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Forgive me in advance if I ever
lose my dignity and wallow in self-pity, people!
I'm always kinda sad!

We lost my old friend Jorge Martinez last week and it's a staggering blow to anyone who loved him, because he was a beacon of fun and happiness to us all. 

I first met Jorge when I was a young man hanging around the West End. David Udell or Dominic Schaeffer introduced him, and his little kid Rommie, around the time of the Euclid Street Festival where I made my first public appearance playing music with Jambox. Little did I know that he was responsible for providing us all with some of the best and cleanest LSD ever sold in our town: Sandoz pharmaceutical-grade blotter. That was just one of the many mind-blowing stories he told me over the years.

I've been trying to sit down and write about Jorge for days now, but the heartbreak is too overwhelming. There are too many great stories, too many amazing scenes that he created from nothing but inner cool, too much love and admiration for me to get it all straight in my head. We were really close in the 90s, took a road trip to visit Virgil Matheus together, hung out all the time.

The picture above is the sketch I made for the logo for his furniture business, OBJEX. I have, at times, put up small web pages for him, here's a link to one.

I love this obituary because I love obituaries with photos, and it's so well written. It covers a lot of ground in very few words, but nothing essential has been left out.

Intellectual geniuses in love.

This was my dream job as a kid.
In a way, it was even less realistic than my dream of
becoming a little-kid rock star.

Look again and yes, it IS an elephant on water-skis.
Obviously taken at the Lake of the Ozarks.
This thing ought to cheer you up!
I'm having another drink, college boy!

Everyone needs a hobby.

Here's some of the email I got last week.
In answer to my question about the name of the pinball parlor at Hampton & 44 in the 70s, Charlie Leonard wrote:

Electric Palace!

And David Udell wrote:

The Electric Palace. Mark Gray and I would hitch hike there with one quarter between us. We'd rack up 10 games and sell it for 50 cents. That'd give us 2 quarters and we'd go from there.

You can't google this kind of crap, people! Remember that.

William Morris wrote:

what’s this gonna cost me?

I thought about this long and hard, drew up a few hundred notes, projected a long series of intricate calculations, added in the Fishlips Five-Finger mark-up, and came up with a precise answer:

Plenty dough! Plenty!

Tim McAvin, who has a talented and intelligent finger in every pie, wrote:

Thanks for the Zasu Pitts heads up. I watched So's Your Aunt Emma! It was great. And you were right about her voice. It was a real pleasure to listen to. If you have a specific recommendation of another move of hers, I'm all ears. 

1933's Professional Sweetheart--A radio star's pure image leads to a fake engagement to a hayseed. Way too fast, but full of bright spots by the best character actors of the time, and Ginger Rogers flounces around in her underwear for quite some time. 

Also, 1934's Sing and Like It--A sentimental gangster forces a producer to use a tone-deaf droop (Pitts) in his show. Pitts is great, Kelton brassy and bold, exceptionally stupid plotline good for plenty of laughs. This is the Citizen Kane of Zasu Pitts comedies! Plus it features a hell of a performance from Her Royal Majesty Pert Kelton herself.

And that was it for emails this week! 

Isn't this MUCH BETTER than facebook? Thanks for writing, everyone!

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