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Thank you to all our readers who participated in voting for our Hobby Awards. We are excited to announce that this year's winners are...
Markus Zijlstra was nominated based on his work as a co-founder of the DiploStrats Youtube channel, organizing tournaments, and founding the Blitz Diplomacy Discord server.  The hobby also thanks him for stepping in to help with the Online Diplomacy Championship.
Ed Sullivan is the first inaugural Diplomacy Literati. His article "How to Make Others Love You as Much as They Love Me" in Briefing Issue #157 was the top vote getter.

A special thank you to Titus Groen for designing our customized trophy and Matt Crill for bringing it to life (Matt also makes customized wood Diplomacy boards that you can order).
Last Year's Trophy for Ambassador of the Year
A special thank you also to David Hood and the DBN crew for producing Diplomacy's first ever Awards Show.

We at the Briefing are so thankful for all the people who work to make Diplomacy an engaging community. These are just fun awards. The real lasting thanks goes to those who invest their time and energy to make this hobby a fun, engaging, and relaxing space. Thanks so much!

Your Ally,


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Hobby Ambassador Nominating Committee:

umbletheheep - Briefing Founder

RoganJosh - Briefing Editor

Zach Moore - 2021 Ambassador of the Year, DBN Co-Founder, VDL Founder

David Hood - DixieCon TD, Deadline News and DBN Analyst

Matt Pickard (Lady Razor) - Briefing Editor

Diplomacy Literati Nominating Committee:

RoganJosh - Briefing Editor

Manus Hand - Diplomatic Pouch Founder

David Hood - DixieCon TD, Deadline News, and DBN Analyst

Matthew Crill - Diplomacy Board Master Craftsman

Doug Kent - Diplomacy World Editor (Suggested DW Articles)

For those that are interested, here are our nominating guidelines for Hobby Ambassador and Diplomacy Literati


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