal clean fuel standard will require fossil fuel companies to reduce the carbon-intensity of their fuels, giving a boost to low-carbon sources, like biofuels and electrification.  This regulation could make the biggest contribution to carbon emission reductions between now and 2030 in Canada. The government needs to move forward with its plan to publish a robust clean fuel standard this fall. Major energy companies may claim to support the regulation with modifications that would weaken it.  Such a regulation could make the biggest contribution to carbon-emission reductions between now and 2030 and set Canada on the path to decarbonization - but only if the government stands firm against oil industry’s PR offensive.” Read more about this Suzuki Foundation petition and weigh in here.

Every Day Advocates
One year after Green 11 and groups across Canada worked together to host 100 Debates on the Environment, GreenPAC, is planning a new initiative called Every Day Advocates, to build on this mobilization and strengthen the environmental sector’s capacity to drive meaningful policy change. Every Day Advocates will:
  • Expand the network of community-level leaders who were involved with 100 Debates on the Environment
  • Offer training and tools to make it easy to hold effective conversations with elected officials across the political spectrum about environmental priorities
  • Drive accountability and progress on the environment through town halls and other tactics
If you would like to keep informed and get involved in the Every Day Advocates initiative, fill out this form. GreenPAC is also hiring a Program Manager for this initiative. See the job posting here.

 Green Online Events and Webinars

Fridays for Future Weekly Climate Strikes
Fridays, 11 a.m. – noon
Live Streamed webinars with different speakers led by youth.  

EcoFair Toronto ends this weekend!
November 5-8

The 4th and final week of the EcoFair starts Thursday November 5 and ends Sunday November 8 with the Finale! Discover sustainable shopping and waste-free living.  Learn about soil and the food economy and whether they can reverse climate change. At EcoFair Finale, celebrate our exhibitors who are helping people and planet in neighbourhoods across the City.
Here's the lineup for EcoFair Week 4: "EcoEconomy"

Kiss the Ground
Film: Thurs Nov 5 to Sun Nov 8
Learn the power of regenerative agriculture as a viable solution to the climate crisis by restoring the world's soil and ecosystems, stabilizing climate, and creating more robust food supplies. Trailer Register HERE.

EcoFair Exhibitor Finale
Sun Nov 8 at 2:00-3:30pm
Celebrate and learn from EcoFair Exhibitors - the people, groups, and businesses in Toronto leading the way to a more sustainable future. Get inspired by Dr. Dianne Saxe, hear exhibitors' stories, and take a chance on prizes! Register HERE.

Ecofair featured documentary film - 2040
Available for Viewing Oct 15 – Nov 8
Concerned about his young daughter’s future, filmmaker Damon Gameau travels the world in search of new approaches and solutions to climate change. Gameau’s film imagines what our world could look like in 2040 if we took existing solutions and scaled them up now.   Watch the trailer here.  Watch the entire film for free Oct 15 – Nov 8 as part of the EcoFair.

The online Exhibitor Showcase connects you with Toronto's sustainable organizations and eco-businesses. You can check out our website for the full event schedule, along with maps to our city-wide neighbourhood EcoTours and family-friendly Fun & Games.

9th Annual Water Docs Film Festival
November 4 - 8
The Water Docs Film Festival informs, educates and activates our audiences about water and water issues because the likelihood of having enough clean, fresh water is diminishing everywhere. This festival is primarily about film, however, we also have amazing exhibits, surprising interactive presentations, breath-taking musical performances, interesting workshops, family-friendly offerings, engaging speakers, water-related Community Partner displays, and so much

Individual Actions Against Waste
Saturday,  November 7, 9 pm
Join Alice Xia Zhu this weekend as she leads a sustainability workshop about the individual actions you can take against waste and #plasticpollution (including our home #wasteaudit!) Oranized by Global Leadership Organization New York and the U of T Trash team. Register here for this free event

Massey is Missing COP26
COP26, the annual global climate conference of experts, governments, business and civil society, was scheduled to be held November 9-20, 2020. As the fifth such meeting since the critically important 2015 Paris Agreement, COP26 is to be pivotal in assessing progress and in strengthening commitments to slow global heating while it is still possible to preserve a stable climate.
Due to the pandemic, the official COP26 has been postponed until November 2021, and much attention has been diverted from climate action to COVID–19. But the climate crisis is still gaining speed, and the window for preserving a stable climate is closing. What can be done to lay the groundwork for a successful COP26 next year?

Massey is Missing COP26 has five elements, all of which would have been present at the official COP26. We focus them on Canada and the role it will play at COP26, now scheduled for November 2021. Join us for these invigorating discussions with thought leaders across Canada, take action in your own life, and then ask your political representatives to act on what you have learned.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Royal Ontario Museum, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, the Canadian International Council and the World Refugee & Migration Council. Details and registration

November 9 - Don't miss: David Suzuki and Lloyd Axworthy in conversation with youth climate activist Sophia Mathur. EnRoads Climate Active workshop on what policy tools actually work. Financial panel on Canada's financial institutions and our international climate commitments. And the role of arts and culture in leading public engagement for strong climate action. Plus poetry and songs and a mini dragons den for climate action opportunities.

Urban Agriculture in your Backyard and Community
Tuesday, November 10 , 7pm - 8:15 pm
There are many ways to participate in urban agriculture in the city, including buying food from urban farms, having a garden plot in a community garden, having garden beds in your own backyard, growing fruit trees, or growing tomatoes and herbs in containers on your porch. Supporting urban agriculture means you are contributing to the local economy, creating healthy soil, a thriving community, and are connected to your food. In this session from London Environment Network we will hear from three different perspectives about how the urban agriculture movement is growing, and how you can become a part of it. Featuring:
  • Natalie Boustead, CAMH Therapeutic Garden Coordinator and Community Gardens Lead, FoodShare
  • Vanessa Kinsley, Neighbourhood Development & Support at City of London
  • Jessica Cordes, Middlesex London Food Policy Council member
Register here.

Green Hydrogen: Time to Seize the Moment
Thursday, November 12, 11:00 AM -12:00 PM
In the spirit of globalizing a green recovery, Building Back Better Together explores key insights for how the international community can build back better together post-COVID. The Roundtables bring together Canadian, German and other European experts, policy makers and business leaders to exchange insights from the current crisis and to reflect on climate action post-COVID in order to avoid a longer term catastrophe by sparking a global green recovery.

This virtual roundtable will provide a deep-dive discussion on the potential of hydrogen for enhancing and completing the transition to clean energy and the opportunities for and barriers to – including technologies, generation, storage, infrastructure and use – realizing that potential. See our recent coverage on hydrogen’s big moment for a taste of the discussion to come. Register here.

Part of Building Back Better Together – Canada and Europe, a virtual series under the banner of Ottawa Climate Talks and in partnership with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada.

Film Screening: Solastalgia
Wednesday, November 11
For Our Kids and Mother Rising Collective are hosting a special screening of the 12-minute lyrical film, Solastalgia, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, Millefiore Clarke.
Register for the early screening here: 6pm ET
Register for the late screening here: 9pm ET

Achieving net-zero: How a climate accountability law will get us there
Thu, Nov 12, 2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
The climate emergency is putting the safety of Canadians at risk. Changing the course of this crisis is within our control — but it will require the federal government to take decisive action now. Canada has missed every greenhouse gas emission target it has ever set. Without a law that holds our elected leaders accountable for reducing Canada’s emissions, we run the risk of missing our 2030 target and our goal of net-zero by 2050. You can help to get a climate accountability law through Parliament. Similar laws in other countries reduced emissions: it can work in Canada too!

Join this special Q&A session and hear from Ecojustice lawyer Julia Croome, the lead author of the 2020 report A New Canadian Climate Accountability Act, on how a strong, new climate law will get us to net-zero by 2050 while aiding a just recovery and recognizing Indigenous voices. You’ll also gain practical tips from Ecojustice’s Director of Legislative Affairs Tony Maas on how to hold your elected leaders to account for climate action. This webinar will give you the tools to urge your MP to support a climate accountability law now and help make the case for a world-class climate law! Register here

Series: Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to Protect Vulnerable Populations from Hazardous Chemicals
CELA is pleased to announce a series of webinars focused on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), our country’s main environmental legislation used to evaluate and manage substances. In this webinar series, we explore how CEPA can be strengthened to protect vulnerable communities, including children, women of childbearing age, workers, people of low income, and Indigenous communities from toxic exposures, using improved, modern approaches to advance prevention strategies from hazardous substances. We invite you to join us for the following webinars, taking place in November 2020. Registration is required

Webinar #2: Are Vulnerable Populations Protected from Hazardous Chemicals in Canada? Why a New Approach is Needed
Thursday Nov 12, 2020, 1:00-2:15 pm
In this webinar our presenters will explore the challenges facing workers who handle hazardous chemicals in their workplaces, and the barriers to adopting the use of safer products in these workplaces. Nail salon workers will be highlighted as a case study. The webinar will discuss why the Canadian Environmental Protection Act should recognize vulnerable populations and prioritize informed substitution strategies for hazardous chemicals, rather than exposures. The Substitution Principle will be illustrated with the examples of PFAS, perchloroethylene and PBDEs. We will be joined on the webinar by Anne Rochon Ford, Nail Salon Workers Project (an initiative of the Parkdale-Queen West Community Health Centre) and Beverley Thorpe, Consultant to Clean Production Action.

Webinar #3: How can modern science intercept environmental contributors to chronic diseases? Gaps and solutions for chemical regulation
Thursday Nov 26, 2020 1:00-2:15 pm
The final webinar of the series on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) focuses on limitations of the current regulatory approaches, and outlines amendments to CEPA to protect vulnerable groups. Current methods fail to assess and prevent chronic conditions associated with disruption of biological signals (e.g., endocrine disruption), that direct development and affect the state of health. Meg Sears PhD, of Prevent Cancer Now will highlight some key health impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals on vulnerable groups including children and the developing fetus, and analyse points of failure of the current assessment approaches. Prevention of toxicant exposures and the escalating trends of chronic diseases rests in closing these gaps and modernizing Canada’s environmental laws, to recognise and protect vulnerable groups from hazardous chemicals.

Virtual round table: "Turning Down the Heat: Can We Mine Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis?"
November 17, 2020 – 2-4 pm
Please join Miningwatch Canada for a virtual round table looking at where they are one year after the conference: a report-back and conversation with MiningWatch staff and special guests from around the world. Following up on the conference "Turning Down the Heat: Can We Mine Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis?", they will present the conference report and host a virtual round table addressing three related themes:
updates from extractive regions (Canada, Chile, southern Africa); reflections on how pressure is being/can be built to (a) reduce energy consumption and demand for minerals and metals, and (b) impose stricter conditions on extraction (FPIC/right to say 'no', no-go zones, safeguards etc.); and perspectives on how efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and build a Green Recovery/Green New Deal are working towards global equity – or not.

Special guests for this round table will be:
  • Kate McKenna, The Leap (Toronto) – moderator
  • Anjali Appadurai, Sierra Club BC (Vancouver) – Climate justice, Green New Deals, extractivism, and the renewable energy transition
  • Andrew Whitmore, Deep Sea Mining Campaign (London, UK) – Deep sea mining and the renewable energy transition
  • Ramón Balcázar, Observatorio Plurinacional de Salares Andinos (Chile) – Lithium extraction in Latin America
  • Trusha Reddy, WoMin (South Africa) – Conditions for mining and the right to say ‘no’
  • Ugo Lapointe – Conditions on mining for the renewable energy transition in Quebec/BC/Canada
Register here

Sound the Alarm! Wake up to the Climate Crisis
Tuesday, November 17, 6:30 - 9:00 AM
Canada Development Investment Corporation Headquarters

With communities experiencing many crises at once: systemic racism, a deadly global pandemic, an economic recession, and an ever-mounting climate crisis, every move our government makes now will determine if a just recovery from COVID-19 will be a reality, or if our governments will further entrench us in a status quo that’s been taking advantage of our communities for decades.

At dawn on Tuesday, November 17, invites people to gather at Canada Development Investment Corporation Headquarters in Tkaronto (Toronto) to SOUND THE ALARM on climate complacency on the morning of the Trans Mountain Corporation annual meeting. The gathering will feature song and story, with noise makers and light to shake politicians out of their complacency, and a demand that they take decisive and bold action by defunding TMX and investing in a Green New Deal.

Follow on Facebook & Twitter for new information and updates.
 **This event will follow all required COVID safety protocols. Masks are mandatory, social distancing will be in place, and hand sanitizer will be available. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.**
To find out more, get involved and volunteer, sign-up here.

For the Love of Creation  - Faithful Climate Conversations
For the Love of Creation, a campaign of KAIROS Canada invites Canadian faith communities and faith-based organizations to come together under a unified banner to mobilize education, reflection, action and advocacy for climate justice. For the Love of Creation developed Faithful Climate Conversations, a series of guides to facilitate small group conversations on climate change to encourage public dialogue about climate change. There are three guides available for download here.

To support public dialogue on climate change, For the Love of Creation has launched a Fall Online Forum, with a series of hour-long sessions, being offered every Monday in November starting at 7:30 pm. Open to everyone, the themed forums are:
  • Advocating for Climate Justice (November 9)
  • Grieving, Healing and Connecting with Creation (November 16)
  • Creation Care: A Letter of the Faithful (November 23)
  • Climate Action Now! (November 30)
Learn more and register here

Cultivating and Protecting our Green Legacy 2020             
Thursday, November 19, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM    
This year Ontario Urban Forest Council's annual conference is going virtual with the theme “Cultivating and Protecting Our Green Legacy” which aims to address how urban forest conservation is championed through various initiatives. This years impressive speaker lineup will share insight on the challenges and the solutions that they implemented to ensure that urban forests are not only cherished, but also perpetuated and sustained. This year, we are proud to present an International Keynote Speaker, Christopher Neilan who has largely worked in the public sector and will share his experiences using soft power to protect heritage and veteran trees. He is most widely known as the originator and main developer of CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees). To make the online experience fun, we have activities to delight!
Our expert speakers are:
  • Dr. Faisal Moola, Associate Professor, University of Guelph
  • Jane Welsh, Project Manager, Environmental Planning, City of Toronto
  • Steve Robinson, Manager of Urban Forestry, City of Burlington
  • Allison Winmill, Technical Manager of Forestry and Tree Nurseries, Bioforest
  • Martha Copestake, Forester, Planning, City of Ottawa
  • Christopher Neilan, Chartered Arboriculturist and Landscape Professional, UK
Register here

Progress Toronto Fall Training Series
September 16 - December 2
This Fall, Progress Toronto is hosting 10 free political engagement training sessions. With the pandemic deepening inequalities across our city, now is the time to demand more from those in power and campaign for Toronto's future. Level up your skills with this free series. Workshops this Fall include digital campaigning, how to meet with your local politician, City Budget 101 with Councillor Mike Layton, and more!  For details and registration click here

#9 How to be a Facilitator
Tuesday, November 17 - 6:00PM ET

#10 Personal Narrative Training
Wednesday, December 2 - 6:00PM ET

eLearning #AtHomeWithNature from TRCA
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has introduced fun, e-Learning videos, activities, and resources that will help families deepen their understanding and appreciation of nature, ecology, and cultural heritage — all from the comfort of home! Pre-register at the following link (you can also click the 'back' button to see the webinar recordings from April too!) - 

 Green News and Resources

Towards Recovery and Rebuilding a Renewed Toronto
On October 27th, Toronto City Council had its first opportunity to discuss the Impacts & Opportunities Report from the Toronto Office of Rebuild and Recovery report. This document contains ideas and recommendations that will bring Toronto closer to a Green and Just Recovery - including key sections on Climate Change, Equity, and Social Determinants of Health. At the Council meeting, a series of amendments that look to put the City of Toronto on a track to better meet the above goals were approved. These include:
  • a commitment to prioritizing the creation of pathways to a green local economy by developing a low-carbon jobs strategy which includes employment and training opportunities for Indigenous, Black and other equity-seeking communities
  • developing recommendations for Toronto Hydro to achieve greater outcomes for energy efficiency, demand management and renewable energy within their services area
  • expansion of the Home Energy Loan Program
  • creation of a COVID-19 Resilience Funding Stream proposal that will fast-track critical repairs and retrofits in priority housing buildings, like LTCs, and areas that are at-risk from flooding, extreme heat and air pollution through green infrastructure programs
  • ensuring that the net-zero, TransformTO and associated climate emergency declaration commitments are delivered to Council during the budget process for 2021.
  • developing a COVID-19 Resilience Funding Stream that fast tracks the Ravine Strategy and recognizes the ravine’s important role as natural infrastructure that provides accessible greenspace, active transportation corridors and ecosystem benefits as well as direct and indirect jobs;
  • including measures in the 2021 Budget process that prioritize transit equity.

Does your community have a CEAP?
Parents and grandparents can have an impact on their local government. Did you know that more than 500 cities, towns, and villages across Canada have declared a climate emergency? Most of them have developed a climate emergency action plan (CEAP) too, but simply having a plan isn't good enough. For Our Kids offers three simple steps you can take in November to press your local elected officials to set and attain bold goals in making those plans reality.   

Are you interested in reducing your household carbon footprint and monthly home energy bills? The Roots Collaborative (TRC) can help.
This fall, TRC is launching the Home Energy Savings Initiative (HESI). HESI is a pilot project to help you understand what home energy saving incentive programs are available and which ones are right for you. The 30-minute consultations are FREE, available to homeowners and renters and are offered online or over phone. ONLY 50 spots available! For more information and to sign up, click HERE.

About TRC: The Roots Collaborative (TRC) is a not for profit cooperative that promotes sustainable households, workplaces and communities. The group is composed of a diverse membership of sustainability professionals working collaboratively to share their expertise in the areas of governance, social and environmental impact and personal wellbeing. TRC’s mission is to inspire change from the inside out. For more information, visit their website

Decolonization requires action and new ways of seeing
One step we can take is to stop perpetuating the settler story of nature as property or resource. Read David Suzuki’s Now Magazine post 

City Supports Using Resources to Help Those Experiencing Homelessness
Winter is fast approaching, and the number of residents living in encampments is growing right now due to COVID-19, and we know that long before the pandemic, homelessness had been a growing crisis. Council worked on two items to address the City's current response to the impacts of the pandemic, including the Interim Shelter Recovery and Infrastructure Implementation Plan, and Response to COVID-19: Update on Resurgence from the Board of Health  Council approved giving City staff the authority to use whatever resources deemed necessary to help those experiencing homelessness now. This includes the provision of certain “survival” equipment and/or supplies to encampments as outlined in recommendation 21 from the Verdict of the Coroner's Jury Inquest into the death of Grant Faulkner. This is in addition to the immediate availability of shelter beds and enhancing the existing winter outreach strategy.

Film: Rebellion
Sparked by activist Greta Thunberg in Sweden and exploding around the world, the global climate protests have been some of the largest demonstrations in history. Rebellion, a documentary from The Nature of Things, is a vivid portrait of this extraordinary grassroots movement. Watch on CBC here

Zero Waste News and Events

Zero Waste High-Rise Project Spotlight: Pavilion Del Sol
Toronto Environmental Alliance is profiling the stories of success from buildings participating in the Zero Waste High-Rise Project. Learn more about how Pavilion Del Sol became a model zero waste high-rise, thanks to the presence and efforts of a strong resident Green Team.

More Zero Waste Events
For more zero waste related news and events taking place across Toronto check out Zero Waste Hub Toronto on Facebook and Twitter!

Urban Agriculture Events, News and Resources

Earth to Tables Legacies
Since 2015, the Earth to Tables project has brought together global food activists for thought-provoking discussions. Their new website offers 10 videos and 11 photo essays that use food as an entry point to issues of Indigenous-settler relations, food justice and sovereignty, and anti-racism in the food movement.

Brickworks Saturday Farmers Market moves indoors November 21
Thanks to the hard work of the markets team, community partners and advocates, the farmers’ market was deemed an essential service and can continue indoors through the winter. With this, They can keep connecting eaters to local, seasonal, sustainable food – safely. Saturday Farmers Market | Start Online & Shop Outside |

The Stop's Farmers' Market Modified for Winter
After October 31st, The Stop’s Farmers’ Market is pausing for the winter and will return in spring 2021.The Wychwood Barns Community Association will be running a modified indoor winter market with many of the same vendors on Saturdays at Artscape Wychwood Barns.
Several other vendors will be offering their own arrangements for pickups and deliveries. Please visit their websites to order directly and support local, sustainable agriculture! More info here

Call for Donations and Volunteers

COVID-19 Mobilize Mondays
November 9th & 16th  @ 6:00pm-7:30pm
For the next 2 Monday evenings, MPP Jessica Bell and fellow University-Rosedale community volunteers will be reaching out to our neighbours to let them know about COVID-19 resources and you are invited to join!
We know that many in our community are facing additional challenges due to COVID 19.  Bell’s office has access to resources and information and with help from community members will be able to reach more people to let them know about how to access help. Volunteers will meet via Zoom, chat, hear updates from Jessica and make calls via CallHub. If you’re interested email:


Call for donations for sleeping bags via the Encampment Support Network
There are 1,000+ people sleeping rough in Toronto
Email ESN at to donate. Follow ESN on instagram and twitter.

Toronto Public Health guidance on donations of food and non food items (PDF)

Active Transportation News and Resources

What is a Bicycle Street?
Bicycle streets flip the natural hierarchy and make bicyclists the dominant user of the street, while motorists must act as "guests".

Bicycle Streets Beyond Europe: Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways
Are Portland's Neighborhood Greenways bicycle streets? Read Matt Pinder’s Beyond the Automobile blog post comparing against the Dutch fietsstraat and find out. /

Keep and Expand ActiveTO        
New bike lanes on Danforth Avenue, University Avenue, Brimley Road, and more; major roads open on weekends and free of cars for people to walk, roll, and ride; Quiet Streets set up in many neighbourhoods: all of this is ActiveTO. Launched by Toronto during the pandemic, these programs make it easier for people to move around the city and get exercise for their mental and physical health in a safe, physically distant manner. All of this is temporary.

Quiet Streets have already been removed. The bike lanes have less than a year before their fate will be decided; they could be ripped out faster than they were installed. Our streets cannot return to the status quo when the pandemic is over. Active transportation is essential for the social and economic recovery for the city. Let City Council know you want to keep and expand ActiveTO by signing the petition now.

Cycling Recommended for Recovery and Rebuild from Pandemic
The Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild’s report on the impacts and opportunities of COVID-19 was recently completed and discussed at City Council. The report was approved by Council as a guiding document for the future of Toronto. Among the many fantastic recommendations and findings, there is a key emphasis on the importance of cycling and public transit in pandemic recovery and the report focuses on how to set up the city to achieve a sustainable future. It recommends expanding cycling infrastructure, ActiveTO, and investments in the Toronto Transit Commission to make sure that residents can get around the city in a way that is safe and healthy. Read more here.

Ontario Active School Travel funding available until November 20
The Ontario Active School Travel Fund (OAST) looks to increase active school travel opportunities for elementary students in Ontario. The goal is to have more students walking, cycling, scooting and skateboarding to school. Support is available to expand and strengthen existing AST initiatives, or to help get initiatives underway in new communities. Information about the fund, how to apply, and resources to assist with your application can be found here. The deadline to apply is November 20th.

Green 11 Volunteer Opportunity

Green 11 is seeking a friendly, energetic, creative and detail-oriented Social Media Moderator and Content Creator

Volunteer Position Description:
This role includes the creation of timely and appropriate content for Green 11’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Social Media Moderator and Content Creator will also analyze, review and report on the effectiveness of Green 11’s posts and pages.

Volunteer Tasks:
●    Update the Green 11 Facebook page and Facebook group, including creating the rules to be followed by its members.
●    Create content and moderate the comments from the Green 11 Facebook page and Facebook group.
●    Publish, share and/or re-tweet green-related posts or events organized by Green 11.
●    Post relevant green articles and news on Green 11 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram (coming soon).
●    Analyze and report on the effectiveness of the posts.
●    Time commitment of 2-4 hours per week.
Preferred Skills
●    Experience as a content creator and moderator
●    Expertise in a variety of social media platforms
●    Strong written and verbal communications skills in English; other language skills are also an asset
●    Solid interpersonal and teamwork skills.
●    Understanding of social media metrics; able to interpret results and take action to increase effectiveness of posts.
●    Knowledge about environmental issues.
●    Preference is for a 6 – 12 month commitment, possibly longer

Orientation and ongoing support will be provided to the Social Media Moderator and Content Creator by Green 11 members throughout the entire duration of volunteer work. The Communications Support Volunteer is an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys engaging with social media platforms and is interested in learning more, keeping informed, and spreading the word about green events, activities and initiatives happening in Ward 11 and the City of Toronto. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer position.

Are there green news or resources you'd like to see included in the Green 11 newsletters?  Send your items and ideas to
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