Semester 2 Here We Come!

Each semester we ask our students to reflect on their learning and experience. The number one response is that they wish they were more disciplined with their time. How insightful! So how do we help our children with this dilemma? How do we encourage and not nag, support and not be rigid, and guide but not force?

As a caregiver, you have insight into your child. You can see what roadblocks they are putting up to learning. You have a sense based on their eye contact, how they talk about their friends, their classes, and where they spend their time. The 18th of January (the last day of classes) is the perfect time to look at their next semester's classes and have a heart-to-heart chat. Celebrate the wins and have a practical discussion about next semester. Setting up daily routines is easy; the challenging part is sticking to them. Keep looking for the internal motivation of your child, which will propel them forward in their education. For those in grade 10, start with next year. Students with a solid base in grade 10 will have more flexibility in grades 11 and 12. In most cases, once our students have a sense of direction in their life, consistency in schooling is more balanced. We are here to support you.

Mr. Smith

Each year we have a Wellness Summit where professionals and presenters talk about topics generated by students. The topics range from presentations on Mental Wellness, Mental Illness, School Success, ADHD, LGBTQ2+, Healthy Relationships, lived experiences and more.

We will welcome again, Headstrong, a youth initiative from the Mental Health Commission of Canada. There will be no formal classes this day. We try to have various sessions of topics so students can pick where they are most comfortable. All sessions are optional for students, however we have found all students can find a topic they would enjoy.

Donations Needed!

This day can not run without bringing in sessions leaders and speakers. While many of our individuals volunteer their time or work with RVS, we do bring in special speakers and offer student prizes. The big cost are speaker honorariums. If you are able to donate to Summit Trails Wellness, all the proceeds will go towards the Wellness Summits now and the future. Our goal is to support all students with universal strategies for wellness.

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Sponsor a grad student! Some students are not able to walk the stage because of funds. If you are willing to sponsor a child in part or in full, money received will go directly to and only for supporting students who have indicated they can not afford the cost.

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