A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community

vWDC Masterclass

In the vWDC Masterclass series, one of Diplomacy's top players hosts a live discussion on a topic they excel at. This Sunday at 12 PM EDT Morgante Pell puts on the fez and talks Turkish Strategy. Visit the vWDC server to join in. If you miss out, BrotherBored plans to create podcasts featuring the very best from the Masterclass.

Podcast #88 - Interview with Peter McNamara

Amby and Kaner interview the winner of the DBI Invitational, Peter McNamara, about his gameplay as Italy. They also discuss the Bronze Age Diplomacy variant along with other variant news and games that they are in. Listen Here.

DBN gives viewers the chance to critique the critics in the first ever Broadcaster Brawl at 8 PM EDT on Saturday, March 20th. The turnabout will be fair play, but that's the only thing! Tune in to see if DBN personalities Chris Brand, Brandon Fogel, David Hood, Doug Moore, Siobhan Nolen, Bryan Pravel & Adam Silverman will follow their own advice or swallow their words in this charity fundraiser event.

Each commentator will play for a charitable cause of their choosing, and viewers will have the opportunity to contribute to the pool or donate directly. Donate here!
GUD Con 2021
The tournament takes place over two rounds on March 27th & 28th. A friendly event with a large number of new players, it's a great place to get to grips with Diplomacy! Sign up here.

Italian Renaissance
Legendary Tactics is joined by hobby great Chris Brand in the latest episode of this fantastic series. Chris offers 46 strategies to help you win when playing one of the most notoriously diffcult powers in Diplomacy: Italy.

Be sure to watch the other episodes in the series so far, where Diplomacy experts Tanya Gill tackles Austria and Doug Moore discusses Germany.





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