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Dear Green Neighbours

It may be cold outside but the webinars are heating up!  Connect with inspiring activists and find out how you can make a difference - even if we can't  go out for the moment in Toronto.

Green 11 is a volunteer driven community group. If there is a green initiative that you are interested in starting and recruiting volunteers for, please get in touch with us and we will see how we can support you. If you are wondering if people in Ward 11 are working on a particular green project, get in touch with us and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Green 11 Monthly Meeting
Sunday, November 22,  4-6  pm

Please join us at our next meeting,Sunday, November 22, 4-6  pm.  The meeting will be hosted on Zoom.  In order to keep the meeting secure, we ask that you contact Paul Overy at to receive log in info for the meeting and to suggest any items for the agenda.

Calls to Action

Ontario Urban Rural Emergency Food Forum Open Letter
The COVID pandemic is pushing our already inequitable, ecologically deadly and climate-threatened food system to the brink of collapse. This summer has seen giant plagues of locusts, historic droughts and fires, massive flooding and hurricanes, and farm labour shortages around the world.

The shockwaves of the pandemic crisis are reverberating in the food systems within our country, provinces, cities, communities, and homes. Canada imports 80% or more of our food during the 8-9 months we cannot grow enough of our own. This means that, as the global food system falters, our own food security is at greater risk.

But people are waking up. In March of this year, 73 organizations in the food sector joined together for the Ontario Urban Rural Emergency Food Forum Series. Farmers, activists, food policy organizations, and concerned citizens pitched their ideas and listened to others on what a resilient and just food system would look like, not only in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic but also in anticipation of increased climate chaos. Out of this series of forums, the Eco-Just Food Network emerged.

The Eco-Just Food Network is calling on Canadian governments and the public to help us implement four key steps in order to secure the future of our food system. You can read more here and sign the petition here

Speed up better transit
Transit priority measures are proposed for 18 bus corridors and 2 streetcar corridors. The plan is positive, but it is moving too slow - some routes won’t see improvements until 2031! The majority of proposed bus corridors run through neighbourhoods with the highest COVID-19 positivity rates. Fast-tracking these bus improvements is an urgent equity issue. The Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild has recommended that the City “accelerate or make permanent transit initiatives the City undertook quickly to support crisis response and restart, such as instituting priority bus lanes.”

The Surface Transit Network Plan needs around $62 million in funding from 2021-2024 to study, plan, design, and implement surface transit projects. This funding will be requested during the 2021 City Budget process.  You can read more and send a message right now to the Mayor and your Councillor to speed up transit priority here  

REDUCE and REUSE must be part of a Zero Plastic Waste Strategy
Production of plastic from fossil fuels is set to double by 2040. Instead of relying on a failed system of recycling, the government needs to urgently reduce the production of disposable plastics and champion the development of reuse, return and refill systems.

You can participate in the federal government’s public consultation on its new plan to tackle plastic waste and pollution before December 9th. Use this Greenpeace letter to tell Minister Wilkinson that we need bolder measures to move towards a truly circular, zero waste economy.

Submit a Comment on Ontario’s Proposed Blue Box Regulations
The Provincial government released proposed regulations that will make producers responsible for managing the Blue Box program in Ontario. However, the proposed regulations could also let producers off the hook for managing some of the hardest to recycle materials, leave out non-residential buildings (the largest source of waste), and set low targets for collection and recycling that only make our current recycling and waste problems worse.

The Province of Ontario is accepting comments from the public on these proposed regulations until December 3rd. Industry lobbyists are working to weaken regulations and we know they’ll be active during this public comment period. We need to speak up for strong regulations that put Ontario on track to a low-carbon, non-toxic circular economy. Use this Toronto Environmental Alliance online tool to help you submit comments to the Environmental Registry of Ontario

Tell Toronto City Council to Vote to Ban Leaf Blowers
Did you know?  Leaf blowers:
  • Emit pollutants equal to 500 cars
  • Produce toxic aerosol and fine particulates that compromise those with lung disease and significantly raises the risk of death from COVID-19
  • Generate 100-110 decibels, a noise level has been demonstrated to cause hearing loss, hypertension, loss of productivity, and can even negatively impact children's cognitive development.
Next year, City Council will vote on a motion to ban 2-stroke leaf-blowers and similar garden equipment.  You can read more and sign the petition urging City Council members to support the motion to ban leaf blowers here

Remove schedule 6 changes to the Conservation Authorities Act from the Ontario budget bill
Within the Province’s latest budget bill (bill 229), issued November 5, were a number of changes to the Conservation Authorities Act and the Planning Act that will limit conservation authorities’ role in protecting Ontario’s environment and ensuring people and property are safe from natural hazards. Development in flood prone areas will place added pressure on municipal first responders. Damaged infrastructure will result in costly repairs by municipalities – ultimately paid for by taxpayers. What can you do?

You can tell your MPP that conservation matters and ask that they remove schedule 6 from the budget bill, so that these significant changes can be properly debated and informed through consultation. You can read more here and use this easy-to-use form to find your MPP and send your email in a single step.

 Green Online Events and Webinars

Fridays for Future Weekly Climate Strikes
Fridays, 11 a.m. – noon
Live Streamed webinars with different speakers led by youth.  

The Condor and the Eagle - Standing with Frontline Communities
Sunday, November 22, 7 p.m.
Indigenous peoples disproportionately bear the toxic burden of our extractive economy, and yet they also protect 80% of the world’s biodiversity. So, what can we learn from their leadership, and how can we stand behind them? You are invited to a screening of and panel discussion around the film ‘The Condor & The Eagle’ – an award-winning documentary following four Indigenous leaders who embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian Boreal forests to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle. Find out more and register here

Environment Industry Week
November 23 to 27
The Ontario Environment Industry Association invites you to attend their annual Environment Industry Week. This year's event will feature speakers, panels and meetings between Ministers/MPPs and company representatives from Ontario’s growing environment and clean tech sector. This year’s event will focus on the barriers to growth faced by Ontario’s “next generation” companies as they deliver growth, jobs and economic benefit. More info and registration here


Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT) #LeadLikeAGirl Program
Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - Friday, January 1, 2021
Climate Justice Focus in 2020/2021
Do you know a Black girl between the ages of 8-17 years looking for an opportunity to develop self-efficacy, confidence, and leadership? If yes, then this program is for them! #LeadLikeAGirl program is an 11-month program geared towards girls’ ages 8-17 currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Designed to build leadership, confidence and self-efficacy skills, this unique program will provide the girls with meaningful learning experiences that will enhance their knowledge on climate justice, expose them to non-traditional sports, and provide them with Introductory French training. Mentorship opportunities with female leaders from across a variety of industries will provide them with exposure to non-traditional careers in STEM, gam
ing, public affairs, business and the climate sectors among many others. Girls will also get the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and develop their teamwork, communication and collaboration skills as they work together on a major project to solve climate issues within their local communities. For more information, email Register here

What Does A Just Transition Look Like in a Time of Pandemic?
Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
The Environmental Governance Lab invites you to join the panel discussion for the third webinar on just transition amidst the pandemic. The pandemic has exposed the impact that everyday inequality has on vulnerable communities, and their limited capacities to respond to major shocks in terrifying detail. Our panelists will discuss how a just transition to a low carbon future can address these inequalities to make decarbonization a sustainable process that enhances justice, equity, and anti-racism. Panelists include:
  • Donna Ashamock, Community Organizer and Steering Committee Member at Indigenous Climate Action.
  • Nadége Compaoré, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto.
  • John Cartwright, President of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council
Learn more & register here

Shaping a Just Recovery in Davenport: The Evolution of Mutual Aid
Wednesday, November 25,  7:00 - 8:30pm
On November 25th, 7pm, Green Wave West, St. Anne's Anglican Church and the Davenport Mutual Aid Network are hosting the third event in our community conversation series about what a #Just Recovery from COVID-19 might look like. We'll be talking about the Evolution of Mutual Aid, highlighting issues around food security and homelessness, with:
  • Moderator: Alykhan Pabini - Mutual Aid Parkdale
  • Panelist: Kali Akuno - Cooperation Jackson
  • Panelist: Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa - The People's Pantry
  • Panelist: Nahum Mann - Davenport Mutual Aid Network
Join the panel  (45 min) and a follow-up community dialogue (45 min) about how Mutual Aid can help us shape the future we want.  Resister here

Webinar Series: Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to Protect Vulnerable Populations from Hazardous Chemicals
CELA is pleased to announce a series of webinars focused on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), our country’s main environmental legislation used to evaluate and manage substances. In this webinar series, we explore how CEPA can be strengthened to protect vulnerable communities, including children, women of childbearing age, workers, people of low income, and Indigenous communities from toxic exposures, using improved, modern approaches to advance prevention strategies from hazardous substances. We invite you to join us for the following webinars, taking place in November 2020. Registration is required

Webinar #3: How can modern science intercept environmental contributors to chronic diseases? Gaps and solutions for chemical regulation
Thursday Nov 26, 2020 1:00-2:15 pm
The final webinar of the series on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) focuses on limitations of the current regulatory approaches, and outlines amendments to CEPA to protect vulnerable groups. Current methods fail to assess and prevent chronic conditions associated with disruption of biological signals (e.g., endocrine disruption), that direct development and affect the state of health. Meg Sears PhD, of Prevent Cancer Now will highlight some key health impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals on vulnerable groups including children and the developing fetus, and analyse points of failure of the current assessment approaches. Prevention of toxicant exposures and the escalating trends of chronic diseases rests in closing these gaps and modernizing Canada’s environmental laws, to recognise and protect vulnerable groups from hazardous chemicals.

Movie Night with FoodShare: Gather
Friday, November 27, 7 p.m.
Join FoodShare's Community Growing team for a free online screening of Gather, a documentary that weaves together personal narrative and archival footage to tell an important story about food justice and Indigenous food sovereignty.RSVP for Free

About the Film: “Gather is an intimate portrait of the growing movement amongst Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political and cultural identities through food, while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide. Gather follows Nephi Craig, a chef from the White Mountain Apache Nation (Arizona), opening an indigenous café as a nutritional recovery clinic; Elsie Dubray, a young scientist from the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation (South Dakota), conducting landmark studies on bison; and the Ancestral Guard, a group of environmental activists from the Yurok Nation (Northern California), trying to save the Klamath river.”

Final week of #UnexpectedSolutions
Presented by Future Cities Canada
Schedule and registration here

TD Future Speakers Series: Leading Beyond Limits: Creating Inclusive Spaces
Monday, November 23 1pm

Join panelists as they reflect on who public spaces have been built for, and how we can begin to craft a vision of reconciliation and anti-racism, where spaces are designed not just as epicentres for leisure.
7 Generations Partnership Gathering 2020
Thursday, November 26th 1pm - 3pm

A series of 3 sessions, the 2nd Annual 7 Generations Partnership Gathering features Coastal First Nations leaders, knowledge-keepers, and young stewards from across the Great Bear Region, and value-aligned regional partners for a virtual dialogue on community-driven solutions to complex issues, digital connectivity, and legacy-building for the next seven generations.

Curbing Carbon: Global Economics of a Low Carbon Future
Live on Friday, November 27th 10am

Here, we explore the role that cities in Canada and around the world will play in helping realize Net-Zero 2050 targets, and what a vibrant, low carbon future might look like.

Building Our Urban Futures: Inside Canada’s Infrastructure Strategy
Live on Friday, November 27th 11:15

Our FINAL session of #UnexpectedSolutions features will explore ideas from around the world: what is working and what is not? These ideas will help shape our ambitions in Canada for the next 50 years and beyond.  

Digital Rally to keep transit moving
Tuesday, December 1, 7:30 PM
Across the country, transit agencies are on the brink of collapsing or being forced to cut service routes and jobs because of the impacts of COVID-19. Public transit isn’t just about how we can get from one place to another. It’s about accessibility and disability; bridging divides between urban, suburban and rural transportation; policing, racism and migrant justice; workers’ rights; austerity cuts and privatization of public services; public health in a time of pandemic; Indigenous rights; social injustice; and the climate crisis. We need a strong public transit system to keep our cities moving and access jobs, groceries, and health care. We need intercity transit to visit our families or get to medical appointments.

We’ll hear from grassroots organizers about these important intersections and the work that’s happening in many communities to build a just recovery and a GND for public transit, as well as how people can get involved.Speakers include:
  • John Di Nino (ATU Canada)
  • Zainab Hussein (TTC Riders)
  • Sony Rai (Sustainable Vaughan)
  • Laura Kruse (Free Transit Edmonton)
  • Nick Kynoch (Guelph Transit Worker, member of ATU 1189)
Hosted by The Council of Canadians. More info here

Climate Ventures Conversations: Iron & Earth
Thursday, December 3, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
CSI's Climate Ventures Conversations are a chance to hear from innovators and leaders working on climate justice and climate solutions. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the different ways in which we can tackle the climate crisis, and hear some inspiring personal stories along the way. On  EST, we’re sitting down with Iron & Earth's Bruce Wilson. Join us as we discuss the path to a net-zero economy and a just transition for workers. More info and registration here

Greener City Celebration
Tuesday, December 8th, 7:30 p.m.
Join the Toronto Environmental Alliance to honour the transformative work happening in Toronto to respond, rebuild, and create a future that is more sustainable and just. This year's celebration promises to be even bigger, better and more exciting as it transitions into an online event.  Highlights include:
  • An engaging and lively panel discussion with Toronto community organizers, thought leaders and movement builders.
  • 4th annual Greener City for All Award presented to a local hero who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to making Toronto a green, equitable and healthy city.
  • a high-energy musical performance with  2018 JUNO Award-nominated artist Ruben 'Benny' Esguerra - musician, spoken word poet and community arts educator
Purchase your tickets or make a donation in support of TEA's work here

Eat Well and Support Black Creek Community Farm
Black Creek Community Farm's Take-home Fundraiser Dinner will bring unique and delicious multi-course dinners for you to enjoy right at home! In partnership with local chefs, cooks, and caterers, all meals will be prepared for your dinner time on December 4, 2020.

This one-of-a-kind fundraiser for BCCF welcomes your support so we may continue to build our community and thrive beyond this pandemic. By purchasing meals, you are contributing directly to our on-going work towards food justice in 2021.

Each meal will be served with a bottle of wine or alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage locally sourced in Ontario. BCCF chefs cook with organic produce and fresh ingredients grown on the farm to prepare their menu especially for dinner guests. More info and tickets here

Progress Toronto Fall Training Series
September 16 - December 2
This Fall, Progress Toronto is hosting 10 free political engagement training sessions. With the pandemic deepening inequalities across our city, now is the time to demand more from those in power and campaign for Toronto's future. Level up your skills with this free series. Workshops this Fall include digital campaigning, how to meet with your local politician, City Budget 101 with Councillor Mike Layton, and more!  For details and registration click here

#10 Personal Narrative Training
Wednesday, December 2 - 6:00PM

The COVID-19 pandemic is further highlighting for us who is being left behind and the need to organize, change the decisions being made, and build more equitable communities. Translating our values and experiences into collective action is a critical part of building movements and winning campaigns.

In this online workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of public narrative -- the story of self, the story of us, the story of now -- and practice telling your story to inspire others to take action. Learn from expert storyteller Amara Possian, to perfect your personal narrative.

eLearning #AtHomeWithNature from TRCA
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has introduced fun, e-Learning videos, activities, and resources that will help families deepen their understanding and appreciation of nature, ecology, and cultural heritage — all from the comfort of home! Pre-register at the following link - 
 Green News and Resources

Paying for the Pandemic: A Just Transition
Imagine what could be accomplished by liquidating ALL hoarded offshore wealth and appropriating ALL offshore corporate profits, eliminating ALL military spending (keeping only search and rescue, e.g.,  the Coast Guard), and banning inherited wealth? No one need be poor, or not have access to health care or clean drinking water.

Ben Tippet’s essay Paying for the Pandemic and a Just Transition shows that just ten policy proposals could raise $9.4 trillion a year – enough to pay for the pandemic, the Sustainable Development Goals, a climate transition and reparations for slavery. Calls for austerity are not only unnecessary, they would also deepen  our current crisis and forestall the investment we need in tackling poverty and climate change. Read about the many practical progressive financing solutions that need to be implemented, drawing on the expertise of experts and activists worldwide.

Green Recovery missing from 2020 Ontario Budget
Read the Observer article here

New Ontario Auditor General Report Finds Ontario Risks Missing Climate Change Targets
Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk's findings come in a series of environmental value-for-money audits released along with her annual review of the province's Environmental Bill of Rights. Lysyk found the Progressive Conservative government is not focused enough on reducing fossil fuel use or energy emissions from buildings, which could hinder efforts to fulfill the promise it made to fight climate change after taking office in 2018. Read more here:

Exhibition Place Winter Opening to Local Residents
The wide boulevards, expansive parking lots and green spaces of Exhibition Place make it the ideal location for citizens to exercise, walk and ride. Exhibition Place is at the southern doorstep of Ward 11.
Over the last number of years, a dozen area Resident/Community Associations ( have been pushing the City of Toronto, local Councillors and Exhibition Place to consider area residents in its on-going and future plans.Finally, in spite of, or because of, the pandemic, opportunities are opening for improved safe and comfortable access to the Exhibition grounds:
  • A series of self-guided walks on the grounds of Ex Place.
  • A snow management plan for this winter which will include enhanced maintenance of pathways.
  • Opening the washrooms at the Horse Palace Building from 8 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week with regular cleaning and open to the public.
Please take advantage of this great outdoor space!

University Park: A New Vision for Queen’s Park
The team behind University Park includes landscape architects, city builders, non-profit organizations, and engaged civilians. Their vision brings together patches of public green space that are currently disconnected and inaccessible in order to create a climate-resilient destination in the centre of our province’s capital. By making minor adjustments to the existing roadway on University Avenue and converting only 9.5 acres of city-owned asphalt into native landscape, pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and cultural installations, Toronto can create a 90-acre park that spans from Queen’s Park all the way to the waterfront. Learn more here

Plant Now to Bring Pollinators in the Spring
What's the best way to invite pollinators to your yard next year? Plant pollinator-friendly species like the beautiful purple-flowering raspberry. Join LEAF and Project Swallowtail as they work together to increase pollinator awareness and habitat in west Toronto from late August to November of 2020. More info here

COVID-19: Waves of change – How a global pandemic impacted our oceans
Ocean Wise have been examining COVID-19’s impact on the ocean. In COVID-19: Waves of change – How a global pandemic impacted our oceans, they examine how public health restrictions have resulted in lost ocean research opportunities, reductions or cancellation of volunteer-based ocean conservation activities, as well as shifts in seafood-related industries.

The immensity of global actions to slow the spread of COVID-19 demonstrates that we can also make large changes to better care for our oceans. What we do to restart after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted will define a new ‘normal’ for our oceans. We have an opportunity to prioritize ocean health, to invest in research to improve our knowledge, re-evaluate our waste production, and choose sustainable seafood in support of a healthy ocean. Read more on what you can do here

Report Released from Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild
The City established the Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild (TORR) to coordinate a city-wide approach for recovering and rebuilding from COVID-19, informed by public health advice and best practices. The results of TORR’s work have been published in the COVID-19: Impacts and Opportunities report, which provides recommendations for the City of Toronto and its agencies and corporations to support the recovery and rebuild of communities, organizations, partners and businesses. The report was considered by City Council on October 27. Included in the report’s 83 recommendations are climate and resilience recommendations relating to building retrofits, green jobs, greenspace, land use, public transit and active transportation.

TransformTO Net Zero Strategy Update
In October 2019, Toronto City Council voted unanimously to join many other local governments around the world in declaring a climate emergency, and to accelerate efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. In doing so, the City also adopted a stronger emissions reduction target of net zero by 2050 or sooner. In response to City Council's Climate Emergency declaration, staff in the Environment and Energy Division are developing the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy.

The Net Zero Strategy will be informed by technical modelling of climate actions in key areas such as energy, buildings, transportation and waste, along with findings from the 2019 community engagement, and will build on the initial TransformTO Climate Action Strategy. Additional opportunities for community engagement on the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy will be announced in 2021. For more information on TransformTO and climate action in Toronto, please visit

Applications Open: PollinateTO Community Grants
Applications are open for the City’s PollinateTO Community Grants. Up to $5,000 per project is available to support the creation of community-led pollinator gardens located in Toronto's 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. Projects eligible for funding include those that create new pollinator habitat and educate and/or engage the community in some way. Gardens can be on private or public land, and must be visible to the public. Community groups, non-profit organizations, school groups and other resident-led groups are encouraged to apply by January 8, 2021.

Applications Open: Winter Activation Grant
The City of Toronto's Winter Activation Grant aims to provide funding for BIAs, Community, Not for Profit and charity groups to animate their main streets with winter activity. Winter has always been traditionally a slow retail and tourism time and this year will add additional challenges due to Covid 19. The purpose of this grant is to support the local economy by celebrating art, culture and community by helping drive business to our main streets during the coldest months of the year. The grant also aims to advance equity and to include and benefit citizens, businesses and artists from every part of the city.
  • The Winter Activation Grant Program provides funding for one half (50%) of the cost of the project costs up to a maximum of $12,500 per project
  • Eligible Projects must comply with all Toronto Public Health and Provincial regulations and all physical distancing protocols to help reduce the spread of Covid 19
Click here for the application form and e-mail your completed applications in PDF format to Toronto BIA Office

Applications Open: Climate Solutions Accelerator Program
Do you have a great climate solution idea or existing sustainability initiative and the determination to make it a success? Are you 19-25 and a resident of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas? Youth Challenge International’s (YCI) Climate Solutions Accelerator is a 6-month incubator program that supports GTHA youth Climate Leaders to enhance their skills and refine and grow their existing climate action and sustainability solutions – whether they are community-based initiatives or social enterprises and green businesses.  
YCI will be recruiting 30 Climate Leaders for our second cohort that will launch in January of 2021. Spaces are limited and YCI reviews applications on a rolling basis to offer eligible individuals open spots as they become available.  More information and how to apply here

BetterHomesTO is a City of Toronto program that features a one-stop website with information on how you can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient – while at the same time saving money on your energy bills. It provides information on key energy efficiency upgrades as well as guidance on planning a renovation with a focus on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

At the website you can access information on available supporting programs and rebates, including the City's Home Energy Loan Program (HELP), Enbridge's Home Winterproofing Program and the Home Efficiency Rebate Program.

Dianne Saxe Appointed Deputy Leader of Green Party of Ontario and Running in University-Rosedale
Diane Saxe, Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner from 2015 to 2019, is running uncontested for the party’s nomination in University-Rosedale, with a vote taking place on November 30. Dr. Saxe was responsible for the implementation of the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights, and delivered 17 reports on environment, energy, and climate during her tenure. Read more here

Young activists win right to sue Ontario government over climate policy
In a landmark decision, an Ontario court has ruled a lawsuit seven young climate activists filed against the Ontario government over climate policy can proceed to trial. Read more here

Zero Waste News and Events

Make Smthng Week
November 21 to 29
The international annual #MakeSmthng movement & initiative kicks off this week! (You or anyone else can extend it to Make Smthng over the next month anywhere you are!)

MAKE SMTHNG is an international series of fun, hands-on events that celebrate creativity and use a positive message to challenge consumerism and its impact on the climate. The flagship event, MAKE SMTHNG Week, coincides with Black Friday and the start of [what for some is holiday] shopping season and hacks a mega-moment for consumerism. MAKE SMTHNG empowers people by helping them improve their skills or by teaching them new ones – how to fix, upcycle and create special and unique things from reused materials. We believe that if you have made something, you will buy more consciously next time, whether it’s food, fashion or mobile phones.

Many of you already practice the art, craft and joy of making and doing it yourself, eg cooking, mending clothes, fixing electronics, building toys, upcycling, growing your own food, making your own cosmetics and cleaning products, going plastic-free, aiming for zero waste, or sharing your clothes, bikes and homes with each other. Let’s share our skills, knowledge and experiences with each other and discover and practice new ones. More info and ideas here.

Circular Economy 101
Monday, November 23, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Want to learn about the circular economy? Impact Zero is hosting their classic Circular Economy 101 webinar for the third time!  Topics include:
  • The economic, social and environmental result of the linear economy
  • How a circular economy shifts the incentive structure for businesses in a linear economy
  • What the circular economy looks like in practice and how you can participate and grow in it
More info and registration here

Unlocking the Myths: Reusables and Covid
Tuesday, November 24, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Are you looking to learn more about low waste living in the midst of Covid-19? Not sure where to start, or looking to meet other green minds in the city? Join in for Zero Waste Cafe, a local speaker series focused on building community, inspiring action and evoking the curiosity to question the things we do that just don't make sense! Register now and join in with your coffee or tea for a mindful conversation and an opportunity to hear their knowledgeable panelists debunking the safety concerns about reusable systems during Covid!

Moderator: Emily J. Alfred, Senior Campaigner, the Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • Dr. Antonia Sappong-Kumankumah, MD, CCFP, B.Sc., General Practitioner & Co-Founder of PlasticFree Toronto
  • Sarah King, Head of Oceans and Plastics, Greenpeace Canada
  • Pedro Afif, MIM. RHC. CHt
  • Aurore Courtieux-Boinot, La Vague, & Co-Founder, La Tasse

How to Have a Low Waste Holiday
Wednesday, December 2, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Living low waste during a pandemic is possible and so is celebrating the holidays sustainably! Learn creative ways to upcycle items readily available at home, tips and hacks to reduce waste, and how to spread environmentally friendly holiday cheer this year. Presented by The WE-Solation team:
This virtual presentation is the Live & Online version of Toronto Public Library's Our Fragile Planet program series. Register here

The Fast Fashion Fix: 20 Ways to Stop Buying New Clothes Forever
Less than 2% of clothing workers earn a fair wage—while many of us have wardrobes full of unworn outfits. Here’s how to break the cycle.

More Zero Waste Events
For more zero waste related news and events taking place across Toronto check out Zero Waste Hub Toronto on Facebook and Twitter!

Urban Agriculture Events, News and Resources

Who's Hungry 2020 - Beyond Covid-19: Building A Future Without Poverty
Daily Bread Food Bank, in partnership with North York Harvest Food Bank, have released Who's Hungry 2020, an annual profile of hunger in the city of Toronto. This year's report reveals a growing food insecurity crisis that has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, food bank use had already increased by 5% compared to the previous year, with close to one million visits in the city of Toronto. With the arrival of COVID-19, food bank visits continue to climb significantly, increasing by 22% in June to a staggering 51% in August compared to the previous year. Additional government action is needed to prevent skyrocketing food bank use during COVID-19 from becoming another long-term crisis. Read the report here

Eat Well and Support Urban Agriculture
Sundance Harvest's online farm store sells seasonal vegetables such as salad mix, kale, chard, collards, herbs, microgreens, mushrooms, herbal teas and herbal salt from her online store from Friday 11:00 a.m. to Wednesday 11:00 p.m.. There are currently two pickup points in the West end, Likely General (389 Roncesvalles) and Vélocolour (191 Weston Road). Pickup times are Thursdays from 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m..

Growing in the Margins Youth Urban Farming Program
Growing in the Margins is a 12-week free weekly educational program by Sundance Harvest for low-income youth who face barriers within the food system. Participants will learn basic beginner skills related to both farming and urban farming. The Winter Cohort begins December 13 and 14.  More info and how to apply here Application deadline for Winter Cohort: Tuesday, December 1st

@ParkdaleLife donates Insta account to Parkdale Food Bank
@ParkdaleLife’s Instagram account has documented many of the peculiar moments seen in and around Parkdale - many involving Racoons and other neighbourhood wildlife eating people food. They recently announced that they would be relinquishing their account - and all of their followers - to the Parkdale Food Bank.  And followers came through after PFB’s first post-transfer ask, filling their empty shelves to overflowing.

"It’s strange to think of social media clout as something that can be donated, but it makes a lot of sense. Parkdale Life had a dedicated community of over 50,000 followers who’d follow their unvarnished and often very funny look at the neighbourhood, and the account owner is hoping they carry over to the food bank."

Food Resources
Toronto Urban Growers
Grow Food Toronto
Get GrowingToronto
City resources: Food banks, meal programs, meal delivery, and more

Active Transportation News and Resources

Bicycle Streets Beyond Europe: Toronto’s Shaw Street
Toronto's Shaw Street a bicycle street? Read as Matt Pinder's blog post compares it against the Dutch fietsstraat and find out.

Call for Donations and Volunteers

December 1st is Giving Tuesday
GivingTuesday is a global day of giving. After the sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, GivingTuesday is a time to celebrate and encourage activities that support charities and nonprofits. Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering time, helping a neighbour or spreading the word, GivingTuesday is a movement for everyone who wants to give something back. Find out how you can donate or volunteer, how groups and businesses can get involved, and how charities can become a partner at the links below:

A Greener Future Seeks Volunteers
Greener Future is a small nonprofit, but plastic pollution is a BIG issue. They need all hands on deck to help ensure a cleaner, healthier and “greener” future for generations to come. By volunteering whether at our litter cleanups, or remotely helping run operations - you are making a direct impact on the health of your local environment. They are looking for dedicated, passionate and self-motivated people to join their team of Core Volunteers, to dedicate ~5 hours per week to help out with the various tasks that keep the nonprofit afloat. More info here

EcoJustice Food Network Needs Your Help
A resilient and just ecological food system requires a lot of resources, materials and equipment. Can you help? Please take a look at the lists here to see if there is anything you could help with. 

Call for donations for sleeping bags via the Encampment Support Network
There are 1,000+ people sleeping rough in Toronto
Email ESN at to donate. Follow ESN on instagram and twitter.

Toronto Public Health guidance on donations of food and non food items (PDF)

Green 11 Volunteer Opportunity

Green 11 is seeking a friendly, energetic, creative and detail-oriented Social Media Moderator and Content Creator

Volunteer Position Description:
This role includes the creation of timely and appropriate content for Green 11’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Social Media Moderator and Content Creator will also analyze, review and report on the effectiveness of Green 11’s posts and pages.

Volunteer Tasks:
●    Update the Green 11 Facebook page and Facebook group, including creating the rules to be followed by its members.
●    Create content and moderate the comments from the Green 11 Facebook page and Facebook group.
●    Publish, share and/or re-tweet green-related posts or events organized by Green 11.
●    Post relevant green articles and news on Green 11 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram (coming soon).
●    Analyze and report on the effectiveness of the posts.
●    Time commitment of 2-4 hours per week.
Preferred Skills
●    Experience as a content creator and moderator
●    Expertise in a variety of social media platforms
●    Strong written and verbal communications skills in English; other language skills are also an asset
●    Solid interpersonal and teamwork skills.
●    Understanding of social media metrics; able to interpret results and take action to increase effectiveness of posts.
●    Knowledge about environmental issues.
●    Preference is for a 6 – 12 month commitment, possibly longer

Orientation and ongoing support will be provided to the Social Media Moderator and Content Creator by Green 11 members throughout the entire duration of volunteer work. The Communications Support Volunteer is an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys engaging with social media platforms and is interested in learning more, keeping informed, and spreading the word about green events, activities and initiatives happening in Ward 11 and the City of Toronto. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer position.

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