A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community

Shh! Gunboat Trophy II

The second season of Nexus Gunboat is taking registrations from 15th December - 5th January. With 100 players competing in the first season it's a great place to take part in this no-press variant. It's a popular alternative for those who want to play Diplomacy but with a low time commitment.
Gunboat uses the same map of Europe as 'classic' Diplomacy but the lack of communication alters the way you must approach the board. Often used by players to sharpen their tactics and strategic oversight of the board as a whole, it is a unique challenge. The Diplomacy writer Brother Bored is an authority when it comes to Gunboat, so check out his blog for expert advice. Once you've brushed up on your silent skills, sign up at Nexus here.
Diplomacy Games #82

Kaner & Amby discuss their current and upcoming games and try finishing off their unbreakable Juggernaut alliance before the recorder packs it in. They talk about various varants and the upcoming WebDip World Cup. Catch up with the guys here.
Patreon Briefing Issue

Twice a year we release a special issue of the Briefing to our supporters. These VIPs of the Diplomacy community will get access to some exclusive content.  To support us and get other great perks, you can donate through Patreon or Paypal.
The upcoming patron issue is full of unique Diplomacy features, vintage postal articles, and special in-depths strategies including an article from umbletheheep on how to play England in 1902.  Umble has topped the board as England in his last 3 virtual tournament games while getting two best England awards so you won't want to miss this exclusive article!

Diplomacy Blog: Across the Whole Board

Malarkey, author of the PlayDiplomacy Guide, has started a new blog. This exciting endeavour begins with a great strategy series on "Better Correspondence" and is well worth a look. The articles are as follows:
  1. Communciate with everyone
  2. Communicate when you don't want to
  3. Put yourself in the other person's position
  4. Ask the right questions
  5. Know how to say what you want to say
  6. Be persuasive
  7. Be polite



  • TBA - Asia Pacific Diplomacy League Championship - Join Discord




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