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From my window on Inverness Terrace in London
with Jimmy the Mod in 1983.

The preservation of the vagaries of the mid-century modern male gaze is a never-ending compilation of privilege cloaked with only a modicum of restraint. He's on his knees, for chrissakes...

I have no idea what I cut out of this comic next to these two panels, but whatever it was must be around here somewhere.
Some early punk design, with taped lines, letraset type, and an excessively expressionist brush. I like that somebody photographed the actual flat we pasted up.

Reminds me somehow of Bernie Sanders!
It's the darnedest thing!
Here's some of the email I got last week.
From David Udell:
"State Pen U inspired by your time as Perfesser in da joint?"

A slight, sad, mysterious smile grazed my lips as I sat back to compose a sufficiently well-heeled response to such an in-depth question. Everybody I know has heard me tell stories about stealing Harold Koplar's pass key to the entire Park-Plaza, and how I spent a week-ten-days down at the Juvenile Detention center up on North Vandeventer. They nicknamed me "Professer" because of me being exactly like the Professor on Gilligan's Island, because I wore glasses! I wrote him back, in my best Carry-On-Jeeves voice:

"No, not at all. Just the many jailed women juvenile delinquent movies from the 30s through the 50s. I have a small collection of them."

Legendary smart guy Tom Lunt writes:

"You are one talented mothrafucker."

I wrote him back, just dashed it off, you know, unthinkingly:

"I’m thankful that I have someone as admirable as you saying things like this. At this stage of my life, it’s better than money."

Tom does not let this just lie. He wrote back:

"Dude, you have more talent in your big toenail than I have in my entire body."

At this point it all could have gone different ways. It could have gone and on. And maybe it should, and maybe it's better it didn't.

Isn't this MUCH BETTER than facebook? Thanks for writing, everyone!

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