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Starting 2020 Off Strong 💪

What's up party people! 🎉

I'm Sigil, a 16-year-old Machine Learning developer, and Videographer and who loves to build impactful projects. 🧬Over the last month, I dived deep into the human microbiome and metagenomics, used IoT and ML to make telemedicine viable to the 3.5 billion people who lack basic healthcare and invested in my personal growth.🚀 

1 Minute Salutem Pitch-Video for the Weston Youth Innovation Award

Reinventing Virtual Healthcare with IoT and Machine Learning 🤖

This month, I participated in The Knowledge Society IoT ideation Hackathon, where I dived deep into the many problems that face healthcare around the globe- from the enormous wait times, travel distances, socioeconomic conditions, and overcrowded hospitals. Our idea was a portable in-home device that scans your body's metrics to diagnose you and provide medical attention by connecting you with virtual doctors. After the hackathon, we realized that this idea has the potential to impact billions of people and decided to grind it out within a week. Currently we are incubated in, a fully remote online accelerator and reaching out to professionals within the telemedicine industry.


The first month of my first internship 🎥

Shout out to Christine McDannell, CEO of,  who gave me the amazing opportunity to kickstart my videography side hustle! I have immense gratitude for her. Christine, despite working on so many things, took the time out of her day to invest in my personal growth- helping me plan out summer internships. Be sure to check out The Coliving Code and the new show coming up, The PropTech Show, technology in the real estate industry!

The Coliving Code Show

The Human Microbiome: Let's hack it 💩

From your immune system and lifespan to depression and obesity- the bacteria in your gut controls it all! I find it fascinating how if we sequence all the genetic material within our body, only 1% of the DNA would be human DNA 🤯The rest would comprise of bacterial genes- most of which are found in your gut. If this is the case, then there must be so much more information that can be uncovered in the other 99% of DNA- this is the study of Metagenomics, which I am researching into and fascinated by. I wrote an article on the all-natural way to live Smarter, Longer, Healthier, and Happier- backed by gut science 🧬

Read: How to hack your Microbiome to improve your life

Breaking down Growth 🚀
Personal growth is severely underrated in today's culture. This month, I invested time in implementing mindsets like Stoicism and Antifragility in my life. 

Antifragility, the fixed mindset, and the growth mindset 🧠

Within school, we are assessed on our performance to not make mistakes. Often times, this builds up this idea that smart kids don’t make mistakes and thus mistakes are bad. Having gone through 10 years of grade school at 5 different institutions so far, I can verify that this is, in fact, the culture many schools foster. Students grow up fearing mistakes and viewing them as a sign of failure, cultivating what we call a fixed mindset. So what's the opposite? How can you grow from failure rather than be negatively affected by it? Check it out in my article.

Read: Antifragility and a Growth Mindset

To be continued...😎

The grind doesn't stop 💪Next month, some sick things are happening.
🚀Entering into Agorize Discover AI Challenge
🦄Testing my videography skills with, Shout out to Jackson Prince for the amazing opportunity
👀Presenting on my progress in AI at PWC
🔥More articles and Video projects
💩Diving deeper into Metagenomics
🎉Launching a new YouTube show: The Proptech Show, for my internship

Thanks for tuning in this month :) By the way... I am currently looking for summer internships, specifically ones that can give me exposure to the startup world. Simply forwarding this newsletter to a connection would help me a lot!

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