"Paul, why in the world have you committed to a career that requires you to raise support?"

It's a fair question.  In doing what I'm doing, I'm foregoing the certainty of a regular paycheck, the perks of clear disposable income, and the dignity of a "job title".  Add to that the reality that much of what I'm doing involves ample uncertainty, and one could wonder why I do it at all.

This week, the YWAM staff are actively fundraising, and I've spent the last couple weeks processing that concept.  "Fundraising" isn't new to me: for the last 20 years I've been engaging it in one form or another, from mission trips, to ministry work, to raising support for things I care about.  I've experienced fundraising as a firm vocational requirement, and as an easily avoidable one.
Raising support is a perplexing thing and -- honestly -- it's easy for folks like me to get it wrong.  If I ask because I'm afraid I won't be able to pay my bills, I'm not trusting God as Provider.  If I only see fundraising goals and transactions, I will miss the richness that comes relationally rather than financially.  If I try to sell myself or the good I do, I rob God of glory.

So how in the world does someone raise support?

By striving to be humbly and honestly invitational.  I really do believe that God has invited me into something that He is explicitly clear He does not want me to enter alone, so I invite you.  I really do believe that God could cover every expense without any supporters, but that He wants do so in part through friends like you, so I invite you.  I really do believe that the work He is doing extends beyond my block and into your life, so I invite you.

I invite you into what God is doing.  If you want to begin giving financial support, or would like to increase your giving, I am so deeply grateful; but know that it is not because of need or outcomes, but because God is giving both you and me an invitation to see Him at work.  You give not because of my bills, but because God wants "to credit more to your account" (Philippians 4:17) through your generosity.

I don't often focus this much on support -- and never at the start of my letters -- but in light of YWAM's fundraising week, this was the word on my heart as I prayed about what to write.  God is at work, and I want you -- all of you -- to see what He is doing.
Your support -- whether encouragement, prayers, or financial gifts -- becomes like seeds, and many of those seeds are sprouting.
  • Check out the joy on Becca's face.  Your support has allowed her to step into an incredible role without having to base her vocational decision on salary amounts.  She is not only finally in her dream role of teaching Kindergarten, but is serving with an incredible team at an incredible school.  You helped make this possible!
  • One of the ways I know God has called me is to shepherd others, and this takes many forms.  Sometimes it is long discipleship conversations in our prayer garden.  Sometimes it is facilitating the Community Bible Study.  It's even taken the form of recording podcasts and writing devotionals!  Recently, it was giving multiple messages on "serving" to traveling groups of students.
    These spaces are ones where I am "shepherding" rather than "teaching"; instead of a conveyance of information, I am actively "walking" with others from where they are to where God is. You help make this possible!
  • Sometimes it is hard to live out what it means to "love your neighbor."  Earlier this summer I spent time processing this with Richmond Justice Program interns, and what I felt I needed to share was they can start with something simple.  A smile.  A wave.  Learning someone's name.  Simple acts of letting someone know they are seen become acts of love.  From there, we can look at what we have, and find simple ways to love a little more.
    One muggy 95°F day I realized I had an empty sidewalk and an unused sunshade, so I set up a "Community Shade" spot.  It was a simple and free act that will hopefully help a hot neighbor feel seen and loved. You help make this possible, and you can see and love your neighbors too!
Ways you can pray:
  • A group of folks are in the midst of working through the Revelation Devotional!  Over the next few weeks, they will be finishing and sharing feedback.  In the coming months I'll let you know how you too can access this resource.
  • Pray for our kids as they will all be transitioning to new experiences.  Bella will go with Becca to 1st grade at Imago Dei, and Joshua will start preschool at Children's Garden.  After much prayer and discussion, Timothy will be starting 3rd grade at his zoned school, Henry Marsh.  Henry Marsh -- named after Richmond's first black mayor -- is the new building that replaced the former George Mason, which was way past due for renovation.
  • Pray for the potential of our old HVAC units to be replaced at little or no cost, and for it to happen soon; just this morning we had a scare that one was broken, but God answered prayers to get it going again.

I am deeply honored that so many of you have considered sowing into what God is doing here!

We don't want this to be transactional, but something that blesses you as well:
"Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account."
Philippians 4:17

Your support is such a blessing to our family, and we want to make sure the process is easy:
           1) BILL PAY - a free and easy option through your online banking            
            World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
            P.O. Box B
            Marietta, GA 30061
            (designate for Paul Granger #707)

           2) MAIL CHECKS TO -
           World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
           P.O. Box B
           Marietta, GA  30061
           (designate for Paul Granger #707)

           3) DONATE ONLINE!
           (follow the prompts)

All gifts are tax deductible.  When you give, let us know so we can ask how we can be praying for you!

If you have questions about giving or what we will be doing, I would love to talk!  Let me know how we can connect!

Join us as a Partner!
Sooooo grateful to my friend Carolyn for not only getting a shirt, but wearing it on her trip!!

Do you want to start life-giving conversations simply by wearing a shirt?   A small portion of each sale goes toward supporting our family ministry and content creation:
How we approach financial support

As we explore how to build our support to a sustainable level, it can be easy to get frustrated, especially when new expenses arise.  We want to know who God is, and trust it all in His hands, which is hard when circumstances are rough; however, circumstances don’t define God.

God is God, and God is good, no matter what’s happening.  God provides, even when it seems things are going in the opposite direction.

We are grateful He chooses to provide through friends like you, because it's not about need or money: it's about relationship.  Your support reminds us we have a body of people walking with us, investing in the call we are following.  We are convinced your generosity can bless you and your family as well, and have been grateful for the stories many of you have already shared.

Would we love to hit 100% of our support goal?  Of course; who doesn't love the peace of financial security!  More than that, we desire to know God more deeply, and to be more connected with you.  Regardless of the monetary amount, those things are priceless.
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Thank you for your encouragement and prayer!  We are grateful for the opportunity to invest our lives in serving this community and learning daily what it means to "Love God and Love Others".

We hope our journey encourages and inspires you, just as your support encourages and inspires us!
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