A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community

Well Hello There,

Stab while the iron’s not looking is a saying we’ve not quite figured out, but we at the Briefing know that when you can build fleet north coast you always should…except when you shouldn’t.  More to the point, we have been blown away with the enthusiasm the community has given us for the April Fool’s issue.  It was a labor of love and as we all know, labor and love don’t come cheap. 

Yes, this is a shakedown. Well…not really because if we can get 5 more patrons we will produce an entirely fresh April Fool’s issue for the Diplomacy community. We actually have a treasure trove of ideas for this new issue and how to skewer some of our hobby "leaders." This is the easiest and cheapest way to find out what were in the “Hood” tapes or whether Marilyn Monroe played Diplomacy with JFK.

And let’s be honest while freeloading is fun nothing revives a cold diplomats heart like giving money to a niche group of alpha nerds. So where does this moolah go? First everyone knows Umble pays us Nike wages (actually, we can’t even get the workers at Nike to work for what he pays us), but also the Briefing’s continued growth has recently pushed us into higher price tiers.  Your support helps us keep the Briefing self-sufficient, and besides that we also have several great perks for those who sign up.

So think of the children and ally up with the Briefing by clicking below.
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