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This week on the Finding Fertile Ground Podcast I interviewed my friend Sankar Raman, who started The Immigrant Story nonprofit by looking for volunteers to help him on NextDoor! We talked about his childhood in India, immigrating to the U.S., colonialism and history, storytelling, photography and xenophobia, how #blacklivesmatter and the civil rights movement help immigrants, cooking, and the 150+ amazing stories he and his team have published. 

A few days before this interview was published, The Immigrant Story launched "Dreams Deferred Live!"--a storytelling event featuring five immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala. You can watch on YouTube here

Next week I’m super excited to feature Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, who make up the NYC-based musical comedy duo known as Reformed Whores. I've been a big fan of their sassy and saucy, harmonious, and funny videos for some time.

They’re on a mission to empower, normalize the female experience, and bust a few guts in the process! They are also cohosts of the Difficult Women podcast, which is a fantastic combination of current affairs, feminism, social justice, and funny, irreverent conversation—plus a lovely blend of women’s friendship.

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Sankar Raman, Collector of Immigrant Stories

The humanity of America lives in the resilience of its people...which makes us realize America is full of angels.
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Seven Ways to Power Up Your Killer Content

This article is the second phase of "Fight Writer's Block and Produce Killer Content with Four Easy Strategies." Because I advised you no...
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Raina Casey, Death Doula and Survivor

Raina has an extensive grit story, but we mostly talked about her experience as a death doula and cannabis practitioner.
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Jackie Capers-Brown, Rising Up and Leveling Up!

“Though this is a challenge, you will grow up to be a leader who will help our people. We need you to get through this.”
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A Jewel from Coal, Jewels Pedersen

Jewels was born in Harlem as an only child to a single mom. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer when Jewels was ten, and they moved to Georgi.
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Badass Lotus Flower Libra Forde

Badass Lotus Flower Libra Forde is my first installment of my "Four Badass Black Women" series. Coming next are Jewels Pedersen, Jackie C...
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Ken Harge: Here for Something Great

“I remember looking into my father’s eyes and feeling like I wasn’t worth made me this guy who couldn't be suppressed.
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Leader and Connector, Charles Jackson II

"When I saw George Floyd being killed, that was the first time in a long time that I cried."
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Ruben Garcia, Becoming the Father He Never Had

Ruben was born in Texas to a Mexican family with ten children, an abusive and alcoholic father, and an inattentive and dysfunctional mother.
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Rabbi Debra Kolodny: Spiritual Badass

“This is not a time for unity. This is a time for truth’s a time for righteous anger and for being relentness."
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Daivati Bharadvaj, Dancing for Both Countries

Today's episode of the Finding Fertile Ground Podcast: Stories of Grit, Resilience, and Connection features Dr. Daivati Bharadvaj, who ov...
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Finding Fertile Ground Podcast: Dennett Edwards, Paying It Forward

Dennett Edwards facilitates weekly training and networking to help people increase their professional and job-hunting skills.
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Finding Fertile Ground Podcast: Fierce Fighter Skye Leybold

Meet Skye Leybold, who tells our latest story of grit, resilience, and connection on the Finding Fertile Ground podcast.
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Finding Fertile Ground Podcast: Resilient Refugee Olive Bukuru Kabura

Olive was born in Makamba, Burundi. When she was just six months old, her parents escaped from genocide on foot with their children.
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