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Yuh and me got too many e-mails to read!
My idea of a ceiling fan!!
For my kid!
Our parakeet when I was a child was named Rupert, after the titular character in the book "The Terrible Troubles of Rupert Piper"
We realized she was female when she started laying eggs.
She could say "Pretty pretty Rupert! Pretty Pretty Bird!"
I loved that little Bird-Brains!
This is what I thought my life would be like when I would become my age!

I miss having a little kid around the house! This cutie pie has a lamb that resembles the one my kid has.

Page 2 of The Ineluctable Modality of Pretentiousness!!
Page 3!
Note that I never tried to refine or redraw my comics when I was semi-homeless and poor as dirt in the 70s. I'm not sure if I even pencilled in much, and the straight edges on the panels were poorly done, because Eric Thoelke hadn't taught me how to do it yet!
Toonerville Trolley!
Remember store windows? Thats the kind of thing old people say!
You're deep, just like a chasm,
you've no enthusiasm,
you're tired & uninspired
You're blasé.

Your day is one of leisure
In which you search for pleasure,
you're bored when you're adored
you're blasé.

While reaching for the moon
And the stars up in the sky
the simple things of normal life
are slowly passing by.

You sleep, the sun is shining
you wake, it's time for dining
There's nothing new for you to do
You're blasé.
David Lynch, call your office!

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