Kitchener news, January 2021
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Kitchener Daily - Your Little Independent Supermarket.

We have reshuffeled our store and are offering you an alternative to the big department stores from Wednesday to Saturday, even during the lockdown.
Kitchener Daily offers you everyday items from small and independent producers.
In addition to our assortment of mostly organic food and kitchen utensils, we also offer a wide range of sustainable cosmetics and care products.
The collection is rounded off by socks, masks, paper goods, bird food and dog treats. 
Soeder soap, shampoo and sanitizer can be refilled in store.
In our webshop you will find a large number of accessories, kitchen and household supplies, body care, books and records, bike and camping necessities, games and much more. 
Our own brand Kitchener Items are also available online and we will try to put the new fashion and shoe collections online in the next few weeks.
Online orders can be picked up in Bern and Zurich at Kitchener Daily, if you need something that is not available on the webshop or in Kitchener Daily call us and we will find a way. If you are in a hurry, our team will be happy to deliver the goods straight to your door by bicycle courier (this service is unfortunately only available in Bern), otherwise we will send orders over 70.- free of charge by B-Post (orders below 70.- shipping 9.-) to your home office.
Kitchener Daily in Bern and Zurich is open from:

Wednesday - Friday from 11.30 - 16.30 and
Saturday from 10.00 - 14.00.

E-Shop pick ups outside opening hours in Zurich by appointment and in Bern just call 031 327 13 50.
Kitchener Daily A-Z
Ayvar, Baking mixes, Body care, Big Green Egg Grill, Bouillon, Beverages, Bandaids, Birdseed, Brushes, Candies, CBD, Cleansers, Cat treats, Candles, Chocolate, Condoms, Cloths, Crisps, Chewing gum, Deo, Detergents, Dog poo bags, Disinfectants, Dog treats, Dental Floss, Face masks, Fruit gums, Food Supplements, Facial care, Garden accessories, Güetzi, Honey, Japanese grill, Knives, Kimchi, Kitchen Utensils, Lubricants, Mouthwash, Notebooks, Nougat, Pickled vegetables, Parfumes, Passata, Plates & Cups & Jars, Pelati, Pickels, Pasta, Smoker, Salt, Soap, Stationery, Spices, Snacks, Socks, Superfoods, Toothpaste, Tinned fish, Toothbrushes, Tagine Pots, Tampons, Tea, Underwear, Vibrator. 
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Picks of the month

Our curated selection of products from the vast kitchener universe.

Covid Basics

Chewing gum & mints that are plastic free, vegan and biodegradable to keep your breath fresh, masks and our favourite refillable sanitizier. Sustainable pandemic basics.


Immune Booster

Discover our selection of natural remedies and teas that help you get through winter. Outstanding herbs Organic Echinacea , Calendula and Astragalus which help build strength and regenerate the body’s defence.
Carefully selected and tested vital mushrooms and herbs such as Schisandra, Ginseng, Agaricus Blazei Murill, Curcuma, Moringa and Spirulina all valued in traditional Chinese herbalism for their numerous positive properties.

Desserts for Birds

Certainly one of our current favorite products. Sitting in your home office desk, let your eyes wonder away from the screen and watch the birds snacking in the tree ( if you are lucky enough to have a tree in front of your window). If not, well it's still cold and frozen and the birds love some extra food. Each "ice cream stick" is covered with a thick layer of crunchy seeds that are guarenteed to make some little tweeters very happy!


Dark Horse Organic

The LA based company Dark horse instantly aroused our curiosity! Their range of umami  packed products include 2 types of bouillon, a ketchup, a honey, salt, pickles and sauces. Working with ancient methods like dehydrating, pickling, fermenting and smoking they come up with very modern products that spice up your meals instantly. Check out their website and the many super interesting recipes to get some lockdown cooking inspiration.
You can find Dark horse in our Kitchener Daily Essentials stores or ordered online.

Pickles & Preserves

Bern locals at Strunk, are filling preserving jars with tasty disposable vegetables pickled and ready to eat. They combine the preserves with other creations and serve them to you at a gourmet brunch in their charming restaurant, as catering for your event or as part of their regular events. The vegetables, fruits and other food waste products come from regional and organic producers and are processed from Tip to Strunk whenever possible.

Basel based Pure Taste make awesome kimchi and the very hard to find fermented elder capers. Visit our Webshop for a diverse selection of pickles.

Fresh bread, good butter and some pickles, a chutney and maybe some cheese - the perfect dinner.


Kitchen Goods. Groceries & Houshold

Browse through our wide choice of groceries and stock up on organic spices and preserves. We also carry a large selection of sustainable household products like dish soap , linen dishcloths, brushes and laundry detergent.
Have everything delivered to your home or pass by our Kitchener Daily Essentials stores if you happen need some fresh air.

picture casa de vidro / lina bo bardi

Bath & Body

Toothbrushes, Soap, Shampoo and many more organic bath and body products as well as a whole selection of sexual wellness products can be found in our bath and body section online.
All cosmetic products, bathroom goods and perfume are on the BAG list of goods of daily use and can still be bought in our stores in Bern & Zürich.


Home Sweet Home

Back in lockdown. Need some cosy blankets to snuggle up in or maybe some tools to deck out your home office? Stock up on some fun games or maybe an inspiring book for your next D.I.Y project?

picture casa de vidro / lina bo bardi

The new Bocherouite carpets have arrived

Thanks to our friends in Marrakech we've managed to get in a brand new delivery of beautiful Boucherouite and Azilal carpets. Hurry up these works of art are selling fast.



Trallala Pizza

Highly recommended: the team behind the Trallalla winebar in Wyler have temporarily taken over Propeller.
Massimo Calandra will bake his pizza in Pala to take away or get delivered to your door, just like in summer. They also offer a selection of wines and other drinks to go with it, and Kreisaal are once again making cocktails to go - the perfet Pizza accompaniment.
Try the Pizza Inverno with red cabbage and lardo or the Pizza al Zucca - super yummy!

Norient Film Festival

We're spending the next few days on our sofas ( as per-usual ) watching the Norient film festival, dreaming of a time where we can go to concerts again, dance in clubs, and travel the world.
The 10th Norient Film Festival looks behind the scenes of today's world. Sometimes nostalgic – films from Portugal, Greece, India, the Netherlands, and Iran – sometimes raging – in Argentina, Ghana, and the U.S. – and sometimes questioning – in Lebanon, Mali, Kenya and Morocco. Watch nominated NFF films online. The NFF 2021 offers a broad program: including films about music and sound, Hollywood and Bollywood, Baltimore club, fado, rebetiko, raga, rap, punk, shepherd calls, profound ballads, and much more.
The NFF is a project by Norient, an audio-visual gallery and a community (of practice) for the sound of the world: For contemporary music, quality journalism, cutting-edge research, projects and events. Norient conceives music, sound, and noise as seismographs of our time, facilitates space and place for thinkers and artists from currently fifty countries to tell new and different stories of the now and tomorrow.

NEW! Kitchener Apero Box

Movies, pizza, what else is missing? Maybe a (zoom-) apero before the film with some friends or family? We`ve got the solution, treat your self or someone else to our Apéro Box. Choose from a selection of fancy soft drinks, our famous local non - alcoholic beer and various crisps , snacks, a spread to make little toasties, some pickled veggies and of course pop corn. The box comes nicely wrapped and is defiantly a party starter.
All products are from small independent producers.
You can always surprise someone and send this to a friend.

Fragen? Feedback ? Inputs? Get in touch. You can reach us via email and phone.

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