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"What led me here was a trip with a group of people who want to call me family. The lake and the family aren't that different. I equate my life-altering swim with a life-altering change from my past. "

-Vivian, NTL Team Member  


I was out four hundred meters swimming in Lake Muskoka for the first time. It was only my thoughts and I, it was deafening. I had never been a great swimmer. The water was astonishingly deep, and I was beginning to lose energy. I could feel how tough it was to fight to take a single breath, yet there were full minutes of utter tranquility. I was uncertain if I'd make it to the other side of the lake and back, although I knew I had to do this! This was something I told myself I needed to achieve.

What led me here was a trip with a group of people who want to call me family. The lake and the family aren't that different. I equate my life-altering swim with a life-altering change from my past.

When I was young, I felt like I was continuously gasping for air, like someone had been stepping on my chest. It happened again when I entered a point in my life where a family wanted to care for me unconditionally. I felt that same feeling I hadn't felt in years. The air was being kicked out of me. When a group of people let me know they cared for me boundlessly, I felt I needed to escape from whatever terror this could lead to.

Yes, in my mind, this felt like a childhood bully trying to chase me, and I just couldn’t get away. Now, those are fleeting moments of fear. There are also moments of joyous evening banter over dinner, or my family and I watching a film. Ah, a gasp of fresh air without fear, one would call that tranquility.

Did I make it to the other side of the lake, and more importantly did I make it back?

I sure did.

What was the main take away for me?

Emotions are fleeting, and I mustn't react right away.

Once upon a time, I would have told you I would never want or need anyone. I frankly didn't think a family could be significant. Now my paradigm is beginning to change. It's nice having people to talk to when I get inside after a long day. Now I feel as if I have a real home. It's not the roof, it’s the those underneath it.

It's the ones who place their hand on my shoulder. Their fingertips laying on my arm is what lifts the burden of the world. It's the continued familiarity - with the repetitions of tears, grace and understanding.

I now know I can make it across the lake with full faith if I have their hands on my shoulder.

-Vivian, NTL Team Member


November is Adoption Awareness Month!  
This year, The Adoption Council of Ontario is celebrating the month through learning, inspiring and supporting one another with it’s first virtual Education month!  There are different registration options to fit your needs. Choose which ones works best for you and register for these amazing events today!
There are so many important sessions being offered including the Importance of Permanency on Tuesday November 17th which acts a part of the orientation for people interested in the NTL program.  If you have any questions about this session or any of the others please email and we can help you out!

"When is the next set of training for people interested in the NTL program?"

We have just begun piloting our virtual series (Training for Humans) to a group and this will continue through December.  We will offer the 2 part orientation again in January with the goal of a new training beginning mid February and going through March.  December’s newsletter will have the January dates for the orientation sessions so stay tuned!  And of course, please be in touch if you have any questions.  


One of the great suggestions for our newsletter from our Never Too Late community is that we share a tip each month. A tip can include a strategy, or reminder, that is particularly helpful when providing permanency to a foster care alumni. It's a reminder to communicate with trauma awareness which means to remember that life trajectories and needs are different and unique when you've experienced disrupted attachments, multiple traumas and loss. And as humans to youth it is our responsibility to try differently and shift our expectations in order to better meet the needs of our youth. 

If you have a tip to share we'd love to hear it. Please feel free to share it here.

NTL tip of the month:

We know having fun helps builds connection and puts positive memories in a family's 'memory bank'. So many things have changed with COVID, and activities our youth enjoy may not be possible right now. This is the perfect time to create other ways for your youth and family to have fun. Go apple picking, visit a pumpkin farm, enjoy a fall walk, or watch a spooky movie in the lead up to Halloween (with popcorn and homemade hot coco, too!). You're never too old to find fun things enjoyable, and you may find you turn a hard time into a few hours of connection that does everybody good. 🎃 🍎 🍏 🍂 🍁

Please forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested in finding out more about the movement to promote permanency for all children and youth in and from care. 

Looking for more information on the Never Too Late Program? 
Visit us at and follow us on Instagram @nevertoolate.on.
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