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The Dawn of a New Decade 🦄

Wow... it's 2020 already. 🎉
Hopefully you are sticking to your new year's resolutions and started the next decade off strong- because I sure did! 🥳

👋, my name is Sigil. If you don't know me, I'm an ambitious 16-year-old machine learning developer and videographer from Toronto Canada who is on a journey to become a polymath. 🤓Through each of my pursuits, I build new skills and knowledge that better prepare me to impact the world 🦄

Over the past month, I built a no-code machine learning platform🤖, began my internship with a Los Angeles based startup, to run their Proptech show The CoLiving Code 📹, consulted SideWalkLabs on tackling the Toronto Housing Crisis with innovative heating systems 🏡, researched solutions to economically tackle plastic pollution in Latin America 🌎, and advanced my technical skills as a 16-year-old developer 👾

DeepDev | No-code Machine Learning 

I started my journey in Machine learning exactly one year ago after enrolling in Stanford's Machine Learning by Andrew Ng. Although I was able to go through the course, it was challenging as there exists a huge barrier to entry- You must have a strong background in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Computer Science, Coding, and so much more! This doesn't make sense at all, the best tool we have to progress humanity forward should not be so hard to use. This is why my co-founder Michael Ye and I created DeepDev, a solution with the goal of democratizing machine learning, making it accessible to everyone. You can try out our no-code platform at 👈

A code-less approach to learning, building and deploying machine learning applications.

CES Young Innovators to Watch Entry

Working for a startup 👨‍💻 and Diving deep into the housing problem 🌎

First experience working with a startup and so far it has been incredible! I always been looking for opportunities to enhance my design stack and working with let's me do just that- all while getting paid 😁Shout out to Isabella Grandic 🦄for connecting me to this amazing opportunity! 
A 6-month project for consulting companies packed into 3 weeks? It's crazy to think that I got the chance to research into the housing industry pitch a solution to SideWalkLabs, a company tackling Toronto's Housing Crisis- as a high school student. 🏠

From Enthusiast 🤔 -> Developer 😎

I started my journey in coding exactly one year ago after attending my first hackathon, StarterHacks at the University of Waterloo. It was a complete contrast from what school taught me what coding was as I was no longer restricted to just variables and loops, rather, the extent of my imagination 🤯. Since then, I have been pushing the extent of what I can create, from AR apps and AI algorithms to Blockchain platforms and websites (check out my personal website 😉). Recently I decided that I wanted to get serious, enrolling in Harvard's CS50W Web Development Course and solidified my computer science foundations. With the baseline that I built up, I am ready to push out big things- stay tuned. 

So What is Next? 😁

In 2019, the amount that I grew was 100X more than I imagined- from investing time into personal development and practicing philosophies such as stoicism 😉 to building new mental models and getting way out of my comfort zone 😬. On top of that, my knowledge and skills both increased tenfold and overall, I became significantly more competent than before. This, however, is just the beginning of my journey and I hope that I can have an even stronger year in 2020- let's aim for 10X the development 🦄
For the first month of the decade, a lot of really dope stuff will be happening. 😉Here is a sneak peek into what I will be grinding on: 💪

📚Building an AI that can generate songs, articles, books, and tweets with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks
🧬Mixing AI with Synthetic Biology 
📱Competing in Microsoft Imagine Cup
📹Beginning my internship with
😩Grinding the SAT 
👀...and more 
Thanks for sticking till the end 🙃 I really appreciate it! Feel free to check out my personal website and my YouTube channel for some really dope stuff 🔥- all of which can be found in the links below. You can also follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn and email me any questions!
Just want to leave you with a quote that I found interesting from The Power of Habit :
"All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits" - William James 

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