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Diversity instead of monoculture! We support people who dare to be different, question the norm & are true to themselves.
Dear Kitchener customers, we hope you are all healthy and you’ve come out of this second lockdown more or less OK. It’s time for another big thank you to you, our loyal customers. Thank you for your support, your kind words and your calmness in these occationaly hectic times. We love you! 
We have a lot to talk about.
Kitchener daily was born on the first day of the second lockdown. The new venue opposite our main store was transformed into a little grocery store selling all the products which we were allowed to sell according to the BAG - regulations during lockdown. To keep cost low we moved a desk into the store so we were able to get a lot of things done while being open for clients with most of the team on Kurzarbeit.
This kind of store concept has been a recurring theme for some time now. Various projects were made but there was always something that stopped it from really happening. This spontaneous pop -up got so much positive feedback from our customers we decided to continue the project.
So from now on you can find our ( substantially enlarged ) assortment of groceries,  selection of kitchen goods, cookbooks and sustainable cleaning products next door.
We stock products from small, mainly organic, independent producers. 
You can find lots of local products but we also have a selection what we call “Fernweh Products” delicacies that remind us of places we once were or we long to go one day, like the beautifully tinned fish from Brittany. 
We spend a substantial amount of money on food; and food production is one of the most significant threats to our planet.
By making small adjustments to our daily food choices, we can help counteract the biggest environmental threats we’re facing today.
This means we basically have the power to help save the planet — starting with what’s on our plate. It’s not the whole story, but what and how we eat can make a significant impact.
 There is a lot of change happening in the food sector a lot of young people are starting to do things differently and produce goods the are not just more flavourful -  products are allowed to ferment and ripen and thus not just develop more and diverse flavours-  but are also more sustainable and social. So we are more than happy to dig deeper, satisfy our curiosity and give these products a stage at Kitchener.

In Zürich the Daily is called "Heinrich". You'll find the store situated opposite our Viadukt Store on Heinrichstrasse 217.
Two producers we are super excited about are Girls Who Grind and Conflict Food. We are more than a little impressed by the the way they work. This is exactly what we mean when we talk about trade for change!

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Girls Who Grind Coffee is an all-female specialty coffee roastery owned and run by Fi O'Brien and Casey LaLonde.
Casey, originally from Upstate New York, and Fi, originally from Melbourne Australia, met and became friends in their now hometown of Frome, Somerset.
While their kids played, they often got chatting about our love of coffee and the various experiences within the industry, discovering that they both felt as though there was definitely room for change and improvement, in short - they wanted to see more equality!
As women, they had felt a little pushed out of an industry that they had loved so much and had so much to give to. Rather than simply complain about it, they thought they would make the change we wanted to see! They wanted to create an industry where women felt empowered and celebrated for everything they bring to the table and have their voices heard. Hence why they made the conscious decision to focus solely on buying coffee from female producers, sharing their stories to the world, giving them the recognition they rightly deserve for the incredible work that they do.

Girls & Coffee & Fuck the Patriarchy!
Meet the girls

Conflict Food

With every purchase, we decide how food is produced and what kind of world we want to live in. Do we want to continue supporting wars, poverty and exploitation? Or do we want to offer new perspectives to local people? For the people behind conflict food, this is a clear decision: We want to make a positive contribution to change and create awareness for global connections and politically motivated consumption.
That is why Conflict food itself travels to the conflict hotspots of this world, searches for typical local specialities and trades with local farmers. Honest. Direct. And fair. 
This is how to strengthen economic structures, fight the root causes of flight and create peaceful perspectives. At the same time, you can enjoy culinary treasures from all over the world. Saffron from Afghanistan. Roasted grain from Palestine. Or wild tea from Myanmar. 
Conflict food. This is what peace tastes like.
Conflictfood follows a holistic and socially sustainable approach along the entire value chain: from partnership-based cooperation with farmers in conflict regions to cultural exchange through the enjoyment of culinary delicacies. It is important to them that they can trace the path of their products. Right down to the smallest production step.
Their products are beautifully packed and come with a lot of additional information.
Discover conflict food

Summer Moods

If you need something for your summer wardrobe pass by our stores browse our selection, get inspired and as always feel free to ask our team to help and advise. We particularly love light fabrics and comfortable dresses. Saltwater Sandels are our summer favourites because they are comfortable, good looking and waterproof,  Aare here we come! Another crush we have are the wonderfull hats from the Mühlbauer all produced in a small factory in Vienna.
Our webshop has a substantial selection of fashion that we carry instore.
Go discover our curated summer selection online.
Those of you who get our annual calalogue know we like to eat and cook outside, no matter the season. But now is the high season for outdoor dinners and picnics.


Pack some delicacies, a blanket, some candles or maybe a solar light and cycle, hike or swim somewhere nice. Pop open a bottle of bubbles or a fancy soft drink or two and enjoy. Perhaps you’ll light a fire later and watch the stars?

Everything for you picnic

Summer dinner

Socially starved- we are desperate for friends, music and shared food. And because it’s been so long we’re ready to but some extra effort in. Table cloths, candles, garden flower bouquets. Let’s celebrate !

Pretty things for lovely set tables
In our store and online we have a wide selection of outdoor cooking and grilling products for those who want to make it a habit.
Discover Finnish Murrikas, japanese grills, cast iron pots and more.

Afro Music

Our long-standing passion for world and especially African music has lead to the Kitchener Vinyl selection. We focus on Afro & High life and Afro- funk & Jazz from the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies . You’ll also find some Dub, Calypso and Reaggae, curiosities from all over the world. And last but not least, some rare Soul and Blues Music. 
Let's dance


Something to listen to :
The Beat Behind Afrobeat: A Guide to the Music of Tony Allen


Kitchener Crush :

Talking about Africa we are proud to stock ’ 57 Chocolate. Delicious chocolate from Ghana . 
'57 is driving development and self-sufficiency in Ghana and across the continent.'57 is the pioneer bean to bar chocolate business in Ghana defined by creativity and authenticity. ‘57 Chocolate is short for 1957, the year of Ghana’s independence. This venture uses resources grown within the country to create delicious treats. '57 hones in on Ghana’s Independence Day spirit and challenges the status quo that premium chocolate can only be made in Europe.
’ 57 Chocolate was established by the two sisters Priscilla and Kimberly Addison.

Buy in our webshop

Worm Up have set themselves the ambitious goal that no bio-waste should end up in normal waste, where the valuable nutrients are destroyed in the incinerator or landfills, contributing to methane gas production. In Switzerland, every year over 500,000 tons of bio-waste end up in the garbage bin. With this, Mr. and Mrs. Swiss fill the Prime Tower in Zurich up to 5 times.
WormUp develops practical and stylish worm composting systems for homes and communities. With the help of worms, bio-waste is recycled at home into a nutrient-rich bio fertilizer, conveniently and odorlessly.
We are particularly impressed by the Tube. Composting with the TUBE is probably the easiest of all. The TUBE is buried directly in the garden bed or in your raised bed. The compost worms are fed inside the tube with your green waste and turn it into wonderful organic fertiliser on the spot without any smell. Your plants are continuously strengthened by the fresh humus and are more resistant to pests. The soil is sustainably stimulated and supplied with life.

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Home SPA

The latest addition to our range of organic and natural bath and body products are room fragrances and incense. 
A scent says more than 1,000 words - because smells form an important basis of communication. Smelling was and is immensely important for our lives. The human sense of smell has a particularly fast and direct connection to the brain. Spacifically to the limbic system, which primarily controls unconscious actions and serves to process feelings. This old -factory memory allows us to remember decades later exactly what it smelled like in grandma's kitchen at Christmas - or on our first holiday in the alpine pastures.
We stock a selection of room fragrances from Saint Charles , the Viennese apothecary working on the basis of Traditional European Medicine.
We love the Palo Santo, Breu Resin and wild sage incence from Incausa.
The Brooklyn based NGO Incausa is working with the indegnos people from the Amazons to source high quality incense. 
Discover our room fragrences



There are some incredibly important votes coming up this month.
Switzerland’s upcoming June 13th vote on the Federal Act on the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2 Act), which contains a number of measures aiming to further reduce CO2 emissions by 2030, friends Nicholas Wolken and James Niederberger set off on a journey across the country, combining bikepacking and backcountry splitboarding for a unique adventure to showcase their wild places and raise environmental awareness.
The pair of outdoor activists were joined by filmmaker Christoph Thoresen, who created this 10-minute film to help them spread their message. As they traveled around the country, they flew their “Vote Now. Ride Later.” flag, encouraging Swiss people to vote Yes on the CO2 Act later this month.

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