Kitchener News, January 2022
Diversity instead of monoculture! We support people who dare to be different, question the norm & are true to themselves.

Our seasonal sale starts this Saturday. You'll find pieces from past collections, fantastic bargains from the archive and single items now at a reduced price.

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Alimentari Moderni - Epicerie Curieuse - Fernwehdelikatessen

Kitchener SUPPER is our new store located in Aarbergerhof.
Come by and discover products from local producers, spices from from all over the world, craft beer from Bern, remarkable cider, natural wine and much more.
Products that are not just super tasty but empower the producers who make them.

For everyone who's in quarantine or just can't be bothered to leave the house - have the SUPPER selection delivered to your home.
Hungry for more?

Apero Time


Chäs& Wurscht


Middle eastern specialities

Love to cook oriental? At SUPPER find a whole range of speciality spice and ingredients. Frekeeh, preserved lemons and our beloved dukah spice
Rare citrus fruits

Why just eat oranges and lemons when there is a whole world of super tasty citrus fruit our there? Yuzu ? Mayer lemon? Sudachi? Cedrat or Buddha hand anybody? They all grow in Mediterranean regions. Discover a whole new world of citrus in yummy jams from lemon story and Anatra two french producers of rare citrus.


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