Note from Mr. Smith - Mindset

Hello parents and students, this is the time of the year school becomes difficult. For those who are struggling to stay motivated - hear me.

Our mindset about ourselves will influence our success with online learning. I can't tell you how many students I have chatted with who, once they reframed their thinking about school, began having incredible success. So, how can we change our mindsets or a least think about them? Let me give you some examples:

  1. Recognize you have them - Did you make assumptions about this year or how well you would do? What do you think about important relationships in your life? What thoughts persist in your mind?

  2. Think about the effects of your mindset on whatever seems to "play" the most in your thoughts - is the mindset helpful or harmful?

    1. "I always mess this up," "Why am I doing this (x)? What hope is there for me?"

  3. Think about mindset as a piece of the puzzle to how we feel and thrive (or don't thrive) on life events.

    1. Talk to a trusted adult about which mindsets are difficult for you ("I will never be successful at…," "I can't do ______ because of_______"). What mindsets are helpful? Focus on those which give you hope.

How Can Parents Help:

When we see repetition and trends in our children's thinking, behaviour, or mindsets, start the discussion with "What do you think about …..," " I am noticing ……, what is going through your mind or heart when …… is happening?"

Our mindsets are a piece of this puzzle of how we interact with situations in our lives. We all need a non-judgemental and trustworthy individual who notices us and is willing to have dialogue about our lives. I am not writing about right or wrong mindsets, I am writing about noticing how we think. Halfway through each semester can be challenging for our students. Now is the time we can encourage students and give them a chance to release anything which is tied down by a personal mindset. I am writing as one who needs to notice my mindset and constantly reframe it. You can do it Summit Trails!

Graduation Questionnaire

Quarter 1 Courses are coming to an end

November 7th is the last day for quarter 1 courses.

Tech for Summit Students

Club Start Up! VR! Oculus

Are in interested in Oculus? Join Mr. Smith on November 2nd

Link to Join Meeting: Dave Smith is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Oculus Club

Time: Nov 2, 2022 02:30 PM

Purpose, there are many great and free programs we can interact with on Oculus VR. Whether you are new or have been at it for years, come and connect. First meeting we will go through introductions, set a date for meeting, look at programs we can interact with online.

School Council

Online school council information will be delivered by video each month for parents. The principals report and Trustee report will be sent out. Please email me any questions, concerns or points for discussion. We will hold as needed town hall meetings as the topics come forward.