On behalf of the Logistics Geeks with Personality Team at JBF Consulting, I want to thank you, our clients and partners for an amazing year now that 2022 is almost in the rear view. What a wild year it’s been!

We are very proud of our team for all they have accomplished for our clients in 2022, and truly excited for 2023. It's so inspiring to be around people you constantly learn & grow from, with an organization that still feels like every year is a 'Startup' year.

And next year we turn 20! More on that to come over the next few months.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a Festive New Year!

We look forward to an incredible new year ahead.

-Brad Forester, CEO

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The Logistics of S. Claus, Inc.

Is there any supply chain in the world as large and complex as the one headed up by Santa Claus?

Consider the following:

✅ Just over 25% of the world’s population are children (0-14), which equals roughly 1.9 billion children across the globe.

✅ About 31% of children are raised in Christian families, which means nearly 600 million kids are expecting to see a surprise under their Christmas tree every year. We will assume all are on the “Nice” list!

✅ If the average gift received per child is 2 pounds, Santa has to ship 600,000 tons of presents across the world.

✅ If Santa would consider using human help, he would need approximately 30,000 trucks or 17,000 airplanes.

✅ Santa has only one night (22 hours to be exact) which means he has to deliver nearly half a million gifts per minute with no room to fail.

✅ All this happens in one mega multi-stop sleighload. We won’t even consider HOS (I think buried in the rules is an exemption for Mr. Kringle) or refueling of his reindeer.

So how does this mega-feat of logistics and transportation happen?
Here’s Santa’s Secret Sauce

What’s on Santa’s List From Today’s Supply Chain Leaders?

We know there are more than a few things today’s supply chain leaders are hoping Santa brings them so they can be more prepared in the year to come. Here’s What’s On Santa’s List

Meanwhile Back at the North Pole…

Santa keynote speaker

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