The crazy adventure is about to start, and we have details!
If you've been thinking of supporting us through prayer or financial support, now is the time to step in; keep reading to learn why!

In case you missed it, here is our quick announcement video.

God is calling us to trust Him in some huge (and frightening) ways.

     "I'm not going to school.  I'm going to Hawaii."
     This was Timothy's response when asked if he was excited about first grade; and as silly as it sounds, it's true.

     When you last joined us, we shared that for the next year we will not receive formal income, as we commit to seeking God as a family in some specific and exciting ways.
     A large part of this will be participating in YWAM's Discipleship Training School.  Through 3 months of a lecture phase and 2-3 months of an outreach phase, we believe God will equip and restore us as a family to serve our community long-term.
     We celebrated our 10th anniversary by starting applications for the YWAM headquarters in Kona, HI, where there is a Family-focused DTSThis week our family was accepted, and now the REAL work begins, as we navigate some major obstacles.

     "But wait, are you leaving Richmond?  Are you selling your house? How are you paying for this?!"
     Great questions.  Let's jump in.
The next six months
  • Lecture Phase
    • At the end of September, we will fly out to Kona, HI, for a three month training course, alongside over a dozen other families.  This training will help equip us with the vision, knowledge, and tools to serve our community -- and beyond -- for years to come.  It will be pretty intense for us (we'll have homework!), and the kids will be home-schooled while attending the Foundation School on base.
    • We will travel light, as we will likely have just two rooms between us.  There will be much to get used to, though we are excited for a season of simplicity for our family.
  • Outreach Phase
    • Every family will prayerfully discern where they should serve from December through February, and we are praying families will join us for an outreach that begins at YWAM Richmond.  While there are many unknowns, it is likely a family (or two), will live with us in our home and join us in serving our neighbors, local ministries and churches, and the YWAM base.
    • The current plan is to also spend time at the new YWAM Virginia Beach, and another base on the west coast, with a focus on cross-cultural interactions and sharing with others how God loves them.
  • Post-DTS
    • After we finish, the plan is for me to join YWAM Richmond full time; I'll be supported to serve in whatever ways God leads, and I have several exciting ideas.
    • Becca will continue to home-school the kids, while discerning what her next steps will be after the summer.  She will also be able to build relationships with our neighbors and serve in other ways.
How is this possible?
Short answer: this is all coming together because God is a wise provider.  We have already seen Him at work, and believe He will cover every need and expense.
  • Your prayers
    • More than the expenses and logistics, this is most challenging internally.  There are SO many avenues for fear to distract us.  We'll be honest: there have been some HARD moments.  Yet, God has shown up, and we know that we must be strong and courageous as we move forward.
      • Please pray for wisdom, and the resolve to trust God no matter how hard it gets.
      • Pray for the many expenses to be covered.
      • Pray for the logistics: Who will be our nanny?  Who rents our home while we're gone?  Who watches our cat?  How do we navigate so many new and tricky things in timely and wise ways?
  • Growing support
    • We are deeply grateful for the many people that have financially supported us with one-time and monthly gifts.  We can't express how powerful that has been in this season, not just for provision, but in encouraging us.
    • If you have been thinking about giving, we have some significant and urgent expenses ahead.  We have to pay for the DTS by arrival: plane tickets for us and a nanny, Lecture phase costs, costs for the kids' schooling, and a few other things that could land between $15,000 and $20,000.  This is a great time for larger one-time gifts, for those with the capacity; see below for instructions.  This could also be an opportunity if you have loads of frequent flier miles you have no plans on using!
  • God's long-game provision
    • Unbeknownst to us, God set a plan into action 3 years ago to provide for us in this season.  The picture above is of our Fairmount house; you can listen to the story here of how God called us from this home (against my wishes) and called us to pursue our current home (against or financial capacity.)  We have tried to sell this home every year; God, in His wisdom, held us off so that the equity from the home could supplement us in this season!  There is much more to the story, and still many unknowns, but God's foresight and creativity astound us!
    • Pray for the timing of this; while it will not help us cover the DTS expenses due to timing, it will help in other key ways.  Pray as I do loads of tasks to get the home ready to list this week, and pray that the next owners would seek to love our neighbors. 
     God has already shown Himself as Provider, and He is working in significant ways through your prayers and financial support.  When we consider the HUGE expenses ahead, it can be easy to think, "Are we sure God called us to this?!"  We are confident in the direction He's called us, and believe our needs will be met, even if it looks crazy or impossible at times!
Invest through prayer here!
"I want to support the Grangers; how do I give?"
If you want to stand with us in this bold step of faith, your support can help in a major way.  What is most valuable to us is knowing we have a body of people walking with us into this season!

Whatever you can give is a blessing!  We are committed to making sure you are blessed as well, by praying regularly for every monthly supporter.  We are in this together!

For gifts towards DTS:
We appreciate this more than we can express!  Please send these gifts within the next few weeks so that we can buy tickets and meet our deadline for the DTS, and let us know that you gave so that we can plan accordingly! 
      1.  BILL PAY - a free and easy option through your online banking            
            World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
            P.O. Box B
            Marietta, GA 30061
            (designate for Paul Granger #707)

      2.  MAIL CHECKS TO -
           World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
           P.O. Box B
           Marietta, GA  30061
           (designate for Paul Granger #707)
  1. DONATE ONLINE!             
    (follow the prompts)
All gifts are tax deductible.  When you give, let us know so we can write down how we can be praying for you!
If you have questions about giving or what we will be doing, we would love to talk!  Let us know how we can connect!
Join us as a partner!
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Thank you for your encouragement and prayer!  We are grateful for the opportunity to invest our lives in serving this community and learning daily what it means to "Love God and Love Others".

We hope our journey encourages and inspires you, just as your support encourages and inspires us!
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