A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community

The Cold War Begins Again!

The third season of the Nexus Cold War Tournament will soon begin. The variant pits NATO and the USSR against each other in a struggle for global domination. You can prepare with our extensive strategy resources, then sign up for the tournament on the Nexus discord.
Cascadia Approaches

The fifth annual Cascadia diplomacy tournament approaches. The single day tournament features two rounds on January 30th, currently features 51 world class registrations, and is administered by the eminently capable Chris Brand. You can sign up here to become a champion.
Meeting Of The Diplomacy Minds
Florida Man has a new video where he interviews fellow content creator Brother Board. They talk about the benefits of solidifying your tactics with gunboat and some psychological plays you can make over the Diplomacy board.

Second Fiddle features recent tournament players who came so close to victory, they know exactly when it slipped from their fingers.

This session features Nicolas Sahuguet’s reminiscing abut coming in second to Turkey on the Virtual World Diplomacy Classic's final board.

Chronicles Of a Sore Loser

When I received a message from Umble to write about the top board at vWDC, I kept wondering what was this second place he was talking about. I scored the most points in the tournament and acquired more supply centers than anybody else. How could I end up writing about second place? Inconceivable! Of course, my dear reader, I could tell you about what I could have done better, but it is more entertaining to blame others for this great injustice.
First of all, I blame the organizers, a bunch of incompetent fools who came up with such a dumb tie-breaking rule. The Paris method, they call it. I am sure that this Hackenbracht guy has not played in a Diplomacy tournament in years. Those who can’t do teach, and those who can’t play organize.
Then, I blame fatigue. And, in particular, the cause of fatigue, my opponents in round 5. After a perfect start of the game, and an even more perfectly executed stab, Mario misordered letting France into Venice and then misplayed the following turn and let France retreat into Rome. I should have soloed before midnight, and then the coach turned into a pumpkin. The position was still winning but France and Turkey could make a fight out of it. But who does that? Usually, they just give up and die. Why on earth do I always get players like Jaxon and George at my table? Back to the top board: in 1907, after a spectacular resurrection, due to my impeccable tactics and perfect diplomacy, I had to make a tough choice. Who should I work with to guarantee my path to victory? I had to choose between Germany and France, or rather between Zen master Peter McNamara who negotiates in haikus “Burgundy empty, Farren Jane betrayal, Skaggerak to Sweden” and platoon leader Bill Hackenbracht who did his best Churchill impersonation. “You ask what is our policy, I will say it is to wage war by sea, land and air. What is our aim? Victory at all cost, victory however long and hard the road maybe. We shall fight in Burgundy, we shall fight in Tuscany, we shall fight in Livonia. We will never surrender!” You guess who I chose and maybe I chose wrong.
Despite all these imprecisions, 1910 was coming and I was getting to 14 centers. Germany was out, Russia was drinking vodka, France had surrendered as they usually do, Austria was crying about the past glory of their empire, Italy was ordering pizza. So, I won, right? Anyone left? Just Turkey. And who picks Turkey at a top board?
You have to be really dumb to pick Turkey. Turkey never wins top boards. Even Doug Moore says it is so! So, what happened? You know what I think about organizers, DBN commentators are even worse!

Finally, I blame the backstabber interface. Why the interface? I mean, I misorder left and right all the time. Couldn’t the interface do me a favor for once? Just a little misorder by Turkey. You know, just APU-ION instead of APU-NAP. I am not asking for much, am I? Anyway, Turkey got 14 centers and the Paris method decided….

It is true that I am not really giving credit to the winner. And I should. I have been a bit unfair. I know that he did not pick Turkey. How could he? He finished 7th! You don’t get to pick when you finish 7th. What’s his name already? Let me check on diplomacytv. Oh yes, I remember now. Congratulations Tom de Greef So, now it is back to the silent but deadly training room, and I will be back! Cascadia and DBNI are waiting. And hopefully, my dear reader, you will soon discover the sequel of my diplomatic adventures, this time, in the Chronicles of an arrogant Victor! Are you not entertained?





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