Kitchener news, November 2022
Diversity instead of monoculture! We support people who dare to be different, question the norm & are true to themselves.
Dear Kitchener Customers

How to stay inspired and how to nourish our body, mind and soul in times of limited possibilities? That is our theme for this year's catalogue.

Another challenging year lies behind us. We are slowly becoming a little starved, starved of direct contact with the people we work with. Once again, most of our partners and their collections have only been seen via screen. Collections bought without having held the products in our hands.

We are looking forward to travelling to fairs again soon and discovering new products. We long to walk through foreign cities again and be inspired by the shops there. We want to visit concerts, exhibitions and theatres, fortunately the latter is possible again.

As our horizons expand, so does our field of vision. And there, at the edge of the field of vision, is the exciting bit. New ideas are generated when we see something through different eyes and venture into stranger realms. Have we whet your appetite and curiosity yet?

The pictures in the catalogue were taken at Casa Alba in Ottone. The enchanting palazzo belongs to the Bernese goldsmith Barbara Mohr. It is located in a wild area of Emilia Romagna on the Strada Statale 45, which leads from Genoa to Piacenza. The village lies on the Trebbia River, surrounded by forests. During our walks along the river we got to see wild boars and deer and the locals told us stories of early morning encounters with wild wolves.

The Kitchener catalogue is the essence of the wide product range at Kitchener. Each year we take the time to present our favorite products, producers & trends we find interesting.
Packed full of things that make exceptional and sustainable gifts, this is our year round guide to our product range. Most of the
( non fashion ) goods will be available in-store & online all year round.

Let us take you on a journey to the Wonderful Casa Alba & through the  Kitchener universe.

Enjoy the reading experience!

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We did a simple deepL translation of the catalogue, which can be downloaded here but it's not as pretty as the original German one.

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Whet the appetite

The idea of the catalogue wasn't just to find a pretty place to take the photos. We wanted to go somewhere where we could cook a fabulous dinner together and at the same time shoot the catalogue. But how do you cook while simultaniously taking photos? Well one thing is for sure, the models needed to be pretty good cooks!
So, we asked the best cooks we know if they would be up for this adventure, luckily they said yes, and drove down to Ottone.

As we've opened our new store Kitchener SUPPER, groceries and kitchen goods are the main focus in this years catalogue. Packed with fernweh delicacies, small batch products and kitchen goods we hope to get your tummies rumbling.
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For a few years now we've stocked a wide selection of natural cosmetics, make up, superfoods and wellness merchandise.
Fragrances and incense are the main focus of our wellness range this year.

Smells form an important basis of communication. Animals and plants communicate in this original way: plants drive away pests with essential oils and attract pollinating insects with pheromones.

The sense of smell has a particularly fast and direct connection to the brain.
In particular to the limbic system, which controls our unconscious actions and serves to process feelings. This olfactory memory allows us to remember decades later exactly what it smelled like in our grandfather's kitchen - or on our first summer holiday by the sea.

The ingredients of essential oils have positive effects on various areas and functions in our body:
Germs in the respiratory tract are eliminated and we can breathe more freely, stress hormones are reduced and our nervous system calms down.
tensions are relieved, pain and inflammations are reduced... 
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Food for thought

Good ideas don't come from sitting around waiting for inspiration, but from doing. Science continues to provide encouraging evidence of the positive effects of creativity on mental health. From painting to planting pots to planning parties, creative activities help us perceive the world in new and different ways. Creativity allows us to create beautiful works, solve problems, and refresh our bodies and minds. Having fun in the process also has a positive effect on our mental health.
In stormy times, serenity helps us to keep our sense of humour.
To achieve serenity, we must learn to understand ourselves better.

On the table with the big issues! In our shops, you will find many inspiring books and clever games on the topic.

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Gift Boxes

Small gifts are our speciality! We love to find products that make a great gift. Nothing that will end up on at the back of the cupboard or donated to the second-hand shop in January. We are especially happy to advise you in person in the store and help you find the perfect gift for a grandma, a stepmother or a lover. We also offer the option of putting together fun boxes yourself or choosing one of our creative gift boxes.
Surprise someone

Our e-shop is open 24/7

A-Post orders till 23.12 and B-Post orders till 22.12 / 12h will be in time for 24.12

Who's new?

We travel the world with our eyes, ears and senses open to discovering new exciting products and producers. Sometimes, something catches our attention and we head down the rabbit hole and end up with a whole new product range in the store. The best part of this, beside discovering new beautiful, funny or inspiring things, is that we get to meet a lot of incredible people. And at the end of the day this is what keeps us going. Let us introduce you to our newest family members (as we like to call our producers) If you want to have a browse through more, head over to „ Brands" to find specific producers and the products available at Kitchener. Let us introduce you to Salem&Gernot, founders of the German Brand "Conflict Food" Change through trade !

Meet our new prducers

Petromax Firebowl

Stable on its three legs, the grill and fire bowl stands safely over an open fire. In the middle it gets hotter than on the outer rim, so you can keep steaks, baked goods and co. warm there, while the vegetables are still sizzling in the middle. The grill and fire bowl also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the crackling of burning logs and blazing flames under the starry sky. If you want to leave the floor of your campfire unscathed, this bowl is just the right thing.


Traditional Japanese Charcoal Grill

These Japanese Charcoal Grills are really cool just add hot coal and your indoor barbecue is ready to go.
Shichirin is the name of the traditional small Japanese charcoal grills.
A shichirin is a small, compact stove that can be easily moved and is fired with charcoal. Traditionally, Binchōtan, a charcoal made from Japanese oak, was popularly used for this purpose.In the shichirin, a small amount of fuel can maintain the cooking process for up to 4 hours.



Currently reading: Die Erschöpfung der Frauen

Even in our supposedly modern society, it is a matter of course that women owe their attention and care to other children, men and the community. Be it as a mental load in the family or as poorly paid care work in caring professions. But this mental load leads directly to burnout. And no one can live on public applause. Franziska Schutzbach, sociologist and feminist activist, puts her finger in the wound of a system that clings to an outdated image of women and thus puts everyone's well-being at risk.
Written in German.


Do Books

Since the launch of DoBooks in 2013, they've been publishing inspirational pocket guides to help creative entrepreneurs, makers and Doers work smarter and create positive change. Written by experts whose stories and ideas have inspired others to go and Do, the collection spans design, business, wellbeing and sustainable living with each book focusing on the ‘doing’ rather than the background theory. Concise, practical guides that make it easier to Do stuff.



We are constantly working on exspanding our range of clothes available on the website, we have a much larger selection in store come by, try things on, get inspired.

Cosy winter fashion

COPAIN: Sauerteigbrot 2.0

COPAIN makes fantastic sourdough bread, incredibly tasty croissants, great burger buns and much more.
What started as a project in 2020, established itself over the last year in a provisional location in Bern's Länggasse, now wants to grow. In a new location in the old fire station Viktoria, the large demand for sourdough bread is to be met in larger quantities and with a wider range of products. For this step, COPAIN needs your support!
So if you don't want to stand in front of an empty shelf anymore because you reserved too late or maybe want to buy your COPAIN from us someday, now is the time to support them in their wemakit campaign.

Show some love

Kitchener Offspace

Our location on the gallery of the Aarbergerhof (where our Freitag Shop used to be) is now available for rent as a pop-up location.
The location can be rented for a week or even a few months. If you are interested, please contact us by phone.

The multidisciplinary visual artist TÍSCAR ESPADAS will kick things off.

Tíscar Espadas (Ubeda, 1993) is a multidisciplinary visual creator.

After passing through Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona and Copenhagen, she grad-
uated with an MA in Menswear at the Royal College of Art.

Tíscar is currently working in her own creative studio in London, recently
founded in 2019, where she generates a broad and diverse artistic language
(video art, illustration, photography, performance, installations...) around
her particular collections of clothes.

The opening is on Thursday 9th, with a selection of sounds, good wines, and culinary delights.
The store will be open until Sunday 12.12, before it takes its course to another destination.

Questions? Feedback ? Inputs? We like to hear from you. You can reach us via email and phone.

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