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The fight for Socialist protections!
I remember the London light like this, from my big apartment on Inverness Terrace, near Kensington Gardens!

Jimmy Gettinger and I lucked into an apartment with three beautiful GIRL roommates, and Irish girl, a Welsh girl, and a London girl who only dated Basketball players! It was heavenly!
I've often thought I was ready to plunge into 
The ultimate dream,
The permanent drop.
It's not like here there,
Swirling I know it,
A mad rush,
A whirlpool of curls,
No circles, no lines.
That's what I'll miss most,
These, our wild constructions of lines,
Those angles, them returns;
All of them.

Those tiny shreds of miraculous consistency 
Used in constructing our lives. 
I love scans that enlarge printed matter to the point where you can really examine the impress of the plate, the spread of the ink, and the grain of the paper!

I did a scan-a-thon of a large collection of xeroxes of my old comics. Despite the 1981 date, from the self-portrait it's obvious that it's from the late 70s, between Jambox me and punk rock me, as you can see from the photo below:

I vividly remember Charlie Leonard and Richard Wachter chuckling at this comic back in the Metro the Tabloid loft on Washington near 14th.

This was before I had any training at all in graphic design, as you can tell by the poorly-organized hand-drawn type. I was so unschooled in typography that the best I could do with the word "Pretentiousness" was throw some awkward curlicues into the letterforms! Was I dumb! Ha!

On reflection, the title was and will always be a kind of pocket description of my failed attempts to rise above the neglect of my parents in caring for me. I am an exemplar of the futility of success through the divinely-inspired modalities of pretentiousness! Pretense of intellect is always the default mode for the economically disadvantaged!

Now I have enough artwork for months of e-mails, ready to go!
Next week, The Divinely-Inspired Ineluctable Modality of Pretentiousness page 2!

Compare and contrast the fumbling cartoon lettering above with this gem! Incredibly precise decisions in typefaces, sizes, and positioning! The kerning in TELEPHONE TIME! The switch to a script in the name, overlapping the dynamic photo crop. The subhead, with a smaller size and perfectly tightened kerning. The tiny "ON" over the TV call letters in bold

Then, the masterstroke of the design is the stark black bar that shows the most important information in the design; the time and day! Even from across the street you had to see this text. That's design, people! That's directing the eye in an organized fashion!

And don't get me started on the Channel 12 Providence design, aligning the letters with the top of the baseline stroke of the 2! I gotta stop raving! It's just poop perfect!
Did someone say "Poop PERFECT"????
Choking the Chicken!
Like young Steve Pick!
Good design in color!
I can't tell you how much I adore this scene! It's everything I ever wanted out of life, suburban paradise, heaven on Earth!

If you want!

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