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What on earth were they thinking?

I was incapable of realizing that all the stuff I saw as a kid that discouraged racism also reinforced the foundations of racism as a privilege enjoyed by those of us selected by racists to represent ourselves as "white."

I found this huge comic from 1986 yesterday. I had forgotten it completely.
Here we see a 1960s Easter party enjoyed by a fun-loving group of atheists!

Another older, huge comic page. This one was glanced at and rejected by Art Spiegleman, the man who drew Maus.
Here's some of the email I got last week.
From Tim McAvin:

I'm so sorry that I can't seem to remember which accent to put on which syllable of your last name, though I have memorized a few Karate Bikini lyrics without straining the old synapses!

My best friend Tony Renner writes:

"Martians Go Home! I tried listening to it last year. Pretty funny in places but bogs down in quotidian concerns. Finally just gave up on it."

You may be wondering what Mr. Renner is talking about. So am I. I know he is referring to the martian illustration last week, but that is the extent of my insight into this cryptic communication. 

Eric Thoelke, who should know better, writes:

"Is that J. Jonah Jameson? Or just some other rich putz?!"

There is no award for recognizing him, Eric! I know you've gotten A LOT of awards in your time. Try again this week!

Tall, dark, starving genius David Udell wrote:

"Criticism is just what this needed!

Then he wrote again! I was thrilled.

"Oops, Criticism Corner!"

I wrote him back:

"I know what you mean to say before you even say it!"

Then he wrote me back again, just as if a famous musician of his stature had nothing better to do!

"You see right through me!"

Isn't this MUCH BETTER than facebook? Thanks for writing, everyone!

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